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    Rocketman reacted to Top in BH 6 AAR (Fixed)   
    Broken Home 6
    Few comments from Top..
    First off, I want to express my gratitude to AMS for continuing to build on what was started 6 years ago! The years have been ta test in patience and drama that continues through today, but American MilSim continues to TRY and in my book, that counts for more than can be expressed in word form.
    Thank you to all the players who came from all over the place especially those from outside the good ole US of A!! You the PLAYER make this game we play great. Yes, the organizer provides the AO and the scenarios but you all must make it work by following rules and getting into the spirit of what Milsim is.
    I know there are many who will disagree with that last statement but if you look back to where I came from, what we have today is a sight closer than anything we ever had then.
    Now for the I will get into the meat.
    Bad first, this will be short and to the point;
    Do you know what that is? Many say they do, but do you? I won’t go into it here but I bring it up because to many come to AMS events thinking it’s a big airsoft skirmish like back home only on a different field in a different place/state. It’s NOT!! MILSIM stands for “MILITARY SIMULATION†so simulating military operations. for UFS that means they are structured like the US military, notice I said “SIMILARâ€, it is airsoft so being a game you get out of it what you put in. MILSIM can be compared to LARPing, we play a role, act our parts within that role and act. If in a leadership position you take that role, if a troop you take that role and so on…
    This means if you are role playing then following orders and getting into the roles you play while LARPing is a good thing.
    If you don’t like the role you chose pick a different one that’s the beauty of this sport, you can change your role.
    You players who failed to hydrate and properly prepare for this operation should be publicly called out in my opinion and must wear a special shirt with identification on it marking you as a heat casualty risk for a minimum of 2 games AND you should be medics carrying water that is handed out during said games!!! I am sorry if this is harsh but for the love of all, we all warn, we tell, we preach, we scream, we beg, we push, and still players show up to an AO without proper hydration!!! That is criminal!
    How many times does it have to be said that your uniform top, bottom and cover must match? And match your faction color? Green or tan? Amazing that I had members in GREY!!!!!! And wondered why there were blue on blue incidents….. that is stupid beyond stupid…. I get it, it was hot. Plan for that have to right gear or suck it up!
    Enough of that I think I made my point. 😊
    Now the good:
    From my perspective, the Op went well on Saturday once the game got going, yes it took a while to get started but that’s to be expected moving that many folks to start points. Many don’t know there were vehicle issues I do know this and we did the best we could under the circumstances.
    Once the game on was given the battle was pretty fluid I felt, there were mini battles and skirmishes all over the AO by design. That was great. I thought it was fun to try and find the main force of Cost which we really never did as it seemed they had split up.
    I feel over all UFS held the day as the weather caused a hard stop.
    Couto’s to our Vehicle commanders of Brigade milsim, 878 and all the others for without their support and ability to be where we needed them to be I think we would have had a harder road to push through.
    Sunday the Battle more or less started off with a fight for Coleville, however unlike past years I feel the battle was spread out on a very wide frontage around Coleville and the surrounding hills. I personally participated and witnessed some pretty damn fierce and epic fire fights that were excellent! While I will say that UFS didn’t win but COST didn’t gain much either they were honorable and fiercely fought on both sides.  I had a blast witnessing the fight while I bleed out for the umpteenth time.. LOL
    I have read and heard about some cheating and all the normal bull you hear after an OP.. I will say from my perspective I didn’t see anything overt by either side other that what I stated above. And that is something we as players need to get our heads around. Players need to police players. Players make the Game, Players must know the rules, you the player must take the time to be a part of the process. Its these so simple things that will make for a great game.
    I think something we all need to reflect on is that no one is above the rules, myself included. Any player regardless of who they are has every right and obligation to correct another for a violation of the rules. If corrected the violating player needs to own it and correct themselves and thank the player who made the correction. We owe it to our sport and ourselves to be better.
    Thanks, you all!
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    Rocketman reacted to Fyre Koiss in BH 6 AAR (Fixed)   
    Played for CoST and noticed the break down in comms (at least at the squad level) before ever even so much as stepping in my car to drive to Oklahoma. It was my first event so I really didn't know what to expect, and spent all day Thursday feeling way out of my element. Friday two guys showed up and camped nearby, found out they were in CoST as well and it was like a switch was turned on. Instantly made two new friends and felt way WAY more comfortable about the entire thing. 
    They informed me that Comms is always an issue at these things. I myself had no comms from my squad leader nor had I heard or seen anyone from my squad. Faction brief time changed.... but I like a lot of the CoST people didn't know because it was buried in a very long email and never mentioned again. Game it self was an absolute blast. Had a few issues with dead men not using dead rags on UFS... and then getting ugly when someone shot them thinking they were still alive... but they were few and hardly detracted from the game. Didn't have any issues with people not calling hits or the like, though those kinds of things rarely get to me anyway since I'm pretty laid back.
    Was not impressed by the choice of FOB location for CoST on Saturday. I understand that AMS was trying to use more of the AO but it just ended with us CoST having to hike up hill for several hours before fighting. Considering the amount of Heat Casualties we had day one I would be willing to bet that attributed to it on our side a fair bit. Regardless, still had a ton of fun and am looking forward to doing it again soon. Already looking into other nearby events that I could go to in the future!
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    Rocketman got a reaction from TheJP in **Safety Briefings**   
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    Rocketman reacted to The Rick in **Safety Briefings**   
    There will no longer be Safety "Rules" Briefing at American Milsim events.  The ruleset is published online and encourage you to read and understand what you are signing up for.  At the morning formation with both factions we will touch on need to know safety hazards, rule changes for the event specific and of course remind you about full seal, ace bandages etc.
    We plan to keep this short and sweet followed by a final rally at your FOB to touch on the Mission Brief for those that did not make the Friday faction meeting.
    I blame Bo for the 2343234 briefings some of you have been to.  This concludes your final AMS classroom power point safety briefing. 
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    Rocketman reacted to Bilbo in BH5 AAR   
    Hey there, I was the COST S3 and kinda second in command for parts of the weekend. I had a few things that come to mind when comparing this year to last year. I've had fun every time I come out to play there, and I've been to every Broken Home. This year felt a little different (maybe it was the rare good weather) probably because of everything new the AMS staff tried to implement this year. Some ideas worked, some seemed to not go over so great, some just made it different. 

