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  1. Moderators, Please close this thread. It has obviously diverged from its intended purpose. Thank you! v/r Sheepdogs-LT
  2. AGAIN.......This AAR reflects what MY team SHEEPDOGS was doing through-out March 01 2014. It DOES NOT reflect AO level operations, just SHEEPDOGS operations. I am sorry that you are butthurt...however, that does not change the fact that my team had a great time at this OP and that AMS provided excellent venue with outstanding field support (refs and admins).
  3. D-Train, Where you part of the team that got ambushed by the bridge? If so, could you please release the video? Perhaps that will help clarify many questions. Thank you! v/r LT
  4. Gentlemen, Please be more specific about your criticism. This AAR only covers what Sheepdogs did on March 01 2014; this was not intended to cover all CDF operations since we had no visibility on disposition of forces. Thank you! v/r LT
  5. Gentlemen, Please see attached AAR. Apologies for the simplicity, but hopefully this will help develop a clearer idea of the situation on 01 March 2014. Please let me know if you have any further comments or questions. v/r LT AAR.pdf
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