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  1. Wisdom from the mouth of babes. That's probably the best advice anyone could give you, and you said it. Keep that mindset. Clothes can be some of the cheapest stuff you can buy. You could try borrowing a set from someone that is pretty close to your size for your first event, or you could arrange with someone here to pick them up in person at whatever event you're both going to. If you go this route, understand that they might be late or unable to make it. Make sure you have a backup plan. More than likely someone can loan you a set or sell you something on the cheap. Also check the rules to see if you could possibly run tan cargo pants and a tan shirt. If so, a cheap tan work shirt and some cargo pants from Goodwill will only be like $25 altogether.
  2. For guys that are new to milsim/airsoft in general. This was something I had a problem with when I first got into airsoft. Since then I've worked on this and have managed to keep from becoming a heat casualty or passing out from malnutrition (seen it happen, seriously ). The biggest thing is liquid and food intake. You need to take in what you put out (innuendo ). Water. Drink it. Drink more of it. Are you walking from your Patrol Base to the ORP to prepare to take an objective? Cool man have fun DRINK WATER. Stopping to take five and have a smoke? Alright, well I thought only my mom smoked Virginia Slims but hey if that's what you're into DRINK WATER. After game sitting in the camping area with the guys listening to your Fetty Wap/Allan Jackson playlist? 1738 DRINK WATER. Even Jesus said "To he who is thirsty, come that you may drink freely of the waters of life." I'm sure it was also implied that he who reads this and still becomes a heat casualty for reason of not DRINKing WATER deserves a foot in the lower colon and a stern talking to. A hugely overlooked aspect is food. For those of you that actively work out, you know the value of protein intake. That's largely for gettin' swole, but also helps with energy during physically demanding activities, such as shooting toy guns at other grown men in the middle of Wyandotte, Oklahoma in 102 degree weather. The night before and the morning of a game - and for dinner/breakfast throughout the event - I make a point to eat meals high in protein. Baked/grilled chicken, pork, beef, etc. Also beans, motherf*cker. Eat 'em. If you're cooking in the field then beans and chili is a good option. If camping out outside of the game and you have access to a cooler and maybe a grill or portable stove, you can cook a more elaborate meal. The point is you need to eat right. Clothing. Yes, we all appreciate how nice your dad's surplus M65 is. However, that parka is rated to well below freezing and is not appropriate for warm weather events. Furthermore, even summer weight BDU blouses are not known for good ventilation. At the same time, you want to be protected from the briars and thorns known to populate the woods, as well as BBs. I usually run in a T-shirt if it gets too hot, or loosely roll my BDU sleeves halfway up the forearm. Bloused boots are useful if it's raining, muddy, or if you prefer not having a spider crawl up your leg. However, rain and mud and most spider bites won't hurt you near as bad as overheating because your CAP/ROTC uniform regs say you should blouse your boots. Basically if your feet get hot, unblouse your boots and keep on keeping on. For cold weather, layer up and layer down. Start off dressed to stay warm when standing still in the open with no wind break. As the day goes on, the temperature will rise and you will warm up from movement. You will need to strip off layers. How you do this is ultimately up to you, as I don't tend to tell people I'm not paying in $1 bills how to take their clothes off. I usually drop the outer layer first if it's not raining. This is also why it's a good idea to have a bag on you that you can roll your jacket up in so you don't have to run all the way back to respawn to drop off a coat. Equipment: You are over-encumbered and cannot operate. Most of the weight you carry should be water (see above). Your weapon is also important. Shave off as much weight as practical. I'll let you decide how to do that, but if it isn't absolutely necessary for what you're doing then consider leaving it at camp. Common useless items: Sidearms (in most cases), more than one spare propane tank (in most cases), armor inserts (seriously), fifteen damn optics/lights/grips/whatever on your weapon. You probably don't need a magnifier for your Eotech, a non-battery box PEQ, and two flashlights. Finally, if you're sick don't play. I almost came to BH3 with the flu and while I regret not getting to go at the last minute, I'm glad I stayed home because I was running 103+ and sweating like a priest at a little league T-ball tournament. The important part is to have fun and not get air lifted out of the event because you didn't listen (RonPaul.gif). Some of these AOs are massive and unforgiving. Oklahoma does not love you. She is actively trying to kill you every time you cross that state line, be it from the terrible roads, strange locals, other drivers, wildlife, and weather.