    One of the biggest changes was the time-table. Pushing back start and running through the night sounds really great on paper, and probably has worked really well in some of the smaller AO's but at DDay, it is so massive a field that it seems to me it just exausted everyone as much, if not more than usual. And Cost was etting tired and hot even though most of them were defending Colleville although there was a bunch of moving from flank to flank). A even though there was no official break for dinner, most of each team took it, and it seems to have had a negative effect on the night game. By 9pm we were being told only a handful of UFS were on the field and available to play, so we were told to call it at 9, and most of the remaining COST players walked (or rode) off the field. Then we were told if you wanted to stay you could, but most of Cost, if they had Night vision, had either left already not knowing a night game was on, or had left it at the vehicles and had no time to get them before we started a small night game in Colleville. The night game was not fun. I understand that if you have nods, by all means use them, but when you have a group of guys who don't have nods playing against a group of guys who do, it isn't exactly fun. I got dome-popped a few times, and really close too. 

    Another thing I noticed was the smaller number of Fragos. I've been S3 at Broken Home 4 and End State 3 and both of those times we had Fragos start early and continue. This would give us a sense of momentum, not just defend Colleville all day. We had guys sitting so long, they went and harassed the UFS fob without me knowing, just for the heck of it. Also, some of the finer points on the play-ability of FOBs wasn't pushed down in our op-order, like the ability to raid enemy FOBs for the War materiel crates. We had UFS take one in the last hour on Sunday in Colleville, but 3 of 4 times Saturday we were up in theirs and could have gotten 2 or 3 of those crates, again just a lack of communication down. 

