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  1. Broken Home 6 Few comments from Top.. First off, I want to express my gratitude to AMS for continuing to build on what was started 6 years ago! The years have been ta test in patience and drama that continues through today, but American MilSim continues to TRY and in my book, that counts for more than can be expressed in word form. Thank you to all the players who came from all over the place especially those from outside the good ole US of A!! You the PLAYER make this game we play great. Yes, the organizer provides the AO and the scenarios but you all must make it work by following rules and getting into the spirit of what Milsim is. I know there are many who will disagree with that last statement but if you look back to where I came from, what we have today is a sight closer than anything we ever had then. Now for the I will get into the meat. Bad first, this will be short and to the point; MILSIM: Do you know what that is? Many say they do, but do you? I won’t go into it here but I bring it up because to many come to AMS events thinking it’s a big airsoft skirmish like back home only on a different field in a different place/state. It’s NOT!! MILSIM stands for “MILITARY SIMULATION†so simulating military operations. for UFS that means they are structured like the US military, notice I said “SIMILARâ€, it is airsoft so being a game you get out of it what you put in. MILSIM can be compared to LARPing, we play a role, act our parts within that role and act. If in a leadership position you take that role, if a troop you take that role and so on… This means if you are role playing then following orders and getting into the roles you play while LARPing is a good thing. If you don’t like the role you chose pick a different one that’s the beauty of this sport, you can change your role. Water: You players who failed to hydrate and properly prepare for this operation should be publicly called out in my opinion and must wear a special shirt with identification on it marking you as a heat casualty risk for a minimum of 2 games AND you should be medics carrying water that is handed out during said games!!! I am sorry if this is harsh but for the love of all, we all warn, we tell, we preach, we scream, we beg, we push, and still players show up to an AO without proper hydration!!! That is criminal! Uniforms: How many times does it have to be said that your uniform top, bottom and cover must match? And match your faction color? Green or tan? Amazing that I had members in GREY!!!!!! And wondered why there were blue on blue incidents….. that is stupid beyond stupid…. I get it, it was hot. Plan for that have to right gear or suck it up! Enough of that I think I made my point. 😊 Now the good: From my perspective, the Op went well on Saturday once the game got going, yes it took a while to get started but that’s to be expected moving that many folks to start points. Many don’t know there were vehicle issues I do know this and we did the best we could under the circumstances. Once the game on was given the battle was pretty fluid I felt, there were mini battles and skirmishes all over the AO by design. That was great. I thought it was fun to try and find the main force of Cost which we really never did as it seemed they had split up. I feel over all UFS held the day as the weather caused a hard stop. Couto’s to our Vehicle commanders of Brigade milsim, 878 and all the others for without their support and ability to be where we needed them to be I think we would have had a harder road to push through. Sunday the Battle more or less started off with a fight for Coleville, however unlike past years I feel the battle was spread out on a very wide frontage around Coleville and the surrounding hills. I personally participated and witnessed some pretty damn fierce and epic fire fights that were excellent! While I will say that UFS didn’t win but COST didn’t gain much either they were honorable and fiercely fought on both sides. I had a blast witnessing the fight while I bleed out for the umpteenth time.. LOL I have read and heard about some cheating and all the normal bull you hear after an OP.. I will say from my perspective I didn’t see anything overt by either side other that what I stated above. And that is something we as players need to get our heads around. Players need to police players. Players make the Game, Players must know the rules, you the player must take the time to be a part of the process. Its these so simple things that will make for a great game. I think something we all need to reflect on is that no one is above the rules, myself included. Any player regardless of who they are has every right and obligation to correct another for a violation of the rules. If corrected the violating player needs to own it and correct themselves and thank the player who made the correction. We owe it to our sport and ourselves to be better. Thanks, you all! Top
  2. The new calendar should be going up very soon the next scheduled game is Iron horse 2 in Perry Georgia 17- 18 Feb the rules has all you need to know about age restrictions bit most importantly the rules: http://americanmilsim.com/forum/index.php?/forum/23-ams-rules-and-regulations/ Top
  3. Look to spend 300 to 500 or more just on a gun... HPA, GBB, AEG all are player coice and each of use will tout the advantages of our preference but what kind of tinkering and how much tinkering do you want to do, are you going to upgrade, (yes you will so just except it... LOL we ll do.... ) Biggest this is to understand what MILSIM is, AMS games are NATIONAL level events not backyard games... if you will these are ADULT games know what you are getting into! local fields are great and fun and a great place to work on individual skills, team dynamic ( if you are building one), team work with others, what all the different roles you could play in a MILSIM event are.. guard duty, over-watch, patrol, ambush, defense, attach, support, medic, radio watch, runner, supply, chow guy, water boy/girl, recon, LARP, or whatever it may be... you also need to know the type of command structure you want... Formal military , Mercenary, Corporate, Rebel, Insurgent or what? each comes with a leadership style that may or may not fit your ability to handle... With AMS there are several styles to choose from... Guns are great but there is a whole lot more to AMS games that a gun.. Radio, appropriate gear, understand the rule-set, have all the correct gear, full-seal googles, dead-rag and a red dead light (night game and indoor), WATER! WATER! WATER! appropriate weather gear... read all over these forums there is a ton of info some good some not so good learn to tell the difference.. I could go on but you get the idea Top Commander UFS Forces
  4. Due to some grumblings that have risen lately, I am giving you the players that want to be in the UFS an opportunity to decide who leads the UFS into the future. My way of doing business appears to be rubbing folks the wrong way. I am not PC enough and I offend to many. I will not apologize for the way I play the game. I am intense, I yell, I scream, I cuss, and I try to win. If you are offended by me or the way I do things, make it known. I will get out of the way if you the player want someone different, Not going to hurt my feeling... So do you want New leadership for the UFS?
