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AMS Forums set to ARCHIVE MODE (POSTING DISABLED). These forums will be used for historical reference, otherwise you can find the AMS event pages located on Facebook.


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  1. Will be at broken home, if anyone has some for sale please let me know! Can buy on site!
  2. Next year's complete schedule of events should be up by the 1st. I believe that's what Alex said on another post somewhere.
  3. To be honest, 2 years ago was frozen, so last year that's what we prepped for, and it turned out to be in 50's the whole time. Definitely prepare for the cold, but don't expect it. Just my $.02, I'm not a weatherman.
  4. Pictures are to large to upload. Will try and message to anyone interested.
  5. 2 M4 Based AEG's Block.II - $375 - needs new spring, has a few rusty screws from Oklahoma rain, comes as shown. Has various brands of internal parts (G&P, SHS, ZCI, Lonex, JG). "CQB" M4 - $225 - needs new bucking, needs better shimming, locked in semi because of selector plate or cut-off lever. Has several brands of parts (G&P, SHS, ZCI) Prices will go up as issues are fixed. Will take $525 F2F or $560 shipped for the pair. No trades. No holds. PayPal or cash. Serious offers/buyers only. No unnecessary comments. Buyer pay shipping on individual items as well. Prices listed are before shipping or F2F. Thank you. Parts list, shooting video, etc... can be provided for interested parties.
  6. Sorry brother, sold it yesterday about an hour after I posted it.
  7. Title speaks for itself, $140. SOLD
  8. Gun on the right. Upgraded Block.II AEG Internals: G&P Shell JG Blue ZCI 13:1 Gears SS 2 Teeth SHS Purple Piston SC'd SHS O-ring Nozzle G&P Full Cylinder SHS Cylinder Head ZCI Piston Head Matrix M125 G&P or Lonex Tappet Plate ZCI Ball Bearing Spring guide G&P Contacts SHS Selector Plate 16ga Wiring Deans Shimmed AoE Corrected Greased Radiused Hop Up: Brass 363mm Prowin Hop G&G Green Externals: Madbull Block.II Rail Crane Stock or MOE Stock G&P Metal Body G&P Buffer Tube G&P Outer Barrel (14mm+) Spiked Birdcage G&P FDE Rail Covers FDE Fake Front MBUS Black Fake Rear MBUS Black RVG Replica EoTech XPS-3 Standard M4 Pistol Grip Rear Sling Plate Last Chrono was 412 w/.20 at BHIV and approx 29-34 RPS on 1200Mah 11.1v Lipo Will Include one Lipo and 3 EF 140's
  9. How about you gather some patience and give them time, I'm sure they're much busier than you running AMS and having day jobs.
  10. Wide bore barrels don't offer the same effect for AEG's as they do HPA, due to the natural overvolume HPA guns have, you would have to significantly overvolume the AEG to give it the same "cushion" effect you would get with a WBB in an HPA gun. The Prowin Hop has been the best hop up I've ever used, it has stayed more consistent per shot than any other hop up I've used, due to the rotary style design, over standard units. Barrel wise, I would go 6.03mm, in particularly a Prometheus, they're some of the best barrels out there. Pair that with a great bucking such as; G&G Green, Prommy Purple, Madbull Blue, etc... and you'll have great results. To further your range and accuracy, you can flat hop or r-hop like previously mentioned, and pair that with a flat nub such as an m-nub or one of the maple leaf flat nubs, this allows the hop up to give much more, even consistency of back spin applied to the bb. Do all that, and use heavier bb's, and you'll be golden.
  11. Why do you want a strictly torque build in an SAW? I would recommend doing a balance motor (ZCI Balance, SHS HT, Lonex A1) paired with high speed gears (13:1) and a heavy spring (M130-M140) and short stroke down to under 450 FPS. These parts in conjunction with one another will yield great rate of fire, and good trigger response, if you're going to try and shoot semi for whatever reason. Then of course shim it, correct AOE, put in 16awg wiring, deans, grease, etc... To answer the actual question, I would try your luck with lipos again, just make sure you get a nice charger, and good quality batteries (Hobbyking.com has all of that for amazing prices, DO NOT BUY BATTERIES FROM A RETAIL STORE.) Lipos are just the way to go, they offer more in a smaller package, more efficient, etc... They're just the best.
  12. Like he said, you'll be fine, just make sure wires aren't exposed.
  13. Why not short stroke or change the cylinder? I was at 425 with an M125 short stroked 2 teeth (amazing compression) so I short stroked one more tooth and moved my full cylinder to a type 1(?) ported cylinder.
  14. My Block.II is shooting 380 right now, hopefully it doesn't jump up like the Masada did.
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