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  1. I wish there was a "dislike" button to go along with the "like" button on these forums.
  2. Doubt it was found, but lost an OP: LANDRUSH dog tag. Black metal, engraved with a skull and the name of the op, with velcro on the back. Going to start leaving the stuff I like off of my rig in future events...
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  4. Personally, I think some of you guys are losing sight of WHY the Marine Corps have started incorporating this new weapon as a replacement for the M-249. You want to use it as your SAW for these OP's so that you have have a high-cap weapon capable of spraying and laying down suppressing fire, when that is what the Marine Corps is getting away from by replacing the M-249. In my personal opinion, if you're willing to use the M27 as your squad support weapon, you would understand that this an addition to your squads potential accuracy/range down field, and NOT supposed to add to your volume of fire, as a belt-fed LMG would. While these rifles are being added to Marine Corps squads as a SSW, they still use the same 30 round magazines as the M16's and M4's, and the Marine's using them are being trained to fire semi-auto first with accuracy, only resorting to suppressing fully automatic fire when ordered. Hell, one of the articles I read, one of the Marines being interviewed on how he liked the M27 stated that he had already been used as a designated marksmen several times ALONG with being a SSW. I understand that AMS is keeping the M27 classified as an assault rifle for recognition purposes, but for what the IAR is going to serve in "real combat", it's current role in AMS works as well to an extent. The only other thing that I can think of to make players using the IAR as a SSW in AMS events, is to have all registered SSW's wear a certain color armband or something along those lines. That way if someone gets lit up by what looks like to be a fully automatic M416/M4 at range, they can perhaps see the colored armband and understand that it was actually a M27 IAR. On the other hand, maybe you should have waited to see what the AMS deemed the rules would be for the IAR before dumping a ton of money into it, intending it to be your SSW at AMS events... The great thing is that you can still just use it as an assault rifle or DMR. Either way, that's my opinion from what I've read on the IAR as the Marine Corps has tested/fielded it over the last year or so.
  5. Nah, the carrier group just sits off the Gulf coast and sends air support.
  6. My 416C shoots right at 348-350 out of the box.
  7. Are those M Frame 3.0's with the helo kit considered "full seal" for AMS events?
  8. While I'm usually in favor of making airsoft OP's longer so we can all get more trigger time in, I feel like this would only hurt people in the long run. Looking at it from a nutrition/hydration standpoint, this could be potentially dangerous for players who do not know their limits. On average during moderate exercise (which I'm sure this event will be moderate exercise with the running, jogging, crawling, crouching, etc.), a person should be drinking 8 ounces of water every 15 minutes. This means 32 ounces of water an hour, for a total of around 384 ounces during a 12 hour period. No, this is not only when it's hot out. No, this is not only when you feel thirsty. In order to maintain peak performance during exercise and to stay safely hydrated, this is the average amount of water one should drink. However, most people at this event will (I assume) be carrying 100 ounce water bladders, with maybe some extra water bottles on them. This means that at some point during this 12 hour period, you're going to have to go back for water refills. Which is where I have a problem with the longer game, because it is going to interrupt the flow of the fights, with different squads going back at different times for water and/or food. The food issue isn't as big of a deal, because I know most players will be carrying snacks, powerbars, even MRE's on their person while playing (I know I will). But the water issue has me concerned. So unless this event will provide coolers of water at an FOB, or have a truck going around with water coolers so players can refill during play, I think people having to go back at random times (because everyone consumes water/food differently, obviously) might end up hurting the flow of the game at different points during the day. That's my .02¢
  9. My dad runs KWA's with his G&G Toptech GR16, no problems. I however, cannot run them in my VFC 416 or my We-Tech M4. The molded plastic of the magazines do not fit into the metal lowers, and would require dremel'ing off portions of the magazines in order to fit into the mag well.
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