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  1. will there be a end state in 2016
  2. magpuldovah


    I just curious but how many fellow milsimers vape on field?
  3. magpuldovah


    When anyone at end state be selling a HK 416 body?
  4. i just recently saw these and was wondering if any of these are allowed http://airsoftpyrotechnics.com/airsoft-pyrotechnics-products
  5. thanks guys for the info. i think i will save up and gen 2+
  6. is gen 1 night vision worth getting for AMS ops or any ops in general?
  7. i recently got a KA-BAR for graduation and it came in a kydex looking sheath with all the slots and holes on it and i wondering how would i attach it to my AVS?
  8. Thanks guys but mine were in the 2 slanted pockets.
  9. Wherw is the height adjustment at? I cant seem to find it
  10. Okay I just got my crye precision ac pants yesterday and I usually wear a 38R and thats what I got but when I put them one to try them the place where you put the knee pads are below my knee. Is this normal?
  11. WTB PEQ 15 with working light and green laser
  12. this mite sound dumb but what is a pea grenade? ive heard of them but never understood what there for or anything.
  13. thanks guys much appreciated
  14. Are mesh goggles allowed for eye pro?
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