    One thing that is blaring in my mind (and I'm sure I'll either edit this post or add another one as I digest all that I did as command for Cost and witnessed my troops go through) is the Helo runs. I understand helo runs are a main attraction here for many, and I love that we can do them, but when it comes down to how Helo runs affect our overall game play, I feel there is room to improve. I noticed that 2 out of every 3 gun runs seemed to be friendly to UFS (may just be me only noticing when they weren't friendly) but it really seemed to break my sides spirits when 3 or 4 gun runs in a row targeted us, and thats when a bunch of my guys who were on the fence about walking off for the day did so. I might be spit balling here, but maybe implementing a system where there is a fixed number of gun runs per side, might help. Not that it would be limited to only people enlisted on that faction, but say you have 8 UFS gun runs and 8 COST gun runs. well, all 8 UFS sold, but only 5 COST did, well those 3 could go to UFS soldiers, but only on the understanding that they are COST in the HELO and that intentionally targeting COST on a COST Gun run would count as a war crime against the other faction. Might need refining as an idea, but that seems like a fair-er way of leveling out gun runs, so that those who pay for them can go on them, but it won't adversely affect the game play like it seems to have done in the past.

    Communication is always a topic of frustration, even when mine was working right. As command, I only have commo up to Game admins, and down to Platoon leaders, From there platoon leaders have commo to me and to squad leaders, and from there squads have squads and  up to squad leaders. I have seen a few AAR's where they couldn't directly send up real world requests for corpsmen or other emergencies, and this might need to be addressed in the safety brief next time, but if you are sending something real-word up the chain of command, but say your squad leader is dead (in game), squad leader, do respond and continue that request up the chain. As S3 I won't know unless your Platoon leader tells me, or you find me yourself. I understand dead men don't talk, but interpret what is real world and send it up. The whole idea of the lower mag rule and one re-spawn area is that squads would stick together and squad leader would have commo up to platoons, which would generally stay in one AOR and within radio range. Follow that line of thinking on up. I understand sometimes hills or distance get in the way, but if I may suggest investing in a programmable radio capable of frequencies, because I had hardly any problems with my Baofeng, hearing people who were down in valleys while I was up in the church. This is tying into squad cohesion so I'll say this, by Sunday it seemed that large chunks of every platoon was gone, and by the middle of Sunday, all platoons had dissolved, and my command became more direct than delegation. I was running around finding groups coming in to respawn and tasking them out from there once they were up, even to the point of me moving to engage myself (which I enjoyed the change of pace, just saying). Platoons dissolved, but squads either stayed together, or were quickly formed, and there were a few squads (probably local teams that stuck together) that I knew I could rely on. Shout out to Ad Astra and the leviathan tactical pro staff (Breaker and Crash) for being some guys I could count on. I was a little disappointed in the fact that many didn't come back to play Sunday though.

    Overall I had fun. I always enjoy it, and the weather this year was better than most. I look forward to playing with you all at possibly Copperhead. 

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    Rocketman reacted to Blackbird in BH5 AAR   
    Woohoo AAR Time!

    I think this event went off well, lots of new changes this year, and I feel like, for the most part they worked as intended (even if some failed because of other issues).

    1. Mag limit changes - my teammates and I didn't like this change when it was announced. As in, some of them regretted buying tickets after they found out. Super unhappy about it going in, but honestly, I can say for myself at least, that it was all unfounded. I actually liked this change a lot, it decreased what little overshooting remained except from some SAW gunners, and it definitely forced people to make use of the SAW when they had one around. 10/10 would play with this rule again,.

    2. Resupply stuff - This is the one where I think some improvements are needed though, maybe not on the admin side. I like the idea of the resupply crate, and having to have your resupply trucked in. It absolutely cured any reloading in the field issues you would see in years past. however, at least on the UFS side, I couldn't get a resupply truck all weekend. Any time I tried to call in for one, naturally, comms would fail, and we'd just end up having to walk back, or try to sustain on task for as long as possible with what little ammo remained. I don't know that i consider this a failing on AMS part, because, I guess it kind of worked as intended, in the real world resupply isn't perfect, and if you comms went down, you'd be screwed, and we were. It definitely negatively impacted my experience, but only because of some other stuff.

    3. CDF medic rules - While I recognize being the smaller team, the CDF needed a leg up somewhere, I firmly believe making every single person a medic was an absolutely atrocious decision, and whoever's idea it was should sit in a corner and think about what they've done for at least a solid minute. This was my one HUGE negative for the whole weekend, and the one thing I can't look back on in hindsight and try to find some positive or how it really played into the metagame of the whole event. I spoke with Kyle (i believe, sorry if it was a dif. admin, horrid with names) during the game on saturday for a few minutes about this, and I think if CDF needs to have an extra force multiplier, then linearly increasing the number of medics is a good idea, but enacting all-healing clerical powers to every single member of the faction led to a lot of frustration, and imbalanced firefights. I had suggested maybe doubling medics per squad, or something similar, allowing them free-form choice in squad composition with regards to roles or something, but "everyone is a medic" just didn't work for me. I witnessed a lot of guys on UFS get very frustrated with the mechanic, maybe because they didn't fully understand, or they didn't hear Rick bring it up in safety brief (i know it was brought up in mine) but lots of complaints of cheating, and A LOT of discouragement going on, even heard some CoST players complain while we'd cross paths while dead. This didn't work for me. not at all.

