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AMS Forums set to ARCHIVE MODE (POSTING DISABLED). These forums will be used for historical reference, otherwise you can find the AMS event pages located on Facebook.


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  1. It was my first OP and all in all I had a fun time, definitely coming back next year. Already looking into my funds to see if Faded Giant is a possibility lol. We ambushed a couple squads in the woods and I gotta say it was really nice when the UFS guys we just lit up walked up and shook my hand thanking us for a good and fair fire fight, I really liked that kind of sportsmanship. Thought the command did a really good job a moving us around we got to fight everywhere which made it fun and interesting, the first day wasn't 100% sure about it until my squad leader explained it to me about if they say just stay here and hold this line there's a reason their not just doing to put you here and shut you up lol. Not what I actually thought was going on but didn't understand why we didn't push up harder but it all played out. First time with player vehicles and a helicopter in game that was a really cool factor too. The mobile mash units where a nice addition too, I mainly liked that for a lazy reason though. As for the semi-auto rule I've never played an AMS event in full-auto since this was my first one but I'm guessing it wouldn't be any different from any other game with people just pinned down from endless bb's, so for that reason I like it not really "love it" or "hate it" but I like it. Made you have to work like a team especially since we didn't have a SAW gunner cause his gun went down in the first game Saturday lol. I can't really think of anything I really didn't like. Few people that I thought weren't calling hits but that'll happen anywhere I'll just call mine and be back soon to get even closer and shoot you again. Plus when you're amped up from a really good attack or defend against a good one, you're not gonna feel a bb bounce of your thick plate carrier so it's all good. Did learn what i was prepared and under-prepared on for so I'll know next time. lathered on sunblock the whole weekend and the last day being an idiot forgot too and during the raffle I had to crouch down in Dave's shadow cause of the sunburn on my arms. (my ignorance though).
  2. TAC gear color doesn't matter(your rig, battle belt, drop-leg, etc.), just make sure if you're on say CoST and have tan TAC gear. Make sure people can still tell that you are definitely green team so you don't get shot by both teams.
  3. Squads camo patterns have to match, and headgear is whatever you'll be wearing on your head just has to be your teams color. (helmet, ball cap, bandanna, etc.)
  4. What exactly are the benefits of r-hopping? I have a flat-hop and miracle barrel and get really good range. Been hearing about r-hopping your gun though don't have time to try it before Broken Home but thinking about it when I get back, can't hurt at least if it's worth it.
  5. I've seen Baofangs somewhere else too, guess I'll have to invest in some if there that good Thanks guys
  6. Any body ever used these out there at Broken Home? They good for the money, thought I would ask people who've actually been out to that field. http://www.evike.com/products/40052/
  7. Hey everybody, names Joey I'm new actually to milsim Broken Home 3 will be my first time at an american milsim event. Not 100% sure what all to say so......yea, have a good one!
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