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  1. As usual, this will be long: Comments as I have been reading: UFS command and control: Honestly, this is the biggest reason my group switched to COST at 34 last year, and we won’t be going back. Too many times we were sent on bogus missions into places that held no tactical advantage for being there, and only served to get us tired and/or killed…or sit around and wait for nothing. On Sunday, my group was tasked with Guarding the Rocket site at the east side of the field…opposite side from Caen. I knew there would be no fighting there as UFS would have to come all the way through the valley of death, and pass up bigger objectives such as PB and Coelville, but we guarded it the same. After an hour of inactivity, leadership set us free to hunt and off we went. I am convinced that if we were under UFS leadership we would still be there . CAC is just better over on COST, but I also know it is something UFS is working on. Water: Don’t know how much more AMS can do for that. Look people…if you don’t know you are in the middle of OK in the beginning of summer, and that AO is a bitch, and you should hydrate not only at the event, BUT BEFORE YOU EVER GET THERE, then maybe milsim isn’t for you. Maybe getting off the couch isn’t for you. It’s common frakin sense people…geebus… Now, for my AAR: BH6 AAR Yankee 2 “Take a Duece†Actual, reporting: BH6 started off late as usual, but that is pretty MILSIM in and of itself. Yankee 2 was voluntold to be airborne dropped into the ao, and we had to wait until the rest of COST was trucked in. We waited about an hour and a half, and then moved out on foot. We walked for about 15 min into the AO, down a ravine, up the ravine, and then split into three groups. At first, I was like, wtf are you doing, you are splitting our squads up…then it occurred to me that this is an airborne drop…and chalks hardly ever land together…very milsim…very cool. I kept my team mate Moon with me as we had a helo run in the beginning, and we ended up literally one minute’s walk away from where we STARTED entering the AO (by the bus on the North (camping) side of Caen, next to the ranger obstacle course. We could have just walked right there in the beginning, but again, very milsim. It was here that I knew I did something very good pregame. I told the squad prior to even getting to the AO (and again at the formation brief) that we would get separated during the day…if not before the helo run, then definitely during the helo run. I told them they were to find battle buddies, and then take the commander’s intent and run with it. When in doubt, find a buddy, then find the enemy, kill same. I am glad I did because we were separated right from the start, and from all accounts, they did just as I instructed. The battle starts, and we have a bit of a running firefight trying to get away from Caen and to our first objective, Pegasus Bridge. We eventually make it there, and I have three other Y2 with me. I decide to push out along the east road towards Caen to the South part of the road where there is a small tower. I post up our LMG and medic on the other side of the road, and take my rifleman with me. I take position in the tower, and shortly thereafter we see contact coming down the road. We are in a perfect ambush setup, but I shoot too early (and miss), and they spread out along the opposite side of the road from me. Luckily, they run right into my two guys there and they are dispatched. In the confusion, I pop up over the wall to find someone right at the minimum engagement distance for my DMR. This is my 3rd event as COST, and I am still not used to shooting at tan, so when I see green, I shoot and hit….my rifleman that moved up to cover my right flank…doh! About this time, we hear a diesel engine approaching. It is either the UFS hummer or the brigade’s ram….turns out it was the latter. I am hiding in the tower, but they report someone in the tower, so they know I am there. As I hear them dismount, I pop up with my pistol, shoot the driver (one vehicle down), and two guys on the ground. My LMG opens up at the same time taking out the gunner who had a bead on me, but never got a shot off. The last guy in the truck shoots me in the arm, and I am down. A quick and violent fight ensues, resulting in all three of us KIA, but we later learn that just the four of us have halted the UFS initial push all by ourselves. That gave COST enough time to get into Coleville and PB to be able to defend from there, rather than fighting into those positions. After that, my LMG’s gun went down, so we headed back to make repairs and grab a bite to eat before our gun run. We were first up, and we were both set up with LMGs for the run. I had a Pstar Stoner courtesy of our XO Kaid “the legend†Yates. We took off and started hunting. We immediately found two tan sitting in the open along the woods in the airfield. We each started firing at both, and I put a looooooong burst on a line directly into the lead player. No doubt hits on those as the pilot was low and we weren’t more than 60 feet away. Very low deflection shot. We turn around to come back, and they both run away. Only real issue of non hit calling all weekend. We flew around the area pouring rounds near some UFS, not really sure if we were hitting or not. At the end, we spotted the HUMVEE near PB. The pilot graciously turned around (I am pretty sure we were going in and our run ended), and then did a slow banking pass over the HUMVEE, 878’s other technical (both open top), and as a bonus brigade’s ram. We put looooong bursts into both 878’s vehicles, and gave the brigade a burst on the way by. I know we hit just about everyone in the first two vehicles, but reviewing the video (not my camera, was pointed too high , but moon’s was spot on), I