    4. three factions - I spoke with kyle about this a bit as well. I think this ALMOST worked. It was definitely better than my last three-faction experience at broken home, because the concern with three factions is always flip-flopping or in-field alliances. Some of that definitely still happened. I was of the impression it wasn't supposed to, and everyone was still shooting everyone, but my squad definitely recon'd at least one ceasefire, which then directly lead to us getting massacred. I was not pleased, but that's life. If you do three factions, it needs to be all out 1v1v1 fighting, none of this two sides team up and pound the other guy stuff like broken homes past, and while it never got QUITE that organized this year, the small pockets of "oh, they must be working together" was very irritating.
    5. other CDF stuff - Uniform requirements need to change here. allowing camo-pants/civvy shirts created a ton of confusion from what i could tell. If you're doing three factions, this shouldn't be OK. Make em wear jeans, or flat color bottoms or something, but especially at D-Day, there are far to many times when all you can see is a pant leg, or their shirts looked awfully close to green/tan camos in the trees with all the plaid-erator action going on. Couple that with obviously multicam pants/gear and this definitely caused the confusion i feel it was meant to, but definitely just pissed more players off than i think it should've.
    6. Direction - We didn't feel like we had jack crap to do all weekend. I didn't get a single direction from anyone in UFS leadership, and while initially i was going to put this on UFS leadership, it seems like this is from a bit higher. Forcing squads to just kind of go out and patrol and find bad guys isn't fun for me, and I feel like that feeling went a bit further. I don't know if this is because the scouts got a lot of the cool-guy stuff (and they should, seriously those dudes are badasses) but that shouldn't come at the expense of everyone else participating. I don't think that was the case, this seemed to be a bit more intended, but for me, it just fell flat. I'm in the same boat as Jazz, control points gave direction, gave you something to do, and let squads who got disconnected from leadership (or just didn't want to deal with it) something to do that was still moving the game forward. Best example of this, is the number of times we'd wander around patrolling whatever area we were patrolling, and it always ended the same way. "okay guys, we've accidentally stumbled on the enemy fob again, we've now been massacred, or chewed out by some dude on the other team for unknowingly shooting at the enemy fob, guess we'll walk back to respawn now". EVERY SINGLE ONE of the firefights we got into, occurred in one of three places. Pegasus bridge, outside the CDF fob, or somewhere near the cost fob in coleville. but, because fob's weren't attackable unless we had missions to do it, it became a game of "lets push out as far as we can, get shot, walk back, respawn, and repeat". There was no variety. In years past, we've had mobile respawns to subdue and capture, HVT's to secure, EOD stuff to deal with, and with the faction FOB's spread out, more room to do it on. I get where this was trying to go, but i don't think this worked as well as it was meant to. This was my only other big complaint, but i can see where the design idea came from on this. As a guy who also hosts the occasional airsoft event, i can appreciate the intention, even if for me, it didn't work.
    7. Fob locations - I get the intention here too, from speaking with some staff, it seemed like the intention here was to shrink the field a little bit, decrease walking, and while when i spoke with kyle on field the one time, at the time i felt like i had done less walking, by the end of the weekend, we actually did more walking (and we had the pedometer stats to prove it). Not quite sure if this was the FoB's or the discontinuation of the mobile respawn barrel for this game, but we spent a lot of time walking, with almost zero motivation to get out and go do it again beyond "well, i'm here, and it's a 6 hour drive home, so i'm gonna try and at least get in a good shootout" because we didn't have much else to do. I didn't have a specific piece of land to try and hold, I didn't have a laptop to recover, a dude to rescue, or an HVT to capture or kill. so with the FOB's so close together, I felt like it severely restricted the number of places I could get into aforementioned good shootouts (and believe me, we definitely got them, but there was no location variety). Again, I get what this was meant to achieve, but I feel like after having played it now, the old way was better. Bigger field and mobile respawns making a comeback was better for me.

