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  1. Yes, they should be. considering that AMS events are bio, there would be no point in selling non bio
  2. i am in dire search for some mframe 2.0s ready to go that i can buy at IC or before, please let me know via PM! have money ready to go.
  3. another p* question, is the hair trigger mod banned? don't want to show up and have my FE modded and it not be allowed.
  4. I'm sure y'all get this question a lot, but will there be a place to refill HPA tanks here? or do i need to haul down my scuba tanks..
  5. i had all of these forms filled out for esr19-2, will i need them filled oout and re submitted?
  6. will everyine that paid for indoor camping have access to outlet lugs for charging batteries in the school? sorry if this question has been asked/ answered,
  7. do you guys have any MAP packs? some thunder b shells?
  8. what version whats it come with? pm me.
  9. okay, i know but it was a question that i need to be answered....
  10. so say you run out of ammo, can a team mate shsare mags with you, or do you have to go back to MASH or FOB?
  11. so your not allowed to reload during game play? so if your in the middle of the feild and run out of ammo and dont run a secondary what do you do?
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