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  1. Sounds good. See ya tomorrow.
  2. Umm...question regarding that. I am looking at showing up tomorrow afternoon to get my tent set up, so I have at least a day of it being up before the ground gets saturated (it's a huge tent). Is there any way I can find out before I arrive where my camp is, so I don't camp in the wrong place? Tearing the tent down and re-setting it up is absolutely out of the question being as it takes my brother and I about 3hrs to set up.
  3. It has rained at the last two Broken Home events that I have attended...didn't stop us, only slowed us down.
  4. Good luck with that. I guess our command is taking the whole "unorganized" thing a little too far. I know we will get squad formations at check-in, probably get the comm matrix at check-in as well. That being said, I will have my laptop and the Baofeng BF-888S and UV-5R programming software and cables, so if you don't get to program before the event, swing by and I can program it for ya.
  5. Guys, I promise you that in the event of any strong storms, the AMS staff will make sure everyone is secure...and I speak from experience during the strong storms and torrential downpour we had Saturday night at Broken Home 4. But, in the event of hail, and basically anything short of a tornado, my tent can withstand just about anything (Military Issue) and is weather proof. Find us and we can make some room for anyone wanting to escape some hail...even UFS guys... This is what my tent looks like...except mine usually has a CoST flag hanging out front. EDIT: This is a Bring Your Own Beer shelter
  6. People should exercise extreme caution with fire regardless of where they are, and what the fire dangers are for that area. We shouldnt be setting cars on fire regardless. This AO isnt some free place we can go to destroy whatever we want. American Milsim has to pay to use these locations for us to have an amazing time in. The least we can do is respect that and have some self discipline.
  7. According to the Oklahoma Forestry Services, as of April 4,2016, the current county burn bans are only in the panhandle. http://www.forestry.ok.gov/burn-ban-information<-- Source
  8. JP, do we need to bring fire rings if we are camping outdoors?
  9. Again, that's why it is up to command to keep track of it, just like the Mobile MASH units. But, regardless, without communication, we are all screwed...except those of us who have POVs to drive back to camp in. IDK, we will just have to see how it plays out. I don't feel comfortable leaving my personal assets in a box everyone else has access to, even if it is in a lockbox. I lost 10,000 rounds at BH4 with a KWA Speed Loader, and only about 10-20 people even had access to it. Of course, at Copperhead, I was having issues with my $400 rifle, and left it at a Mobile M.A.S.H. for three hours, and upon my return, it was surprisingly still there. This is supposed to be an honor-based sport, but you'll always have those who have no honor...and THAT is why I buy Condor gear as opposed to some of the higher priced stuff.
  10. This is why I clearly stated: Lock box prevents unauthorized use (without a bunch of work to break it open). As far as keeping up with the crates, we just have to trust our command personnel to keep track of them, like the Mobile M.A.S.H. But, that's another thing that comes with maintaining communication and chain of command, but nobody gives a crap about the CoC because "It's Airsoft and I'm just here to shoot people. I'm not going to sit here and defend an objective." Command should issue orders to Platoon Leaders, who should relay those messages to Squad Leaders, but that's not how it goes. Instead, everyone wants to be on command channel so they know what's going on. Operation: Copperhead last year was horrible. I was in Second Platoon, not only was my Platoon Leader not on Platoon Channel, none of the other squad leaders were on Platoon Channel, so my squad of 4 was completely cut off from anybody who wasn't within earshot...made for a difficult and stressful weekend.
  11. For those of you who are concerned with your ammo being stolen or used without permission, I have a solution for you. Head to your local Wal-Mart and around the Home/Office area will be some safe/lock boxes. The SentrySafe lockbox that I have was about $13.00 and comes with two keys. As you can see, a bag, bottle, and a speed loader can all fit in this box easily with more room. Get you one or two of these, mark them with your name or initials or something. They also carry the SentrySafe 1200, which is slightly deeper than the CB12 model that I have, and walmart.com has it for $19.88 and it's fire resistant. One problem solved. -Backhander Out
  12. Looking forward to ESR19-4!

  13. Does this mean, the driver is classified as a "player" and is subject to having to be revived if shot? Meaning that not only will rockets take out our trucks now, but a full auto machine gun to the driver window will also disable the truck? Two mounted weapons systems...does that mean you can only have two mounted positions or only two mounted guns?
  14. Everyone on here complaining about their 90 or 120rnd mid caps. PTS ERG Mags (which are what I run) are 30 or 60 max. As part of a QRF which relies heavily on our gun trucks, I will give this new ruleset a chance. I don't necessarily agree with everything being changed, but I'll try it out. Hopefully it will all go smoothly.
  15. We had a pretty nice turnout from California last year.
  16. Yeah, you won't have to really worry about anything as far as crime or cartel or anything. With my job, I work all over the United States, and I have worked in Eagle Pass, TX and it's right on the border and I had no problems. Border Patrol is all over the area with night vision and thermal cameras...plus, to be honest, I doubt the cartels would come anywhere close to a Special Forces training facility... Don't sweat any of the stuff the media blows out of proportion, just come out and have a great time!
  17. Just saying...if I had broken a window, I would offer to pay the price that AMS has to pay in order to cover replacing that window...
  18. "Only logical thing to do"? Really?! LOGICALLY, there was an open window right next to the window you shattered. But I guess some people's "logic" doesn't include taking care of something that isn't theirs...but I guess when someone else has to pay for it, it doesnt matter.
  19. We need more attitudes like this. I'm with you man, when I was at Broken Home last year, I was completely stress free, and distracted from real world problems. These ops aren't just a game to me, but an experience. A chance to be outdoors, camping with friends, and shooting people. The relationships that are created at these events are astonishing. Two of my best and closest friends I met at Broken Home 3 and I hope to make more this year.
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  22. The bathrooms in the campground werent too bad until after Saturday day. Spare clothes are always a good idea. I bring two uniforms and multiple pairs of socks, because even if you aren't standing in water, your feet will sweat a lot. You may also want to consider bringing allergy medicine (if you have allergies), and some antihistamine cream. Sunscreen wouldn't be a bad idea either. You will be allowed to leave the field whenever you see fit, however, we need as many people on the field as possible at all times, so snacks to keep you going will be great. They do break for Dinner between Saturday Evolution and Saturday Night Evolution, and last year I got the meal plan, and the food they had on site was awesome.
  23. Thats exactly what it is. People want to be on the team that is currently winning. I started on CoST, and I will forever remain loyal to the coalition.
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