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  1. http://americanmilsim.com/forum/index.php?/topic/2041-reindeer-games-xii-event-credit/
  2. I don't know what AMS plans to do with the patches.. But if I could input something: I would like it if only those that showed up had that patch... It's a sort of trophy.. For having endured the conditions on the road.. For having fought so hard to make it.. I feel like this patch has a great value to me because of that... If everyone that registered got the patch even if they didnt attend, well, it sort of just loses value..... But anyway, it's not up to me.. In the meantime.. Someone here asked for a video... Here you go:
  3. Alright... So here's what happened with Godfather and I: Left at 1600 from downtown Houston Arrived at 0300 in Denton after having witnessed a good 8 accidents Stayed in the only hotel we could find that had room (Expensive hotel too.. Only rooms they had were suites) Enjoyed all 3 hours of sleep and the breakfast bar Hit the road towards Jacksboro at 0700 Arrived at Jacksboro around 1300 and asked for directions Found field around 1330 Geared up and played until 1530 Raffle time! (I hope we win) Nope... No win for us Over all, we were on the road for a very long time, spun off the road once, got stuck going up a hill once, and only played for about 2 hours... Was it worth it? HELL TO THE FUCKING YES!! The AO was amazing, the weather was amazing, and the experience was amazing... Definitely worth the trouble for me... I can't say the same for Godfather though.. He was pretty freaked out driving in ice.. Lol... Good thing I'm from Washington.. Icy roads are normal up there.. Anyway, I managed to scrape some footage together.. Here's the video:
  4. Godfather and I are on our way from Houston..
  5. Most of W.O.L.F. is out... The remaining 4 of us are trying to find alternate routes and plan out travel... We'll see if we can attend or not...
  6. That was some good teamwork there... I ran out of white smoke and threw the purple one.. Turns out the purple smoke covers better than the white... I'd like to also add- To the CoST guys we did a gun run on the second day with our truck, you guys annihilated us.. Good job! Also, I believe it was the CTAC guys, your rocket launchers are awesome and I know I gave mad props to 2 of your HWS guys for the great job at shooting those rockets... Working on getting the raw footage uploaded, will be editing this week.. Edited video will be posted no later than next week..
  7. Hey bud, two of my guys dropped out and I have 2 slots open for UFS PMC... If you have full A-TACS AU (Combat top and bottom) and are interested, send me a PM..
  8. You have a wolf as your avatar, and you are from Houston... I have a wolf as my avatar and I am from Houston.. Are you my twin brother? Which one of us is the evil one? I assume you are since you are in Missouri and not Texas like I am...
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  10. I slip in weights from my dumbells and fill up my Camelbak... Comes to about 20-25 lbs.. Then I go hiking, jogging, or walking... It's been working great so far...
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  12. Primarily, what steps to take... What the cost is.. What the requirements are, etc...
  13. Wondering where I get the password for the UFS forum... Tried looking through the site but cant find an answer to my question...
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