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AMS Forums set to ARCHIVE MODE (POSTING DISABLED). These forums will be used for historical reference, otherwise you can find the AMS event pages located on Facebook.


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  1. I'd probably consider more of a "combat camera" role. these guys have weapons but their primary job is taking footage. I'd love to go to an op where I could function in this capacity...
  2. once i get my stuff back together i'm in it to win it.

  3. I'm with kolt when it comes to roles, sniping might not be the best idea to start with. can't really reccomend any specific operation since circumstances have me stuck with just going to broken home every year, although from the "cool" footage i've seen faded giant seems more CQB oriented which makes life harder for guys like kolt and myself who still love the good ole M16. I hope you have fun and drink plenty of water. and if you're dead set on being a sniper I hope you learn how to be the best sniper you can be. it's a rough job, not many specialize in it. Water is love. Water is life...
  4. Yandere as F*#$

  5. Afraid of some extra feds coming to the party? just bring extra ammo, you'll hold out fine!
  6. Howdy, welcome to the AMS community! which operation are you planning on going to? some pointers of things you'll need (in order of importance) are: Eye-pro and Water Water Weapon and ammo (check with the ruleset for specifics) Water Snacks for the field Water Faction specific uniform (Pro-tip: look into tri-color DCUs and M81 woodland BDUs as those will almost always be acceptable at every event) Water some method to carry ammo and water (cargo pockets happen to work) and finally: water Get what I'm saying?
  7. a GP propellant and football combo counts as one round. I should edit that one.
  8. and here I am just trying to find a car to get around town in...
  9. correct: you can't pop out a speedloader. you'll need a secondary weapon anyways so focus on mags for that one.
  10. welcome to the community! (and CoST) while I'm a broke college student and won't be able to make ironclad I look forward to potentially meeting you out there sometime! good luck!
  11. As a soon to be dedicated grenadier myself I intend on running 1 reaper, 1 archangel, 3 propellant GP round/football combos, 3 beehives, and 3 glitter and/or confetti. and of course seeing as my GL is standalone: plenty of secondary ammunition
  12. hearing that Alpha was the most organized made me cry for the coalition we was a total fustercluck too XD
  13. You made the right choice with CoST. Although we've been on a losing streak lately we keep up with typically more outdated equipment so you know who the better fighters are Anyhow, welcome to the Forums! Lookin forward to seein ya around here!
  14. Sorry, I wasn't trying to justify a lack of eye pro (if anything I get kinda pissed when people try to skimp on eye-pro), just makin chit chat with other players. thank's for the anti fogging advice though, it'll really help me out in the future!
  15. Now I just gotta find a way to keep my RX inserts from fogging and I'll be golden
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