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  1. Ok. Last call. I need someone from 4th platoon to step up before I just randomly pick someone.
  2. Ok. 4th platoon. I need someone to step up and do the job. Or, if none of you have the cojones to do it, I will assign someone to do it. If you are voluntold to do it then you will do it or suffer the consequences. Or, if one of you that have already volunteered want to take 4th PM me.
  3. Come on people. I need a few people with some hair on their ass willing to step up and take on some responsibility. You guys know who you are. I need some experienced guys to do this. UFS already has all but one Platoon Leader position filled. We can do better than this.
  4. I need some people to step up and volunteer to be platoon leaders for CoST. If we don't have leadership then our effort will surely fail. We need people who are willing to step up and take on a leadership role. If you think you got what it takes then PM me and let's kick some UFS butt.
  5. I had already paid for an indoor spot before the AO was changed. What are the accommodations for us at the new AO. Pics? Info?
  6. Alright guys, I need platoon leaders for 2, 3, and 4. Apply at [email protected] americanmilsim.com
  7. AMS has offered radio packages for sale at Broken Home. Was just wondering if they were going to offer something like that again or what?
  8. Will AMS be offering radio packages again?
  9. I saw that. Good job KDog.
  10. That second one was awesome. I was the one pinning you guys down behind that plywood. Just my luck you guys had a medic with you.
  11. Well, First off, I want to thank AMS for bringing us another opportunity to play at this great AO. I truly love this place. Can't wait for the next opportunity to do it again. CoST started out the day at the train station. I gave all my squad leaders their initial orders and we all moved out at game on. Tan put up good resistance in a few of the buildings but we were able to take our FOB fairly quickly. From that point, we moved out and were able to take most of the town after a few good fire fights here and there. I lost comms with most of the squads at that point. No idea why. I had two radios programmed and was still not able to raise anyone for most of the day. My radios were working fine because I checked quite a bit with people I would come in contact with. Very frustrating. I had little to no contact with most of the squads throughout the day. It makes it difficult to plan and coordinate anything without comms. However, the squads stepped up and did what they needed to do to get the job done. All in all, I felt like it was a very successful day for CoST. One story I have to share: Later in the second EVO, my son, Bug, was doing what he does best, cause turmoil, had himself a plan. Tan had the hotel with about ten or twelve guys on the roof. So Bug takes off walking down the street just as casual as you please and walks right into the hotel. Makes his way to the roof and walks over to the edge and waves down at me and my other son in the street. He then proceeds to safety kill about seven guys before he gets killed himself. My question is what were those tan guys thinking? He said several of them saw him up there but did not even bother with him until he started killing some of them. He used this same casual walk to walk up the street and sit down in tan territory and take out several tan as they staged up to try to make an assault towards green. This earned him an Operator Mag from one of the Admins. I guess some people only shoot you if you look aggressive. He was also able to walk up to Top who had several tan around him without any problem. Unfortunately, Top was already out at that point and talking to an admin. Conclusions: One thing that I have got to do for the next time I am CO is have a standing plan in place in case we do lose comms. I realize that some of you felt like there was no command but I certainly was there. I apologize for that. I know it is frustrating for the squad leaders to not have any direction. It is frustrating for me to not know the status of the squads. I also think that the DAM missions were a bit distracting during normal play. I think that a few of my squads were off doing those while I was trying to contact them. Wasn't crazy about the fact that a squad would just be pulled out to go do that and leave the position they were holding without replacements or letting me know so that I could get some replacements for them. Anyway, good job guys. As always, it was fun and can't wait to do it again. Rocketman out.
  12. 14-2 CoST SQD 2-1 (467.7124 PL 71.9 Narrow) Should be 467.7125.
  13. Received initial orders today. I will brief all squad leaders Saturday morning before the safety briefing. You need to have your squads ready to roll by 0830. We have a job to do and I expect us to get it done by any means necessary. Lock and load gentlemen for the time is upon us. Everyone have a safe trip and we'll see you on Saturday. Rocketman out.
  14. All squad leaders need to triple check and make sure that you have at least one person on your squad that will be tuned to the command net 19-2. It is imperative that we have communication between the squads and command. Initial orders will be sent to me in the next couple of days. I will pass any pertinent information to squad leaders as necessary. Hope everyone is ready and I will see you on Saturday. Rocketman out.
  15. CoST squad numbers off on 2-3 and 2-4?
  16. Looking for a flip up butt plate for a M14. Let me know what ya got.
  17. HOLY CRAP!!!!! My dreams have come true! Gruber. Enough said.
  18. I am a cnc repair technician, machine salesman, machinist, and fixit man. Been doing it for 23 years.
  19. Another thing I would like to see is for the CO/XO to be a little more on the ball and get intel out to platoon leaders sooner so that we will not be going in blind. I realize that the CoST had CO change at the last minute but we did not have any information as to initial missions for platoons until about 8:00pm on Friday night. I don't know the content but I know the USF had a command thread going at least two weeks before the op. I know that nothing could come down until admin had storyline handed down but 1st platoon seriously did not have firm mission orders until right before we loaded the buses out to the field. It just seems to me that USF forces had a game plan long before we lined up for formation on Saturday. Also wouldn't mind if the OP was moved up in the year so that the temperatures and humidity would not be so much of a factor. I did fine as I paced myself and drank plenty of fluids before and during but I did see several folks not doing so good in the heat. I realize that it will be harder to attend if you have to come from a distance but it might be worth it to avoid the heat.
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