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  1. Okay. So I seem to have figured this whole shabang out. Since we are 16 years of age, a parent does not need to be at the AO with us at all times. My friend will need a temporary tranfer of gaurdianship to my parents, which will allow them to sign the release for him at the event. This document needs to be notarized. We need to fill out all of the normal forms, and we will fill out the medical forms, as a "just in case" kind of thing. It took me a while to think this through, but I seem to have got it down. Thanks a lot, Rainmaker. Your help is greatly appreciated. See you at the AO! Hopefully, we don't have to shoot at each other! Even if we end up on opposing sides, the more targets, the merrier! Thanks Again, Wrangler
  2. That is what I am planning on doing. Just in case, Can't ever be too safe Thanks.
  3. My parents will be within 30 minutes of the AO for sure. I'm just curious if we need to have the Temporary Guardianship form if our parents are fairly close to the AO and are not playing. Because if we need my parents on site, I'm sure they won't mind to stick around. I read a little bit into the other forum topics about this, and it seems like they are more concerned about the minors under the age of 16 that are attending the event. I imagine there will be at least somebody who is at the AO that is 16 and drove themself. I can't imagine anybody's parents transfering gaurdianship of their child to someone that they do not know on site if they are only 10 miles away. This is why I am confused. Maybe I'm over-analyzing the situation. It just seems a little bit redundant, if your parents will be so close.
  4. A friend and I are attending the event in a few days, but we are confused about which forms to fill out. We are both 16. The forum says that we only need the OBH3 waiver and the DDay waiver. Please tell me if I have this correct and please specify exactly which forms we need to fill out. Thanks, Wrangler
  5. Hello, I am planning on attending Operation Broken Home 3 with a friend, and we noticed the restrictions on camos and headgear. We were wondering if there is a restriction on plate carrier colors as well. For example, if we were to sign up for the UFS Marines, we would wear Desert Digital camo with a tan helmet. Could we wear an OD plate carrier, or do we need to purchase a tan pc? Thanks, Wrangler416
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