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  1. Id like to add that I hope these posts arent coming off sour or portraying me as a bad sport. I had more fun this weekend than Ive ever had on an airsoft field. My posts are merely for discussions sake.
  2. Yea, I agree that day two should incorporate each factions held territory. Problem is most of COSTs held territory was now unplayable. Therefore, provisions should have been made. Day two was certainly extenuating circumstances. To my understanding COST held 6 of 9 CPs at endex Saturday.
  3. I was literally the third Cost player into the fields of Coleville, right next to Zippo and Patches. UFS had already occupyed the structures
  4. Airfield is less than half the distance to Coleville that Caen is. Airfield was a CP as well. Did you guys race to see who the fastest UFS player was?
  5. How did you make it to Caen without going out of bounds?
  6. That is complete nonsense if thats the case. We had to sprint from Caen at the start of play, leaving Coleville an easy grab for UFS before we could even get close. If this really was the case, I have to question that call. We should have started at Pegasus.
  7. 3? Should have been Caen, Pegasus, Coleville and Airfield. Cost started at Caen on Sunday.
  8. I read it as 12 rockets and 12 grenades for propulsion of said rockets. Or a mix of beehive and rockets not to exceed 12. (I dont see beehives being very useful in this AO)
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  10. Well thats certainly an irrational fear.
  11. Permethrin is what you want, youll be fine.
  12. Yo, JP! I heard you had dah low down on dem air fills dawg. Can I buy a la carte?
  13. I know what a carbine is, I didnt word my post well(edited for clarity). I was asking if they make 417s with barrel lengths other than 16" for airsoft. Also, it has a collapsible stock which I believe youve used as a go/no go metric as well.There are three real steel 417 variants. There is a 13" SBR, 16.5" carbine and a 20" rifle.
  14. Is the "fill pass" required or will you be selling single fills?
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