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AMS Forums set to ARCHIVE MODE (POSTING DISABLED). These forums will be used for historical reference, otherwise you can find the AMS event pages located on Facebook.


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  1. Well, I was worried that we would be winning, and COST players will start walking off the field in frustration, and then us Federation troops will be lonely on the field... But I see you guys are motivated Always nice to have motivated opponents
  2. And so, by copy-pasting the list of attendees into Excel, I have learned that the final headcount is: UFS : COST 416 326
  3. Yes, so this is the problem - official rule set says one thing, admins say another... Is it possible to, for example, make an exact list? Kinda like this: Thrown Hand Grenades: TLSFX Pea Grenades: Allowed Everywhere TAGINN BB Grenades: Not Allowed in Buildings, Allowed in the open (for example) Tornado Grenades: Allowed Everywhere ThunderB Grenades: Allowed Everywhere/no kills in the open/full room kill in a building ThunderB Grenades filled with BBs: Same as Pea Grenades Propelled Grenades/Rockets: NERF Small Rockets: Allowed Everywhere/Will disable vehicle/15ft kill radius on landing outside/full room kill radius if landing inside TAGINN Pecker (Dummy) Rounds: Allowed Everywhere/same as above TAGINN Paladin (Chalk) Rounds: Allowed Everywhere/same as above TAGINN Reaper (Timed Explosive) Round: Allowed Outside Only/Will not kill vehicle/15ft kill radius on personnel TAGINN Archangel (Impact Explosive) Round: Allowed Outside Only/Will disable vehicle/15th kill radius on personnel Ball projectiles (seen them used personally): Not allowed (for example) etc etc. That's it - add something like this as an amendment section in the rules, and modify depending on policy change. Then it's in one place, and clear as day.
  4. Ah, my apologies, I thought this was about the event admission I keep forgetting that you can stay at a hotel at an event...
  5. Your announcement is here, in the "Pre-registration ticket" price: https://ams.ticketbud.com/op-broken-home-iv Don't wait to be spoon-fed, do your homework.
  6. Aaaaand 100 more spots were added for UFS and are almost sold out in a couple hours So we're at, like 350 vs 180 right now...
  7. The first 50 spots for each side were discounted. The UFS 50 flew out of the window in the first 10 minutes, and CoST followed, slowly.
  8. Kinda like what Milsim West has been doing for a while now. Good to know more organizers are going more milsim
  9. Well, yeah, I went to my first AM event last year - it was Broken Home 3, I came with the Chicago Airsoft Association, and it was a group decision to go UFS (even though personally I wanted to go CoST, because of the green camo ). Last year it was about 30 of us, and I think it's over 50 this year... so we are kinda responsible for a part of the shift, but most of us registered as soon as the registration opened - we didn't even think it would be that bad... In any case, I hope we'll get a nice even fight and everybody will have fun for two days
  10. Considering that as of my writing this, there's 0 spots in UFS, and 148 open in CoST, that would mean we are at 300 to 152 people right now... And there was a post about opening up 100 more spots for UFS, which would bring us to 400 to 152... What's going on? Are people that afraid of going CoST because they only want to play on the winning side? It's even more favorable to wear green camo at the time of the OP...
  11. The good thing for Kolt is that, unlike East Wind, it will be warm enough so he can't get hypothermia again :D Still can get vaginitis though...
  12. Shtirlitz

    Alpha Company

    Also missing Raymond Steele from 1st Platoon. He was switching his registration over from COST, and I believe that went through successfully.
  13. If it's still working, I'll take it for $50 shipped.
  14. Jeez, so much talk about feelings, everybody is soooo offended... In WW2, my family lost people to the Nazis. And pretty much every single of my Russian friends lost family members to the Nazis - some just one or two and some lost entire families. So when I go to a military history fest here in the US, and half of the people are wearing Nazi stuff, should I start punching people in the face cause I'm offended? This is, after all, a democratic country. Everybody should be able to wear whatever the heck they want. Now, as far as this goes for airsoft - if you're doing milsim and portraying a particular thing, down to the chain of command - get ranks and act them out accordingly. If you're not doing milsim, but want to have organization, institute a chain of command using fake ranks. If you're just doing open play, you better show that you deserve to lead the men through something other than just slapping a tab on your shoulder (in regards to that "sergeant" kid). To sum up my thoughts - I think that ranks can be used in certain milsim events when everything else is appropriately recreated, and players actively try to live up to what they are supposed to be portraying. For other airsoft events, fake ranks should be used, cause it's not so frigging hard to come up with a few. Outside of airsoft though, unless you're breaking the law, you can wear whatever. Because FREEDOM!
  15. Iodine tablets + stream + canteen = perfectly drinkable water. Jus' trollin'... :D
  16. Hmmm, nope, can't recall any Amys in Chicago...
  17. Hello everyone! My name's Ken, I'll be coming out with the big group from Chicago to play for the UFS side this year. Super excited A little background: I was born and grew up in Russia, came to the US in 2001, started airsofting in 2009 on a Russian-themed team called "MiR Team". Among various airsoft games, attended two East Wind events as a Soviet Recon soldier, RTO. Love that event immensely. Got two businesses in Chicago, one of them is MiR Tactical (we have our own airsoft store and organize events, such as Pandora's Box). Don't get much time to play nowadays, do I'm double-excited to get out for fun times. Looking forward to playing with everybody soon
  18. You may be onto something here... Perhaps the Coalition is, indeed, working with the North Koreans... Prepostrous!
  19. It appears that since those kids that were sent by CoST last time failed, the so-called "freedom fighters" are not giving up. Guess that comm facility is really hurting their criminal plans...
  20. Obviously a terrorist provocation to disturb the law and order.
  21. Sounds awesome. I think I'll try to bring a set of explosive ones as well - maybe we can test them out in a controlled environment with the admins, just so we know how they perform (if permitted to test, of course)
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