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  1. As SPECS has said Target Indentification is always a priority. On Saturday my squad was on the opposite side of the the airfield from Collvile and saw a group of people on top of a hill. We couldn't tell if they were enemies or friendlies at our distance. We cautiously moved up the hill and I moved in front and used my scope to get a better view on what team they were. They were COST and my squad being UFS decided we liked that hill better. They ended up having the better ground but if I hadn't had identified them we would have walked into a trap. Moral of the story nice scope or binocluars helps.
  2. My Squad's Heavy Weapons guy had two of these launchers strapped to his pack. They were made by one of the guys over at Airsoft GI Texas.
  3. It's still a week out at this point. Weather forcast could change every day leading up to the event. Just bring the weather gear in case you need it. My question is more on the Helo. I can't see them operating in a thunderstorm. For those that bought helo gun runs what would happen if the chopper is gounded?
  4. Now my curiosity is peaked.
  5. Main issue with one of them is it used 40mm grenades as the fuel source. Only one grenade had the capacity to expel the rocket with a decent amount of distance. Next year we will come prepaired. I'm already thinking of how to make a better design.
  6. It's also not a more rockets but more launchers. We had at least one rocket launcher per platoon but the majority of them went down and failed early on. Next year I just say we get all the new players together and put suicide vests on them and Jihad the vehicles. You can't escape forever =)
  7. This was my first AMS event and I have to say I had a blast. I apparently tore a muscle in my right leg begining of day 1 and kept on playing. It was all that adrenaline pumping that kept me going. Holding Pegasus bridge at the end of day 1 was a lot of fun. Someone said retreat and give up the bridge and while the marines withdrew what was left of army platoons 2 and 3 stayed and held. Flanking in behind the Cost and then having that vehicle run up to us and completely ignore the fact we were still alive was priceless. I have to say while there are always going to be dishonorable players on both sides I saw a lot of cost players with honor and I want to say yall rocked. Jahona UFS 3-2
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