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  1. Sweet, now to plan flight details and other info...
  2. Odd question, I do not have any state or federal IDs issued by the USA government, Im a Canadian who would like to fly down to play. Is this event restricted to US citizens only?
  3. sweetness, and my birthday is april 10, so birthday weekend PARTY!!!!! i wonder if i could bring some canadian beer....
  4. will this site have citizenship requirements (im hoping to come down from canada), and i would very much like to attend this event.
  5. Long shot but do u still have the original box for the scar?
  6. my moose in not mah hoose ya hoser eh. along the same lines here as the schedule, are there any event locations that would prevent a non citizen from taking part?
  7. yea dates really help me, being way up north here in my canadian igloo. its hard to get people to look after pet polar bears.
  8. im guessing if your gun does the "semi auto lock up" you can quickly switch to full auto (shooting away from the enemy, aka clearing your gun) and switch back to semi after the issue has been resolved? *edit* also love the semi auto rule.
  9. West coast. Call sign is kool-aid. Hope to attend a ams game this year. And hello!
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