    All of this being said, I actually had a fantastic time. Did it live up to how much fun I had last year? no. BH4 is still kind of my highlight year, I left early last year and still felt very satisified with money spent on the trip, and time spent playing that i could leave saturday night and not be upset. I didn't get that this year. In fact, had saturday been my only day of play this year, I'd have been pretty bummed out. Sunday, We gave up on chain-of-command, gave up on meaningless patrols, and just decided to support whatever action was going on any given time, and that's when all the fun happened. We rolled around with the scouts for a bit, and interacting with those guys was cool as hell. We got in some bigass shootouts where the seven-mag limit actually became fun to manage, and not just a huge pain in the ass to deal with. I shot a gazillion reaper rounds (and it was worth every penny). But that said, the game wasn't as fun as years past when I relied on trying to play the game as intended, and didn't get fun for me or my teammates until we chose to make our own fun.

    Rick asked me before the raffle started if I had fun. I told him yes. I didn't lie. I had a ton of fun this year, and I feel like after playing, a lot of the changes implemented either worked, or will work with time. Three factions mostly worked, resupply didn't fail because of AMS, and once everyone adapts to it, it's going to add a cool layer to the game. Seven mags was plenty (though, honestly? I'd like to see it bumped to 8 for a bigger game like this, but i can live with seven). This AAR is going to make it look like I was miserable, and that's simply not the case. Hopefully it gets taken as constructive criticism. This was worth all 12 hours of driving, the couple hundred bucks in gas, the extra mileage on my car, and the two weeks of serious back pain i'm going to have afterwards. Plus, I still came away with a bunch of great stories to tell the guys at the shop when I get back. Can't put a pricetag on that.
    It wasn't as  big a win for me as it was in years past, but this was definitely still a good year, and I think it will all be worth it at BH6.
    Bird out.
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    Rocketman reacted to Blackbird in ROOKIE PROBS   
    Just remember to drink water.

    Unless you are engaging in an activity that directly precludes you from drinking water, you best be drinking water.


    Know that D-day is going to kick your butt your first time.

    This will be my 7th or 8th time out there, and it's still gonna kick my ass, cuz i'm fat, lazy, and super low speed high drag.

