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  1. Another I would suggest is no throwing of any device (thunderB, tornado, pea grenade, etc.) Dropping into a building or vehicle but they should never be thrown. Not everyone is wearing helmets and some of that stuff is kinda heavy.
  2. Now that I have a minute to post something, here goes. First, I have to say that 1st Platoon did one hell of a job all weekend long. The squads worked well together and did the things I asked of them, even if they didn't really like what was being asked of them. We had fairly good comms between myself and all six squads most of the weekend and I don't think it could have really gone any better. Thank you to all the members of 1st Platoon. It was an honor to lead you into battle and I can assure you that I would be happy to do it again any time. Thanks to all the admins who put in the long hours and put all of this together for us, the players. Thanks to Thurgen for stepping up and leading us on such short notice. You did a fine job. Thanks for giving us platoon leaders the flexibility to manage our squads as we saw fit to maximize our effectiveness against the enemy. Now a little of my side of the weekend: 1st Platoon was sent to the St. Mere Eglise valley to hold the valley. I stationed the six squads throughout the valley at key points to be ready for the tan that was surely to come. I stationed myself in the middle at St. ME so that I could be available to the six squads. We had intelligence that the tan would probably be coming in from the north and the south to try to take the valley. That did not happen. They only came from the south, or should I say tried to come from the south. To my knowledge, not a single tan member even ventured to the north the whole time we were in the valley. Every time they tried to come in, our southern squads repelled them with little problem. About an hour in, one of my squads said that the admins were telling my squads to move back so that tan could get into the valley. WTF? (I'll address this in a minute) So they moved back and allowed tan to once again try to gain a foothold. Did not happen. This went on for a good part of the morning with the same results. I tried to rotate the squads so everyone could get a little action but by the time the squads rotated, the action was over as tan had retreated back from where they came. I apologize if you or your squad didn't get any trigger time. I didn't fire a shot Saturday either. I really expected tan to come from both directions to take the valley but apparently that was not on their objective list. I know I would have hit from both ends to take it. At about 1:30pm, I sent all squads up to Coleville to help out there. I followed up the rear and I didn't see a tan body until I got there to Coleville. I had my squads try to flank around both sides to flank the tan. All squads did an excellent job of getting around but I think they all found that most of the tan were around on the south side so they sort of hit walls on both sides. We kept trying until endex and that was that. We did not take part in the night game as a platoon since everyone was pretty beat from the days activities. Sunday, we started on the north end of the airport to try to take Coleville. At game on, we were outpaced by tan and they were in the structures much quicker than we were able to get there. It was pretty intense for quite a while. I had sent two squads around the east side and two squads around the west side with the remaining going up the gut. I think that all our squads got in some good action that I hope made up for the lack of action on the previous day. As I rolled into the northern outskirts of Coleville, I had some green team complaining of some hit calling so I donned my admin hat and went looking to quell this problem. I didn't find anyone in particular but I think the fact that I waltzed right into the tan lines with dead rag on and just stood there made them think twice and eventually backed out. Problem solved, crisis averted. I then went back to the edge of Coleville by the new structure on the north end. I found 40 or so green members just standing around while a few green had managed to move tan out of the church. I started hollering for them to move there asses up and support their green teammates that were advancing. Kdog caught me in mid shout in one of her pics. I didn't even know she was there, otherwise I would have posed better. Everyone started advancing and we were able to gain control of the town and flip the mash unit to our side. Tan kept trying to advance from several sides only to get repelled and sent packing. As most everyone knows, this went on for some time. Around 12:30, Frosty and JP asked me how the green team was fairing, health wise, as some of the tan were starting to get weary. We were doing pretty well at that point but some were starting to slow. They decided to move endex to 1:00. I noticed a big group of green back at the red car which was our respawn. I moved back and gave them my best "get off your butts and take that town" motivational speech since we only had thirty minutes left. I lost my voice in the process so I was pretty done with the motivational speeches. Moved back into the south strip mall and helped out there for a while. Moved around until endex and then welcomed the shady spot to wait for transport. Great game. I loved it. I did not have many problems at all with people personally just heard about some of it. Now for some pros and cons: Pros: 1. Loved the scenario of the whole game. The storyline was great. 