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  1. Thanks for the replies in regards to JP i understand what you are saying the reason I ask is that the KJW KC-02 is based off the TAC .22 rifle. Yes I understand .22 is not a NATO round, that being said when doing research a carbine is typically described as a rifle with a shortened barrel for use in urban environments aka the M-4 (carbine) is the little brother of the M-16 having a 14.5 in barrel compared to the M-16's 20 in barrel. Going further in what constitutes a DMR as follows: designated marksman rifle (DMR) is the weapon used by soldiers in the designated marksman (DM) role. The DM's role fills the gap between a regular infantryman and asniper (typically being deployed at ranges of 250–500 metres or 270–550 yards) and DMRs have been developed with this middle ground in mind. These rifles have to be effective, in terms of accuracy and terminal ballistics, at ranges exceeding those of ordinary assault rifles and battle rifles (typically 250 m or 270 yd or less, and up to 500 m or 550 yd, respectively) but do not require the extended range of a dedicated sniper rifle (typically employed for targets at ranges from 500–2,000 m or 550–2,190 yd). Granted this is for actual rifles but being said in respect to Ron Mexico I plan on upgrading my barrel to a 510mm (20 in) inner along with the internal upgrades to improve accuracy and consistency if such is done I am wondering if the KC-02 would be accepted as a DMR as by doing such upgrades would no longer constitute it as a carbine.
  2. So I was reading the rule set and for DMR it has to be semi only and cant be a carbine. My main gun of choice is the KJW KC-02 it only shoots semi and would like to use it as a DMR and have it upgraded to use a 430mm inner barrel so I am wondering if i would be able to use it in the DMR role or would I have to use it in a Rifleman role.
  3. just wondering since you are talking about those events next year any idea of what states they well be in just for future travel plans as I would love to go with my team next year to go to our first official milsim event thanks either way though keep up the good work I have been following your events and watching player videos of the events and I must say they look amazing and quite enjoyable keep up the good work American Milsim and all the people that keep up the good work.
  4. personally I believe this to be a great rule, but I wonder if in the future they well allow burst fire by use of mosfets not just feathering the trigger but 3-4 shots with one trigger pull only.
  5. hawk eye


    this guy hes got it ^^^^
  6. Ok sorry if I sound stupid but I'm planing on getting on getting the Bofang UV-5R, and I have been reading up on channels and learning about two way radios and how they work and how to work them and the two channels that they work on FRS/GMRS. I am wondering that with GMRS need a FCC liscense to operate/ use so I am wondering if I get the UV-5R well I need to get the liscense or not thanks for any help.
  7. Just wondering when there well be events in Colorado. I only ask this because when you look at the territory map you see the front lines are just barly in Colorado; just wondering if there well be any Mountain combat or plains combat here any time soon. Just a quick question.
  8. No way in hell we well give up and you have to realize controal the sea you controal exportation and use of naval strikes. How bout you CoST just give up you cant win this war.
  9. This is a tricky subject I would so no dont wear a "hogs tooth" neclace, I understand where your coming from but, getting a hogs tooth is someting extreamly hard to get even getting a slot into scout sniper school is an amazing feat comendable within its self. Getting a hogs tooth takes a man that is dedicated, able to eliminate a man at extream distance, able to go into enemy territory gather intel call in artillary, air, and/or navel strikes and make it out without ever being detected. A sniper is one of the most critical points on the battle field high value targest, demoralize the enemy, scout out an area that the main force well enter and asses the threats, spy on the enemy, provde cover for friendlies, call in strikes, and gather vital intell on the enemy that can make or break the battle that could change the tide of the battle. Because of this Snipers are one of the most hated, if not the most hated combatent on the field and face harsh charges if caught from torture, maiming the body causing sever pain to the sniper, yet the sniper understands these risks, Im not trying to be harsh but your just doing it because it looks cool so no i dont think you should wear one a Hogs tooth is someting earned given to the best of the best, given to men/women that understand all the risks the come with the job and still be able to his/her job its not someting just worn because its cool. Just look at the outher post about wearing rank in airsoft, I understand this airsoft is suppost to simulate the military and all but im just saying dont wear it for respect for all the men/women who went through heaven and hell to get the Hogs tooth. The end choice is up to you im just saing think of thoes who actually worked to get it.
  10. could someone as well pm me website where I can get Bofang UV-B5 and its after market parts
  11. so i take it filling out the roldes when you sign up for the even thats for any major role like heavy weapons, sniper, dmr, ect
  12. pea grenades are allowed at you events but isant that a major fire hazard
  13. Hi right now im in the process of changing my load out but when im done im going to run a DMR and I am tan. I have yet to go to a AMS event yet my only hope of going this year is OP Rebel Yell 3 but thats a long shot with being in High School but I plan on going to one for sure Next year. And im not on any team.
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