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  1. Hey for a minor is it the temporary guardian signing for them on this release or is it actual parents?
  2. I have looked all up and down the forums and haven't found anything
  3. Hey yall I just now thought of it but some guys on PPM bought 2 tickets and gave them to the new guys on the squad as a welcome to the squad gift and we were weren't thinking about the name on the ticket, is there something we need to do to change the name on the tickets or will they be ok with the tickets having different names on them? This is regarding ESR19 this weekend, sorry for asking so close to the Op but these guys are so pumped to go and we were just trying to do something awesome for our new dudes!
  4. Hey can you show me as SQDL, we had a change of plans so I'm going to run as squad lead! Thanks!
  5. If you hear anything please let me know
  6. Hey I've posted in a couple different forum topics but haven't got an answer but I'm a firefighter/EMT and talked to yall at copperhead and was wondering how I was able to become a certified field medic? Just would like to help if something happened, thanks!
  7. Hey I am a firefighter/EMT here in Texas and was talking to yall at copperhead and yall told me to sign up as a certified field medic so I was wondering how to do that so I can get that done before esr
  8. Hey I am a firefighter/EMT and was wondering how I would become a field medic? Talked to one of them last year and they said I'd have to just ask you guys!
  9. I was on the roster until the last update and idk why I was taken off, I need to figure out what's going on so I don't have problems when I get there!! Thanks
  10. Will the school be open friday night for us heading up there on friday?
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