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  1. it will be a mix of both, 2nd and 3rd floor buildings looking down will have the advantage in suppression
  2. -Admin- Delete if necessary or repost in appropriate forum I lost a TAG shell on Saturday i believe in one of the buildings on the second floor where the flag was with the halls that has interlocking rooms. It has a purple 3m tape around the base of the shell, if you found it please contact me, i would love to have it back
  3. Question about Paladin Rounds? I saw the rule set for pyro grenades but it didnt mention Paladin rounds for the HWS are they allowed or is it just reapers, archangel, and pecker rounds
  4. Any idea on time frame on Secure Forum access?
  5. Welcome to the community. Faded was my first AMS event last year and it is a great event to start off with AMS. Hope you enjoy the event
  6. ok thanks just wondering. Hopefully i can make it to iron clad this year
  7. Hi i was wondering when is the last day to register for the event. I'm waiting on money to come in so i was just wondering when is the last day to register?
  8. they haven't tally the score yet.
  9. Nice if i see myself can i tag myself. Plus thats a lot of pictures lol
  10. Well i guess i will start. Faded giant 3 was my first ams event that i attended and second milsim event first being sovereign fury last year. When i got to the site after leaving straight from class in Atlanta, i checked in and chrono my gun and found a squadmate and squad leader to get up to speed on everything. I was assigned to alpha 1-1 on UFS but i was going to miss the initial start as i had a DAM mission at 10 so i had to meet up in the classroom. For the Dam mission we were short a few people and had a bit of difficulty completing the mission but i had to say that the mission was great. After returning to the FOB i tried to link up with my squad and was told that they are at Charlie but before i could go we were taking fire from the left side by the tree line so i took part in the assault to clear the woods of CoST and found a piece of intelligence on one of the soldiers which greatly lifted my spirits as i felt i have done something to help with the war effort. For the rest of the first phase i just linked up with any group of guys i could find and helped out since i couldn't get a hold of my squad till night phase. During the night phase we were tasked to take Charlie again but CoST had soliders around and we had a group of UFS shooting them by the entrance to the main building so we walked across the concrete plain and attack from the rear by the wood line as was successful. We tried to contact command to let them know we had charlie but couldn't so i was runner to the FOB to let them know and didn't find any command so i tried to link back up with my squad when Jazzman was getting a group of guys to help with a frago down in the main building to get a data point server. I went in to help out as much as i can and got taken out in the bottom stairwell and thus ended my night phase. 2nd day i linked back with my squad and was tasked to take bravo and was cut down short so we ended up going back to FOB and decided to go through the lower levels of the main building and work our way up and that also ended up being short and after returning back to FOB our squad went back in the main building and this time we were able to navigate through the building with success and ended up taking out a couple of CoST soldiers before going back out near our FOB when command tasked us with finding a dead intelligence person in the building we just came through so since we knew most of it was relatively clear we went back in but not before assaulting bravo again and i missed out on the frago for the most part as my gun went down while taking bravo and so i ended up going back to FOB to change battery and when i come up the hill i found my squad had found the body and intelligence and was going to FOB so i helped carried it down the slope. Now command had us tasked to be part of the prisoner exchange with CoST and being bummed about the previous FRAGO i decided to be part of the Frago helping with being right security for the prisoner while my squad carried the prisoner. The exchange for the most part went relatively smooth till we saw CoST soldiers moving from the Hexafluoride area and command yelled x-ray which was the command to start firing back when fired upon and thats when things went south with JP getting hurt. Glad to hear he is doing ok. Then we were tasked to find a objective in building 6 and while we were looking we got overrun by CoST and was taken out by a thunder b. One of the CoST soliders asked if i had any intel or killcard which i forgot in my other shirt so i gave him a granola bar instead and asked where he was staying at so i can give my kill card to him after the game which i did. Overall i had a great time and will be back again next year and hopefully to other events. Even though there was a few hiccups like no hit calls and some anger issues during the night game which is to be expected from any airsoft game i still had fun and would like to thank the AMS crew for a great game.
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  12. Hey guys i was wondering whats a good way to stay warm during the night portion of the game as i notice the temperatures dropping to the 40s around the south lately?
  13. Hello I'm new to AMS milsim. I tried to go to broken home this past summer with a school group but that fell through so i saved up and im attending Faded Giant as my first AMS event. I Started playing airsoft back in 2010 and only played locally in Atlanta area and only been to one milsim event which was Sovereign Fury since it was close by. I heard great things about Faded Giant during the ssairsoft 4 year event so im looking forward to Faded. See you guys in November
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