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  1. Yes. You need the Tone set correctly.
  2. I believe I lost a TM VSR 10 mag in the church early Sunday morning, it most likely was still full of HPA .40s.
  3. Do you have any CTCSS tones programmed into the receiving radio?
  4. Hold down the unlock button. Should be the bottom right.
  5. Just play on and have fun. You might put your radio in like a Ziploc baggy, but I wouldn't bother with much more that that. I have yet to lose a radio or rifle due to rain.
  6. Lulz. They aren't shutting down, and just promised us at least 8 events next year. The schedule will probably go up in the next month or so like it normally does.
  7. You're gtg, cold/wet weather gear just has to match the faction color. Password is C05t 5uck5
  8. Ok. That's what I thought, but wanted to be sure I was in the clear. Thanks.
  9. Does the "no grills" also include like a Coleman propane stove?
  10. Except that 370/.32 is only 2.02J, whereas spring guns are allowed to use up 550/.20, which is 2.8J. I agree that Joule Creep is something to be countered, but even power levels should be the target.
  11. Leave it as is. Nothing wrong with current rules. You are well aware of the risks when you sign up. Plus, having MEDs as a rifleman only causes issues with what to do inside that MED.
  12. SSWs are gtg at night? Why wouldn't they be?
  13. They covered a few issues at morning faction brief at 34-2, yet we got onto a bunch of newer guys on our side that were reloading in the field, walking around to find a medic, not bleeding out, etc. Yuk, while I agree that all the players should know the rules before attending the event, most players are too lazy to do so. IMO, a system where only new players have to attend the safety briefs, or even that you have to attend one every year even as a return player, so everyone stays up to date may work better.
  14. Yes, it's because it's not American based, and the storyline is based in America. It's been discussed before. If you want European Camos, go as E-10 for Broken Home.
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