    Also know that this is OK, and know that if you need to stop and pace yourself a bit, that this is the best way to go. Like JP says, don't blow your wad in the first hour. It's a marathon, not a sprint, and if my out-of-shape self can make it to endex, so can anyone else.
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    Rocketman reacted to TheJP in COST leadership   
    Leadership and Squads  will start being built this week.
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    Rocketman reacted to Veffakin in COST leadership   
    I'm sure all that will be sorted out once the secure forum is up and running, but what I can say from observations while may be obvious to some not to others. Squad leaders please listen to your Platoon leaders, while not necessarily in way adhering to military discipline (this is a game after all) but they are doing everything they can to make sure everyone gets their moment of glory. While also working as a team, you may get a boring job at first, I know my squad did in the beginning of the first day. We sat in a ditch for 3hrs but near the end a hostile squad tried to take a cap from behind which happened to have a company lead, nice little juicy target. Had we not been there we would of lost the CP and our company lead along with the Intel carried. Not to mention they would have been right behind another two squads for an easy takedown. shortly after that event we were rotated out with another squad as the main line pushed up and got all the action we wanted. Point is we are far more effective as a team than we are as one Rambo squad trying to be the heroes of Coleville, your platoon leads are doing their best to make sure everyone has fun while accomplishing objectives as a team sometimes you have to shoulder the boring job but rest assured you are there for a reason.This point being farther rooted by the new suggested rules for ammo restock (please read up on these if you have not already) Also stick with your squad doesn't matter if you have someone yelling we need reinforcements here stick with your squad. What is the most likely thing happening is that it is an overexcited player trying to call the shots thus ruining what your leadership has had planned. If you truly work as a team support, each other, and get along you will have so much going for you and your team. But remember at the end of the day its a game, you are meant to have fun with it be goofy because at the end of the day we are a bunch of grown men shooting plastic bb's at each other don't take it so seriously you bum yourself out. Smile, laugh, and do your dam best to pretend to kill the other guy
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    Rocketman got a reaction from The Rick in COST leadership   
    Throwing my hat in the ring for leadership role. SQL all the way up. Been there done that.
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    Rocketman got a reaction from GreenViper668 in COST leadership   
    Throwing my hat in the ring for leadership role. SQL all the way up. Been there done that.
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    Rocketman got a reaction from TheJP in COST leadership   
    Throwing my hat in the ring for leadership role. SQL all the way up. Been there done that.
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    Rocketman got a reaction from TheJP in Old new guy.   
    Rocketman is trying to make a comeback and going to come to BH5 and do it. Hope there are still a few familiar faces out there. See you all there.
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    Rocketman reacted to TheJP in Operation Broken Home V Rule Changes   
    I love the debate, keep it going!!!
    Keep in mind we are always trying to evolve and simplify the rules. We want to create the "milsim" experience while trying to minimize the hurry up and wait / steep learning curve factors for newer/inexperienced players.
    That being said AMS events have evolved over the years to help foster tactics / maneuvering at both the 100 foot (Squad) and 10,000 foot (Company) views. This is a reward for players that come prepared, have their shit together and have a grasp of the battle space.
    We have accomplished much of this with ammo restrictions, squad roles, medic / drag rules, semi / FA rules, etc...
    Do we get it right all the time? F**K  no... but in our opinion is that it's better trying to grow and evolve than just being happy with the status quo (aka doing nothing).
    I understand your guys concerns and reservations regrading some of these rule changes and nothing is ever SET IN STONE. We try something, it doesn't work -- toss it out and try something else.
    I personally have no issues with the new ammo restrictions. I typically operate with 7 + 1 -- however in a OBH type setting depending on my role I'd like to operate with 12 + 1.
    I also understand you concern about re-supply and personal property, we are working on solutions and contingencies. All these rule changes will be POC'd at ESR by certain staff and players to validate prior to OBH.
    We want you guys to have the best experience as possible, but that does not always mean you're having fun and kicking ass ever second, of every minute, of every hour...
    Running out of ammo is a serious tactical issues and a very serious problem.
    Do you shoot your way out of this ambush and try to break it? Do we have ammo for that? What if we are counter attacked? Should we just suppress and fall back?
    How far are we from the company supply lines? Do we have comms with our company command? DO we have enough beer and ammo to be combat effective in the eyes of our platoon or company commander?
    These are all tactical questions that leadership from CO to SQDL need to always be evaluating.
    We are always trying to evolve to make your experiences more challenging and thus more rewarding. Nothing is set in stone, rules are always adaptable and may change from event to event / faction to faction. Alex is giving you all a HEADS up so you can be prepared and plan accordingly.
    Please keep the discussion going (be civil)  we'd love you get everyone's feedback on these changes.