can’t tell if we even hit the brigade’s. In any case, it was a blast, and I suggest you do it. We got back to the campsite, reloaded and re hydrated, then found a ride back to our FOB. Holy crap…I am glad I didn’t have to hump that…no thank you. Did it last year, and we lost no fewer than 4 guys…just on the initial patrol. That said, AMS is dammed if they do, dammed if they don’t. For years we players have been saying we want to see more of the field. This year, they tried to do that, and it cost the player base their legs and hydration. It was a good idea, the player base as a whole didn’t come prepared for it. And it turned out to be largely fighting over the same parts of the field it always does anyway. I think it is time just to come to grips with the fact the game will always center on PB and Cville. Suggestion for next year…put CPs down in those valleys, and let people go down there if they want. The more hardcore players can get there and fight it out. New players/those not wanting to do the hills stay up top. I know it isn’t perfect, but it also isn’t worth hearing an ambulance being called for people not ready to play there. To be clear…THIS IS A PLAYER BASE FAULT, NOT AMS…THEY WARNED US OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN TO BE READY…MOST OF YOU WEREN’T. Anyway, we then catch a truck up to the rocket site where we get dropped off. We make our way about half way to PB and spot the enemy approaching. We get into the woods and lie in wait. Eventually three UFS appear before us. My wingman drops the first two, and the other is on our right flank. Moon and I pop smoke twice, move and displace twice, and now its just a matter of time before we get him. All of the sudden, the UFS guys call out they are being told to go back to the FOB due to weather. I was thinking this is a trick, but then they get up and walk out. Sure enough, soon after, the game was called and we head back to camp. Sunday we started off at the airfield, made our way west through the valley to the rocket site, and guarded that for about an hour. Afterwards, we were set off to hunt. Again, about ½ way to cville, we see a group taking fire on the east side of the field. We move into the woods and we take out at e10 member with a decided Aussie/Brit accent. We patrol up through the woods with me on point to clear out. I take close fire from my 1’oclock and go down. My LMG opens up some hate and discontent, directed by our sniper. I see the guy who shot me, but until I get mediced, I can’t do anything about it. Once again, looking back at my footage, my camera is now pointing too far down, so no good footage again. The medic gets to me, and with the LMG providing cover, I walk the dude down and eventually take him out. Dude had the best spot I have ever seen at this field, and although he only got one of us wounded, he stopped a squad singlehandedly for over 10 min. Respect. We decided we would get in around the CP near the bus and PB, so being the most familiar with the field, I lead us to a position north of the CP in site of the bus where the road splits. As we make it there, a lone UFS dude is walking towards the flag. We wheel into the woods heading east, and then, right in front of me, he bends down and starts tying his shoe. I put one into him, but he runs…I was like, wtf? I put a number of rounds into him and he goes down. We sweep in, and not hearing him say hit, I don’t know if we got him. We eventually get to him, and he is indeed down. I search, then move to the flag. I change the flag, but forget to change the clocks. In all the BHs I have done, this is the first time I have captured a CP to raise the flag. Opps. We then set up for ambush. We are now split between three roads…coming from Caen to the north heading towards our rockets, the road that bisects the CP and PB, and the main road that runs past PB and into Cville. We can attack anyone that goes on any of these roads, and UFS doesn’t know we are here yet. Our western force of about 7 let’s a force of 8 go by the road to the rockets. Shortly after, a group of three UFS wander into the site. We all open up at once and take them down. In searching them, I get my first kill card! A day of firsts! Suddenly, AWOL comes in with their POV. Unfortunately for them, they stopped right in front of Moon with the PIG. They are quickly dispatched, but now UFS is aware we are there. One UFS wanders up the trail towards my wingman, and I dispatch him with a single shot. Another off to my left and I hear my wingman take him. Yet another one right in front of me and he goes down with a quick burst. Then we hear the brigade’s vehicle coming….oh…shite. It stops right in front of me. I shoot the driver and gunner with direct fire, then spray and pray through the trees hoping to hit anyone in the back of the POV. We are quickly getting surrounded. I look to drop smoke and move to consolidate with our western group, but I can’t find my smoke. This would be the death of us all, because in the time I looked down to find that smoke, a guy with an LMG came up through the trail in my sector and takes me out. I would have seen him first, and would have easily dispatched him, but since I wasn’t paying attention like I should, he got me. He then got my wingman, and then the entire rest of my squad. They were all looking the other way because we had our section locked down…he just walked through all of us. That was pretty sweet by that dude…nice job. Y2 is combat ineffective at that point due to KIA, and everyone except Moon and I go back to the FOB for reinsertion. My back was spasming back at this point, so I called it a day. I couldn’t have been prouder of Yankee 2. They performed incredibly well all weekend, and most of it being out of contact with me. I can’t wait for the next event. Yankee 2 actual, out.
