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  1. Thanks man, but I actually found one locally and got it thanks though
  2. will anybody have a scuba tank adapter out at the op ? i need one badly but don't have time to order one.
  3. HI guys ! I need some help . Me and a friend were supposed to be traveling to reindeer games. but unfortunately my friend who is my on field gardian is going to be unable to make it because of work. so i was wondering if anyone could help me out and be my guardian? I don't know if thats against the ams rules or not, but it doesn't hurt to ask. I have a ride , i just need a guardian. And BTW i have been to numerous ams ops , With panhandle patriot milsim. Thanks!!
  4. will yall have any tightbore barrels ? or any gun upgrades
  5. Will anybody there be able to help me program my radio , I recently got a baofeng uv5r and I'm really really confused on programing , thanks!
  6. will you have hsgi tacos at the event? and i was wondering if you'll have any ranger green/ green softshell jackets. Thanks
  7. hi if this is my first American milsim event but im with a team. Im 14 but my parents have agrred to do a temporary guardian form, you said you can run into issues with people under 16. If all the paper work is filled out will I be able to go? Thanks
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