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    Rocketman reacted to HOWBOY in Ok, so what happened?   
    Haven't read all the posts, but this one caught my eye. I think AMS should really crack down on the uniform restrictions. Covers and gear should match the uniforms, and as much as the UFS hates it, Multicam needs to go. Depending on the situation it can look either green or tan. That's why it's called MULTICAM. One of our guys showed up after game on Sunday and had replaced his combat shirt with a black T-shirt. I told him to go back to the parking lot and put on something green. He argued and I simply told him that as of that moment, he was the enemy. He continued to argue and I told him it was an order. He got pissed, went to his car, dropped his gear and came back as a spectator. Oh well. We had a couple of other guys in tan T-shirts on Sunday and it was also brought to their attention as well. If AMS won't crack down on the uniform problem, maybe it's time we police our own.
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    Rocketman reacted to Metal in Ok, so what happened?   
    #2) with this idea, you might as well take them out of the game all together unless they did strictly LARPing. I say that because unless they are limited to a CQB only environment, you would render them combat ineffective. If you were forced to be combat ineffective for the ENTIRE OP, you wouldn't have fun, and that's what we're all here for. 
    #4) This go around, CDF got to see some of the better teams that frequent AMS OPs. I have personally played along side and against most of these guys at one point or another and I can tell you that they all use semi-auto almost exclusively already. Not to mention that there was a lot of engagements at RY2 that had to be semi auto only for everyone anyway. To a good operator, semi-auto isn't a handicap and full auto is a crutch. Everyone acts as if CDF was wall hacking and aimbot-ing at this OP. you have to have it be as fair and even as possible for everyone so that, again, everyone has a good time.
    #5) This one is rediculous. Coms are not just a inter-squad/platoon aid, but it's a life line to staff and possibly emergency personnel. So, to totally prohibit coms would be crazy, and it would be almost impossible to enforce letting CDF have radios but only use them for staff and emergencies.
    On the other hand....
    #1) I think most are on board with this already. CDF should be an X factor. Small enough to balance out the battlefield without making it lop-sided.
    #3) I somewhat agree with this, as do most. I DO believe CDF needs a uniform but nothing that resembles either factions primary colors. For whatever reason, if I had to take up arms to defend my home, it wouldn't be in my T-shirt and blue jeans. I think Krypek Typhon, black, and tactical grey would be great in easily setting them apart from anyone else. I think that such a uniform requirement should be enforced regardless of faction loyalty weather it be the entire OP or temporary. I also think that all squads should have to match within CDF just as any other faction. It is still MilSim after all.
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    Rocketman reacted to Top in Ok, so what happened?   
    LOL I agree with Mayo.. But I will say:
    The thing is CDF you all did a pretty damn good job.. I am not disputing this in anyway. (those that do should be ignored) you all fought well and did your thing, But you are looking at it from your side of the fence and I am looking from my side and it is very different (notice I said different not better or worse) so my opinions are mine cause I cant see what you see because I'm on another team.
    So you can say regardless of all the chattering if you feel your team did well we then they did! If you aren't getting enough back slaps and high fives and are very concerned about what others think well you may want to reevaluate what you expect from this GAME. Me I expect friendships and respect from all sides regardless of the team you play on.
    I find it funny that many times I try to make sure to shake, fist bump, high five as many players as I can during a time that allows me to. I always get a funny look from opposing team players as if I have the plague and we are supposed to be enemies..LOL  I for one respect all of you that choose to don a uniform represent your faction and play with like minded folks and honor those that give us the privilage to play at war.
    This discussion will go on and on and on there are those for or against or want a different set up... the coolest thing about Milsim air-soft is you can try anything and I mean anything. Sometimes it works sometime not so much but you get to try again and again until you get as close to everyone being happy as you can and you will still have unhappy campers its human nature if you ask me.
    CDF you all fought well and with Honor! I believe this was one of the better games with a CDF like force though I still hate you in a non-violent loving brotherly way!!! I will say the same for COST hate you in a non-violent loving brotherly way! Conversely I LOVE UFS PERIOD we rock!
    WOW! I must be getting soft in my old age somebody punch me....
    PS- Drink water!!! Don't forget your Dead rag red in color or how to use it!! Full seal Goggles means FULL SEAL GOGGLES!! Shoot straight and dominate your enemy with superior tactics and firepower and if that fails you can always reset and try again.
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    Rocketman reacted to Nasty in Ok, so what happened?   
    Here is my half cent advice.  If CDF is to continue as a 3rd faction, the uniform needs to change.  No green/woodland allowed.  
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    Rocketman reacted to Sisu in Ok, so what happened?   
    Right, well and that's just it....
    Based on the story line and the fact that CoST and UFS destroyed the city last year, and that CDF had to rebuild from scratch... That in my mind would absolutely warrant a militant force in the city... You think Grandma Sally that survived the conflict in her town last year wouldn't have an AK in the cookie jar?

