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  1. Yes I think that Ams during registration when you say he's running support should get an armband s.w. d.m.r. and so on except riflemen. that would cure that problem.
  2. It is understood. I do understand what you are saying and we have already found another way to incorporate it. From the get go we started planning for something new. You know how some people can get on these subjects. No harm done. I hope that maybe some of our comments hold some good ideas for AMS to look at that would help them bring this gun into play as it was designed to be used. And for beating a dead horse, looks like some country boy is going to walking to the event.
  3. The big deal is that some of us work to prepare for these events and after spending 1600 dollars on a build to be told it cant be used as designed aint cool. But it is what it is. This is a forum to question and answer so thats what we are doing. You dont have to answer to something you dont like or catch an attitude. We were only sharing valid points. Also having a black armband with the letters S.G. on it would be a good idea to help distinguish support gunners from a far.
  4. The IAR M27 is the Marine Corps new support weapon it has a heavy barrel and is designed to hold up to sustained auto fire. Why a company who claims to try to keep it milsim does not recognize the Marines new squad weapon is beyond me. For someone as me who loves attending these events to spend the 550 dollars for a l.m.g. then be told that its not a support weapon sounds like some b.s. . THIS IS NOT A 416 WITH A M27 KIT. This is a limited edition gun. I own a mk43 so running a support weapon is not a problem. Keeping true to the changes within our beloved Corps is. The M27 IAR is a support weapon and should be allowed by AMS to be run as a support weapon. As far as identification issues with the gun thats a poor excuse for not allowing a gun. Thats why all guns are checked prior to being allowed on the field. In saying that admins cant distinguish the guns apart is saying they dont know what they are looking at. Its a very poor excuse. How many can be out there? There are only 500 in the U.S. This needs to be reviewed cause these poorly thought out rules are getting annoying.
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