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  1. Hey guys just wanted to share my footage from copperhead.https://youtu.be/m1q2elkoh2M
  2. WTS PPI Viper level 3a Bullet resistant vest $130 Obo Only trade is a Crye G3 MC/Arid combat shirt in L/R
  3. I hope this means that there will be an in my home state soon .
  4. I guess I should clarify was referring to the current full auto cap of 25. What I meant to say since full auto will be irrelevant will there still be that cap? As in example my current build without going into specifics shoots around 35-38 rps with an 11.1v at about 398FPS, it has amazingly quick trigger response, and being I only use auto on people who insist on not calling their hits. Would a build like this be an issue?
  5. Will semi only effect the ROF cap? I ask because if you are going for a build that has good trigger response, you typically also get a pretty high ROF, not to mention you have to run it with an 11.1.
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