    That being said, I think having a designated role playing persons would be an incredible addition to the game. But you're not going to get someone to pay $125 or more to not shoot. I'm sure role players can be found, just like the amazing admins that AMS has, it just takes time to find those that would be dedicated enough to do it.
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    Rocketman reacted to Spartan911 in Ok, so what happened?   
    OK boys and girls, I am in the process of a full AAR but feel it necesary to chime in on the CDF as a faction issue.  What I have been reading is quite literally nothing more than whining from those that are not happy CDF put up a hell of a fight.  Misift 1 and I are extremely proud of our CDF and what they were able to accomplish this OP.  To those saying civilians have no business being organized like the CDF at RYII, I can do nothing but chuckle.  If this were real world and two "armies" rolled into a town that is not politically aligned with either army and said armies proceede to destroy the town and kill civilians, you better believe the civilians are going to band together an fight.  The most glaring thing you are forgetting is where this scenario is taking place, here at home in the US.  The civilian population is made up of a large number of combat veterans, prior LE, etc.  Not only that, but we are extremely well armed/equipped.  I know of mulitiple people who have more firearms, ammo, and assorted equipment than several infantry troops combined.  Obviously civilians don't have tanks and what not, but it is HIGHLY unlikely  tanks and non-precsion bombing would be utilized on US soil. 
    If you want the additional numbers CDF can provied your faction, then negotiate with them, work with them; just as you would in the real world.  A CDF such as we had at RY can provide a change of pace for those returning to AMS events.  Now, not every AMS event warrants a CDF presence, such as Faded Giant.  The CDF as it was at RYII plays a piviital role in the AME timeline.  I would be very disappointed to see the CDF's role reduced or redacted.
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    I agree with Wisco here. Limiting the resources that the CDF has would be far more realistic, and continue to add the diplomacy element to the game that everyone seems to have enjoyed.
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    Rocketman reacted to wisco77 in Ok, so what happened?   
    I agree with this 100%. A civilian militia is great to add in for the chaotic element, however, we have seen the CDF evolve into(at some times) the best organized, best trained and best equipped force on the field(see posts from BHII). Any civilians who gather to protect their homes will be doing so without the training resources of a proper military and/or without the firepower and resources that a larger force would have. I keep seeing the so called high speed teams( but definitely high profile) recruited for CDF and it makes no sense to me.
    Hell, if you want more realism from the CDF, give them an experienced commander but almost everyone else is relatively new to airsoft. Cut their comms down to one radio per platoon. Make them all wear civilian clothes, very minimal load out. Give them only two magazines and two bottles of bb's for their entire force. Make some of them have to use spring pistols for a while. They would then have to deal with the forces for more ammo, mags, comms and experienced players. This would be more like simulating the creation of a police force but, just as in the real world, the civilians would depend on their diplomacy with one or more factions rather than what I saw this weekend. I know that there is no way you can get people to play for the scenario I described above but, hopefully, that proves the point I'm attempting to make even more.
    An organized non military group with the financial resources to not only equip its personnel with top tier weaponry but also train it's forces to be elite, all the while doing so with no aid from outside sources, is not a militia. It's not a civilian defense force. It's a Cartel.
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    Rocketman reacted to Metal in Shout outs at Rebel yell 2   
    This isn't a thread for an AAR of any kind, I won't participate in that....
    To AMS, thanks a billion for letting it stand that we had hard hitters like Misfits, MAKO, Coal Creek Command, Delta 9, SOG, and others all be on one faction at once!
    To those teams I mentioned, it was awesome rolling with you guys all weekend despite the heat or 2:1 odds against us!
    To Duece of C3/Aesir Strategic for be humble and as honest as you could hope for a guy to be for calling himself out for accidentally firing full auto from inside a building and not exposing his barrel!
    To Bagel, I love slaying bodies FOR you, man....but BOY does it blow goats being against you! As always, great job!
    To Bear of Sprigfield Instigators, congrats on being one of the first to EARN an Aesir Strategic Award for Excelence for OWNING LIFE with your RPG!! You stuck with your HWS role and played it well!
    To Boba Fett for also winning an ASAfE! Boba Fett stroled up casually to an entire squad of dead CDF (myself included) right outside 2301 that was FULL of CoST and healed us all!! We we quickly mowed down again, because Rocketman is a party pooper, but it ended up allowing another small squad of CDF to clear all CoST out of 2301 and hold that until game end!!
    To Benshee of Dark Horse on UFS for also earning an ASAfE. Benshee took on almost all our buddies from ARDA (CoST) with his pistol and a thunder B. the bodies just kept stacking up even after trying to use several tornadoes and smokes on Benshee, he held his ground until about 5min before endex on Saturday. Afterwards he and ARDA shook hands and praised one another for the efforts.
    These award winners are not only for great plays but for great sportsmanship. They are examples of what other aspiring MilSimers and current MilSimers should look up to as examples!
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    Rocketman, Porter, and Bug signed up. Finally.
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    Rocketman, Porter, and Bug signed up. Finally.
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