2. Some of the vehicle that people brought were nice. Added to the realism of the game. 3. Overall, great sportsmanship on all sides. Only minor and isolated incidents from my perspective. Cons: 1. That DAMN helicopter. With no way to shoot it down, I hated it. In real life, that thing would not just hover above and wipe out full squads of people at one time. 2. No clear markings on vehicles to designate what team they were affiliated with. Maybe flags mounted on poles to designate team affiliation. 3. Better distinguishing uniforms between the teams and factions. Hard to disseminate whose who on the field at times. At times, I had to look at patches to see whose side they were on. 4. I don't like the flip flopping between teams on some of the factions. First you are friendly, now you are not, now you are again. That is what causes people to just end up shooting you on sight and not asking whose side you are on. Ask the contractors from years past. 5. Maybe we can move the dates up a little earlier in the year so that the heat is not so much of a factor. I hate seeing people go out because of heat illness. Makes it not as much fun. The Ugly: My only thing here is this: The admins telling squads to move back so that tan can come in and can have a chance at getting control. That is BULL*&%$ in my opinion. As a commander or platoon leader, I would never expect the other team to back off to make it fair or give my team an advantage. You make adjustments yourself in your tactics and personnel to be able to gain ground, not make the other team give it to you through the help of admins. Some of you may remember Invasion 4 (the last one at Kashistan). Toward the end of the first evo, when tan was trying to advance across the field, green was doing a pretty darn good job of holding them off so the admins came in and started "blowing up" the bunkers and moving green back so tan could advance saying that they were "supposed to invade". Baloney! If the invading team can't do it, then the other team is doing their job. Don't punish them because they are doing their job and defending their territory. Then, sure as hell don't say that the tan team "won" because they successfully invaded. This is milsim= military simulation. I don't recall any military operations where the stronger force was asked to back off so the weaker force could move in and make it fair. The game designers need to have "what if" scenarios built in to provide for a team not being able to obtain their objectives. Just saying. Enough of my ranting. I enjoyed the hell out of it and I can't wait for next year. Also, if you borrowed my radio on Saturday, please return it. Pm me and I will tell you where to send it. Rocketman out.
  3. Puxing PX-888 radio worked great. Had great range and battery life was great. Love this little radio. For the money, it can't be beat. Now I know why so many people are carrying them.
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  6. Attention gentleman. Since the comm matrix has been released, it seems that there are not any real channels available in the normal FRS spectrum. 1st Platoon command channel is going to be for command only. We don't want any intra squad chatter on there. That includes channel 18 with ANY sub channel. If your squad has the ability to program radios in the 468.500 range get with me so that I can assign your squad a frequency. Rocketman.
  7. Still need contact with SQL's. If anyone has contact with yours, please have them contact me.
  8. Since I have been a Squad Leader, a Platoon Leader, and even CO at several events, I will tell you that people not following orders and going out on their own and not following command is one of my pet peaves. There is a reason for the command structure. It helps with planning and execution of missions. It also helps the other squads to do their missions. I can tell you that is very frustrating to start with a squad of 10 to 12 and end up with 3 or 4 because some people got bored or wanted to get some action. I can tell you that if I give someone orders to do something then I expect them to do it until they complete it or are told to move on to something else. Are there penalties or something? Not exactly, but I can assure you that after you have played with some of these guys you will learn who you can and who you can't count on. The next time around they might get put somewhere they don't want to be because of their actions in the past. Now, if you are one of those that don't like to follow orders and be a member of the team then this may not be the place for you. Squads are designed to work together as a team and need all of their members to function as one. As the saying goes, "Don't be THAT guy!" Just my two coppers. Rocketman out.
  9. Welcome Gentlemen! We are just 19 days away from this operation and the time is ticking away quickly. We need to start getting prepared as a platoon as quickly as possible. I need for all the squad leaders to pm me so that I can start getting some information from you and get a little ahead of the game so that we can be ready to roll on Saturday. If you have any questions or concerns, let me know. Let's get this worked out now instead of later. Rocketman out.
  10. I own a D-Boys and an Echo 1. Post pics with detailed descriptions. I may be able to help.
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