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  1. To be fair, they did go straight from Rebel Yell into prepping for Faded Giant.
  2. Rich


    And that's all anyone had to say. Thanks, that's the straight and simple answer I was looking for. I know you already mentioned it, but I wasn't sure if I still had to pay a fee for just sleeping in my vehicle.
  3. Rich


    If I knew my question was going to be blatantly ignored I wouldn't have asked. Thanks anyways.
  4. Rich


    Hence why I asked about places in town that allow over night parking...
  5. Rich


    The reason I need overnight parking is because I would like to sleep in my vehicle over night. This is the idea I'm not skirting around.
  6. Rich


    It has nothing to do with money or the barracks.
  7. Rich


    Is there a place in Braggs that allows over night parking?
  8. Rich


    What about sleeping in your car?
  9. Perhaps. At the time it seemed like they didn't want to deal with transactions since everything was torn down and in disarray after the storm. I'm not complaining, just questioning.
  10. I feel like you might be undervaluing MRPs.
  11. That makes sense, but maybe mentioning that when people are checking in wouldn't hurt. And no, that's not hearsay. Sunday morning I went to the fill station and asked how much a single fill was since I didn't buy a fill pass. I forget who was operating the tank, but they asked JP, and JP said don't worry about it and to just fill 'em up.
  12. Pre-game: Rehashed OPORD from last year? Meh. Saturday: A couple Bravo platoons hiked out to a CP far out and away in the corner of the field. We later learned that there was a much shorter and more direct way from camp. Not sure why we took the long way (before game-on). Walking milsimulator? We defended that CP all day, held of a big UFS push early on. After I got killed some guy tried searching me from 10 feet away as he was running towards me. Gave me a giggle. Sunday: Lots of action around Colleville. Lots of flanking on either side in the woods. We eventually pushed hard enough to force them to start falling back, at which point we were told to fall back and defend Pegasus Bridge. I don't know what happened there. Lots of people were upset about that. What happened with raffle tickets? Why weren't they given out at check-in? My buddy who bought (wasted money on?) a fill pass was upset that they were giving out free fills on Sunday. I enjoyed camping and hanging out with friends more than I did actually playing this year. I think I had more fun playing last year. Not sure how I feel about BH5 at this point, but perhaps Rebel Yell later this year.
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