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  1. Kolt, Sounds good if I can only get someone from AMS Respond...still waiting.
  2. Guys, Back at the end of March beginning of April I messaged Rick and JP the message below trying to get a refund to copperhead as we had lost our jobs and were not able to attend and later messaged Frosty and Alex, but have yet to hear anything back. I'd appreciate it if you guys could assist as they seriously need their funds during these hard times or some response. Thanks, Tim "Cyper" Marin "Rick, We had some unfortunate schedule changes and myself, R3deemR and Khaos of SEISOPS will not be attending Copperhead. My ticket was redeemed from a raffle I won and would like to put it use elsewhere, but R3deemR and Khaos tickets were purchased...what do we need to do to obtain refund? Please advise. Regards, Cyper"
  3. Vader, That's 2 KAC suppressors bought and lost at RDG 13...maybe something faulty in it's locking mech...JS!
  4. MILSIMER’s, I’m not here to beat a dead horse, but I would merely like to throw in my two cents and state that airsoft has evolved in to a new era of game. We’ve gone from being “SPEED BALLER’S†to Hard Core “MILSIM Operatorsâ€. We’ve transitioned from playing in paintball fields to fully constructed makeshift cities and highly realistic, real world scenario fields. We’ve introduced APC’s, ATV’s, PMC designed vehicles and have even gone all out HELO involved operations. MILSIM is what separates us from being the professional operators we portray from those back yard players you may see anywhere else. It is in fact what has allowed us to take the sport to a whole new level. So with that, I think AMS (American MilSim) should continue being the leading innovators they are and adapt to the newly evolved game it has become and allow the newly introduced weaponry that has been the bases of MilSim (Military Simulation) for as long as it’s been around…please see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MilSim Should the M27 be allowed utilization as a support weapon as it is intended and used in our current military? YES! If not, I say we stop calling ourselves MilSim Operators and just start referring ourselves to airsoft players. NOPE! Somehow it really doesn’t sound quite right when I say it…â€AMERICAN AIRSOFT†I like it better when I say “AMERICAN MILSIMâ€. AMS, do your duty and work with the MilSim community to find a resolution to allow the M27 to be used in your events. Lastly, please remember it’s all based on the honor system so play honorably… CYPER OUT!
  5. Yep! it was us and it was a beautiful push… Video soon to follow.
  6. Welcome Dave and hope to see you Saturday as some of the SEISOPS members make there way to temple.
  7. For Sale NEW Magpul PTS 160 rd PMAG Mid-Cap for Magpul Masada AKM Series Airsoft AEG Rifles...$18.00 each, normal price $22.00...6 Available. PM me if interested.
  8. D-Train, I totally agree... This has become a shoot first ask questions later game. This is supposed to be MilSim not RealMil and for the most are supposed to allow for some form of role play. Some guys go too far wanting to police rank instead of policing and promoting a fair and honest game play. Key word being "GAME". My 2 Cents...
  9. I plead the fifth on the grounds I may incriminate myself and my wife finds out how much I really make $$$ and not allow me to play Airsoft anymore...JK. Operations Supervisor for one of the largest international geophysical service companies in the world with presence that spans the globe with offices in 29 major countries, and employing over 60 nationalities. Our geographic reach encompasses a wide variety of challenging environments. From the arid deserts of the Middle East, and the jungles of South America, to the environmentally sensitive Alaskan Foothills, and the heli-portable mountain front of the Andes.
  10. "A Good Politician Is A _ _ _ _ Politician!"
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