  2. Rick, I had requested to be paired with my teammate Mike Moon...can I switch into his spot at 1500 please? Thanks!
  3. pappy

    Gun Run

    My teamate and I just got gun run tickets, but I didn't see anywhere to put down for us to go together. I there a way to make that happen? Thanks!
  4. E-10 includes russia in the ticket description, but no russian uniforms listed?
  5. Thanks guys, really appreciate it. Kaid, come on out for a John May open play sometime at the cat...they are a great time. As a clarification, the guys that went down weren't STL guys...I don't remember where they were from, but they were attached to our squad. Great guys. One of them (not one that went down) won the 416c at the raffle...the bastard...lol. Sorry about the confusion at the top with the red rags and whether we would put them on or not. A lot was being thrown around in a very little time, and my sole focus was on getting those guys out of the valley to a safer area for them. We had a hard time getting a hold of the corpsman in the valley, and if something else happened, we wanted to be out of it so we had better comms. You had a good idea to put the red rags on and walk out, I just didn't comprehend what you were saying at first...cause of that damn mountain I just climbed...lol
  6. Kaid, yes, they were fine...both back in the game later that afternoon after some rest and rehydration. We suggested you guys get recognized for helping us out that morning, but guess it fell through. We really appreciate it
  7. btw, saw bo being loaded up looking hurt...what happened and is he ok?
  8. I had fun, but I think this was a big step back from previous games. Honestly, I don't think it was anything I couldn't get at an open play at home. We were given one mission to start out with, then were basically left out to dry and had two heat casualties in the first two hours. Props to the CDF guys who let us walk through their lines to get back out of the western valley to get our kids safely back. But back on point, all I heard this year (and last year for that matter) is this would be different...we would be playing in different areas. Then we come to find out the COST FOB is IN COLLEVILLE....so all the fighting took place in the ville and on pegasus bridge. That made no sense to me. Comms with command was less than suck, it was non existent. The two times we called for corpsmen, we had to run to find an admin as there was no admin in the valley with a radio to us. That has to change...there has to be a emergency channel available for just these purposes. Having to radio to your command when something happens, then relay, is an extra step that takes time when time is of the essence. Change that please. I never had any idea where our FOB was...I just kept coming back to Caan because I couldn't find our FOB...no one seemed to know. For me, the resupply rule was a good thought, just horrible execution. Anyway, between all the fighting STILL taking place in the same areas, no missions or direction from command (not just for my group, I heard this from multiple places), it really was no different than the past events...and in fact was a step backwards. The good things was I had fun...the helo went REALLY low this year...wow, that was really cool...and I didn't really have a lot of hit calling issues...when I did, I just ignored it and played on. Btw, if the dude with the video of me shooting him over and over while his coward medic hid behind him sat late afternoon in the ville could post up that vid, I would preesh....that was some funny crap! I will likely be back next year again, because I have been going since the first OKINV...but this year was disappointing in many ways. I expect more from these games, and I hope the staff will take the concerns they are going to hear on this thread and make the adjustments.
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  11. that answers my questions, especially on the chrono. I run a P* and a wolverine, so I was just curious. Thanks! Still not a fan of saftey being used as an option. Saftey to me means if I shoot you it could be dangerous, so there is no option if I say it...its saftey KILL...not saftey if you want. My suggestion is to change it for the future to surrendor, which in every place I have played has always been an option. Just think you are blurring lines when you don't really need to.
  12. he is a BAMF BECAUSE he is UFS
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