  5. Hey Yankee, Please extend our prayers and thoughts of fast full recovery!
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  9. if you are on the roster it was emailed a couple of days ago.. PM myself or Big Candy
  10. Top

    UFS Paid Roster

    THIS IS NOT THE FINAL ROSTER! But here is who has paid so far as of 9-7-16... Squad breakdowns are being worked on. the breakdowns will be sent out VIA email you provided next week. Changes and alterations WILL happen until the final roster is sent to us. if you have preferences contact command @ UFS@americanmilsim.com we will do the best we can to accommodate but no guarantees. Rebecca Pekarske Brian Pekarske Zach Lang Isaac Schloss Benjamin Schloss Sean Bailey Joshua Zafar Aaron Davis Robert Saunders Brandon Kais Cameron Potash Benjamin Livermore Trey Little Bryan Monahan Raymond Robles Jr James Doerner Dalton Schissler timothy endler Jacob Siggelkow Kenneth Adamson Austin Villhard Mike Moon Graham Kannowski Rodney Pettis Kevin Brophy Adam Krejci Kyle Richert Timothy Zschernitz Daniel Gudgeon Sarah Gudgeon Chase Munro David Vo Terry Cordes Ryan Dean Tylor Zollman Jacob McElhiney Matt Washington Christian Stratton Alex Bridger Chase Splichal Philip Nessi Lane Moorlach Christopher Schultz Wesley Bell Hampton Webster Gage Spitnale David Robinson Justin Gadell William Saliterman Ben Wyant Mark Johnson David Malterer Michael Bryan Nick Brown Spencer Foster Travis Thornhill Jayson Bagsby David Coleman Jake Strum Shannon Merrell Theresa Criss-Amos Derrick Balzer Tucker Jensen Clayton Fulcer Kristopher Schmid Zack Adelman Ben Halverson Timothy Ferrel Domonic Francis Robert Meyers Landry Willis Kurt Wagner Jr Kurt Wagner III Robert Thomas Nick Ambrosecchia Adam Grace stephen box zach bulanow zach bulanow Daniel Ferrel Josh McNeil Kevin Tover Mathieu Bale Jose Tollinchi Chris Westbrook Joe Uhde Matt Drost James Baxter Andre Quogana Chris Kannowski David Hedding Jerimiah Buchanan Ian Lauzon Christopher Kramer Jake D'Adamo Joseph D'Adamo Spencer Craig Mike Waloch John Harris Glen Nielsen Erik Pauls Jake Brewer Chalen Greenberg David Beamish Jason Terry David Leslie Michal Zelazko Todd Decoteau Christopher Dark Corey Saltsider Christine Holthus Augustus Hawkins Joshua Delbert Ruth Dean Cameron Potash Roman Kane Ron Kane Mark Goodale Artez Hardin UFS commander Top
  11. SON OF A BITCH! I hope this was just a mistake and you get your stuff returned! I am sorry for this to happen! myself and Candy were the last to leave the FOB after checking to make sure all was cleaned up and any loos gear was staged for Lost and found. I know there was nothing on the table when I left because I cleaned up the bottles that were left and all loss items were at the garage door with the dummy. Hope it is returned... Top
  12. The "Public Service Announcements", what is this? A joke? Just another rag tag bunch of separatists that must be shown a heavy hand! COST, CDF and now PSA. The proof is in the fragmentation of the so called movement! Just another group creating a mess and confusion for the innocent people who just want to be left alone. No one knows who is who and why there is so much hate!! You want stability and discipline? You want an organized force that continuously crushes rebellion restores order at every turn? Then join the United Federal States, we are unified and we will do everything to defend those who cannot defend themselves! Join us as we stop the bandwagon jumpers who think the grass is greener on the other side of that fence, we will make them pay for creating this upheaval of order! WE will make them regret their choice! We didn't ask for this terrorist movement but you can be damn sure that we will fight for you and your families. Defenders of democracy unite and keep our way of life free of hatred! If you value peace and wish your loved ones to be safe, join the UFS War Machine! ONE TEAM, ONE FIGHT! Commander United Federal States! One Team! One Fight!
  13. i would be interested in the extended battery one
  14. RHETORIC AND LIES FROM THE UNRULY GANGS AND THUGS! those that bring about hate and violence have caused steps to be taken! You want everything for free and on the backs of the working class! we didn't start this fight remember this but we will be here to help those who cant or wont help themselves. #UFSWARMACHINE! #ONETEAMONEFIGHT
  15. *Flash News Report* 201603160500J Reports from intelligence gathering sources have Identified (5) five or more potential zones of operations for illegal manufacture and or storage of alcohol in violation of the Volstead Act. Due to continued resistance with established Order and laws, Federal forces have dispatched additional intelligence gathering units into the area to validate and pin point locations of target areas. Local base commanders have canceled leaves and recalled personnel in preparation for potential action. Supplies and other material have begun arriving at bases and lend credibility of the source that provided this information on the condition anonymity. Local residence are fearful of another bloodbath and just what peace. Blame the Gangs for the continued violence. One man said “These Gangs that call themselves the CDF need to be stopped! All I want to do is keep my family safe. I can’t do that if I am being forces to hide all the time, The CDF shooting guns, drinking booze and harassing locals. It’s shameful!†End report…
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