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  1. Very nice, just need to purchase more shells for the need of a six pack
  2. Never made it to check the lost and found, I know where to buy more so I'm not worried
  3. Lost: Green nerf rocket/football with electrical tape around it and "Smiddy" "CMA" in black sharpie Went to pick it up after hitting the little atv tank and was not there, only found my white one. Grey and blue Kobalt brand Alan key tool set left at the edge of the concrete structure in coleville closest to the tent
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  5. quick question. I see a secure thread for CoST but no PM contact info to gain access, who do we PM?
  6. haven't seen this question answered in Biglars list so here goes it Q: I plan on using a 203 launcher mounted to my M4 does this classify me as a HWS or am i still considered a Rifleman?
  7. is the Radio channel break down going to be posted? I Personally spoke with Swayze today as he helped me work out programming issues with the CMA radios. ( Thanks again Swayze)
  8. I have a CRKT M16-02 tanto blade. But I also have a Gerber multi-tool
  9. I have a pelican 2330 "M6" LED model, decent light at about 100L output. I also have a Petzl for hands free.
  10. My last name is smith, I used to online game alot back in the day and I needed an online name for people to call me i was only a teen so i used 1stLT.smith thought it would be cool, well being a regular in the game room one of the guys (from Whales) just started calling me Smithy. I started using smitty but later changed it to smiddy as i liked the sound of the d over t as there are a lot of Schmittys and Smittys and such so, Smiddy was my spin on it.
  11. Smiddy


    I have been using Belleville 390 DES boots for almost a year now and they are great, while they are not water proof they keep my feet nice and ventilated during the summer time. I wear them at work and have to stand on them for about 8-9 hours at a time and my feet do not hurt.
  12. @ Jazzman i have a 6 slot charger on the way and i plan on using new Bp-209 or bp-210 battery packs instead of the 6AA trays but will have some of those as back-ups. As for the Programming i just picked up a cable for my F21(16channel type) but if the f4 software won't work any idea where i can get software for the IC-F21?
  13. Hmm, Kilroy we should talk to see if your programming cable will work with my iCom F21, and if the program software will work with it too.
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