  3. If you want to use a bright pink Mosin Nagant and a chrome BHP with ivory grips then go for it. Will we frown in your direction and drink heavily trying to forget? Well of course! But you're having fun and that's all that matters, and the rest of us will be unable to walk 10 feet without the use of a tie line. Be as creative as you want. Invent your own mental canon for why you're carrying the weapon you are. I've spoken about this in similar threads - basically, I find it more likely for CoST to be using dated and older weapons gleaned from Guard armories in Texas and Arizona. Hence, I carry an M16A1 and a 1911. Also consider that, just as in the actual American Civil War that actually happened for real, troops were carrying a plethora of different types of weapons. Sure, each army had its own standard issue, but what got picked up and used could have been virtually anything, which is why you hear of Confederates carrying British and French rifles. Want to use an AK and pretend it's a civilian clone such as a WASR or M70? Have at it. Use an MP5 and say you found it in a wrecked Coast Guard cutter or an overturned SWAT van? Sure. Carry three revolvers and pretend you're Jerry Miculek? Dumb, but I'm pretty sure you can. You just gotta believe in yourself! (And follow the rules of the event)
  4. Is Mayonnaise a support weapon? OP, if it helps you feel better, you can still engage targets effectively at distance with a SSW. I'd rather have one LMG than five DMRs in most cases. YOU CAN DO IT ALL NIGHT LONG
  5. Watch footage from the first Gulf War. Can't remember his name but there was an embedded reporter doing commentary. He was in the whole get-up. Six-colors, PASGT, even had LC-2 gear.
  6. This thread is 2spooky.
  7. I was under the impression your backup could even be a full-sized rifle, if you feel so testicularlly inclined to carry one. Should you? Uh. Can you? I think so. Props for asking, war crimes = sad times.
  8. At the risk of heat cas and general uncomfiness, I could see someone going all out with the blue kevlar and flak jacket with "PRESS" in giant bold letters. Maybe make it scripted/controlled? I wouldn't mind playing this role. I wrote for my high school newspaper and actually won a substantial amount of rewards.
  9. So if you're wondering how that happened, I meant to post this on a completely different website. Now that forum has a random post about hydration panels. Specs, I'm wary of putting a hydration bladder in the rear pocket of a PC because I fall a lot and I'm good at breaking things. It would be cool if you could find a way to have a low profile hardshell case for it to go into inside of the pocket.
  10. I have a WE Officer's Model 1911 I want to trade for a full size KJW. "Kolt, what in God's name are you on? KJW > WE!!!" I'm also including four magazines (three leaks, one works) and a concealment holster. The only issue the gun has is that it locks up from time to time and I can't figure out why. Probably just a spring. Either way, I'm looking for a simple, used, working KJW or similar quality full size 1911. No rails or front slide serrations, a typical Government Model.
  11. To further add to this, there's nothing quite like having Obi-Wan Kenobi slide around the corner on his ass and bust a round off into your sternum with the Mossberg. I did this at my local field's Halloween game.
  12. I don't use a shotgun so I am unaware of any specific rules for them but they are allowed. Let everyone get back from FG4 and they'll line you out. The only thing to consider as far as your individual combat effectiveness is that you'll need to carry a ton of shells to be on an equal standing with guys using AEGs. This is also true of shotguns in the real world, and the exact reason their use as anti-personnel weapons among combat troops has been on a steady yet rapid decline since World War II. Buy a lot of shells, don't waste your ammo.
  13. I see what you're saying and I play into the same idea with CoST, but in the other direction. It makes a lot more sense for the average Coalition infantryman to be handed an outdated and beat up M16A2 from a guard armory than it does for that same grunt to be carrying a Mk.18Mod0A4GLGBTWTFBBQ with $3000 in attachments and cool stuff (not that that is infeasible, see below). In airsoft, I've found it really doesn't matter if you have that extra crap because you're shooting well within range for M16 ironsights and if you can't hit (assuming gun's inherent accuracy is sufficient) within our ranges then you can't shoot. I do agree every rifle needs a flashlight. Grab the mag-light out of the kitchen cabinet, duct tape it, roll on. Optics are literally nothing but aesthetic in most cases unless your factory irons just suck (as is the case on some guns, I do not like AK ironsights and if I used an AK I would use a small holo from wal-mart and move on with my life). To further the role play, wouldn't it be safe to assume that a country bordering Mexico would be able to acquire weapons through the same channels criminal elements do? It makes perfect sense that full-retard AKs and G36s start popping up in Texas and Oklahoma (as they often do in the real world). Furthermore, with internet access and decent know-how of basic machining, you can manufacture lightning links for nearly any semi-automatic weapon in the world. Furthermore, the "rich oil barons" our dear Federals love to prattle about are, well, actually pretty rich. Yes, they can afford to supply some of their military with decent gear and weapons. However, they are rich because they know how to make economic choices, and the economic choice is to use already in country instead of importing new stuff and risking having to deal with blockades and a plethora of issues that can involve. All of this plays into the idea that yes, CoST would be armed with a hodgepodge of pretty much everything. This is great, because I can still use my M16A1, 1911, MAC-10, or Mossberg duck gun! So don't sweat it if you don't think you're looking the part with a weird gun. Look at the Arab Spring, those dudes have weird/old/brand new cool guy gear too. That being said, yes, the most common weapon used is an M4/M16 derivative, second being the AK, with the third being lesser seen stuff like FALs, G3s, M14s, the odd subgun, shotguns, etc. OK rant over (Kolt is bored because he didn't get to go to Rebel Yell and is in a talkative mood).
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