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  1. So is mouth pro optional for minors as well? Also, can an admin confirm? Not that I distrust any of you, but I've had experiences with the old game telephone at other non-ams events, and wanna be sure.
  2. Ok, I've looked all over the rules, and nowhere has it specified if minor eye/face pro rules are different from those 18 and over. Could someone (preferably an admin or similar) specify? Do minors have to wear a paintball mask, or can they wear goggles and a face covering? Please clarify asap, because me and my friends do need to know before we buy expensive boogie regulators for possibly no good reason. Thank you
  3. Are these pontoons able to be mounted onto JPC's?
  4. What are the facial protection rules for minors under 18? There's no mention of it that I've seen in rules and regulations or the minors topic. Me (16) and my brother (14) are going with our stepdad to bh3 and need to know the requirements for the ao.
  5. Oh, well my main cencern is what those of us under 18 need for eye/face protection, as the ams rules and the d-day adventure park website don't have any information about that. Right now it looks like no distinction, but i'd prefer to play it safe.
  6. Off the topic of safety, what are the face protection rules for those under 18? (16 and 14 to be precice) I'll wear a paintball mask, but surely aren't looking forward to it. I'm looking into those low pros, but don't want to spend $100+ on eyewear I won't be able to use. Also, this being my first ams event, does anyone have any advice as to needed gear for the op? I'm not going on any idam or dams. My current setup is as follows: Jpc repro with bfg ten speeds Headset and comms (talkabout style) Sling Extra batteries and spare An mre, in my mbss with a hydration pouch (1.5-2 L) Protien bars in an admin pouch Speedloader and ammo in mbss 1911 and extra mags Helmet Gloves Bug Spray Combat shirt, short sleeved ua shirt underneath Waterproofed boots and socks (camp dry is gold) Please, any suggestions are welcome, especially when they come while i have time to act on!
  7. Hi, I'm looking for an mbss or map pack, preferably in coyote brown. Does anyone have one they'd sell for around $50?
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