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  1. Run a search on the forums. This question gets asked every year and, every year, good advice and suggestions are given. Bring plenty of water and pace yourself. As Rebel said, this AO is tough. Oklahoma heat and humidity don't make it any easier. Good luck and hope you have a great time!
  2. Thank you, JP, for your professional and courteous response. I apologize for my snarky one.
  3. Oh, if only this forum had a "Search" function . . . http://americanmilsim.com/forum/index.php?/topic/4484-krytac-lmg-enhanced-indoors/
  4. A12NOR, You might consider searching the archived BH forums for similar threads. There's a lot of good advice over the years in other threads asking about the BH game site. Including the advice in this 2017 thread. Have a great, and safe, BH!
  5. Stray, You're describing the old Krytac LMG. They've got a new one, now. It's the LMG-Enhanced ("LMG-E"). The front is now set up for keymod rails. The Krytac LMG-E is based on the M4 platform. It comes with an adjustable crane stock so that may solve the issues you've been having with longer, set stocks. The LMG-E has an ambidextrous safety/fire selector, bi-lateral sling points at the base of the stock and the 3500 round box mag is centered underneath the gun. The gun can also take M4/M16 type magazines. The hop up is still adjusted from the right side but otherwise it's pretty well suited for either left- or right-handed players. The LMG-E is also light--it feels like an AEG, handles like one and is comparable in weight. I've carried it all day without any problems. There are reports in the Krytac forum about the box mag not staying in the gun in some instances. Mine had that problem. I bought my gun from my local airsoft retailer (who is also a Krytac licensed retailer). They quickly located the problem by comparing the box mag with another Krytac LMG-E and its boxmag: the problem was the portion of the boxmag that fit (or rather, didn't) in the magwell. My local shop handled the issue for me. Krytac's customer service was terrible--the people with whom the retailer first dealt wanted the entire gun returned to them. They estimated it would take four to five weeks to resolve the issue. My local retailer (and licensed Krytac dealer) told them they had determined the problem and asked for the company to simply ship them a new boxmag. My local retailer also made it clear they would return the defective boxmag. My local retailer had to go over the customer service staff's heads to higher-ups in the company. Several weeks later, the higher-ups shipped a new boxmag. The new boxmag fits perfectly. This is one reason I support my local shop--good customer service and support. Interesting sidenote--a few weeks later, another local player ordered the LMG-E and he had the exact same problem with the boxmag. This time, when my local retailer contacted Krytac, the company sent them a new boxmag immediately. I guess the moral is if you want to get one for Broken Home (and the LMG-E is a permitted support gun) then get it now so if there are any problems you'll have time to resolve them. That, and support your local airsoft shop. Don't get me wrong--I think it's a great gun and I don't regret getting it. I was just terribly disappointed with the customer service. I've since bought other Krytac bits and been very happy with them. Link: https://krytac.com/trident-lmg-enhanced
  6. I'd suggest bringing a regular rifleman loadout as well, just to be on the safe side. Your faction leader may have already designated the faction's snipers. It would stink to bring only your sniper gear and then be told you're a no-go for the role. Just my .20 g,
  7. If you're serious about wanting to be an airsoft sniper, then www.airsoftsniperforum.com is where you want to go. It's an international forum with lots of good everything, including how to wring every last bit of performance out of your gun. If you're new, be sure to read the rules and search the airsoftsniper forum before posting a question. That way, you avoid the "What's the best gun?" sort of question that leads to world-wide face/palms.
  8. Broken Home is just down the road (I-71) from you. It's a great way to start off the Mil-Sim season. Just beware, the terrain is tough. But you're 18--so long as you stay hydrated you should be fine. Welcome!
  9. Helmet issue is easy--Krylon it tan and purchase an OD cover (you say you can find OD ones). When you're playing COST, use the cover. When you're playing UFS, take off the cover. Easy peasy. Tan/CB/Khaki gear is easy to find. 5.11 makes good pants--I can vouch for them. I don't know about the tops but they're not hard to find. If you find nice stuff but not in the right color then RITT dye is your best friend. Follow the instructions and you'll be good to go. Tops, pants, even a flight suit, will be tan after you RITT it. Good luck and welcome aboard.
  10. Bring a backup and a backup to your backup and separate batteries for each. AEGs are notorious for shooting great in the shop, great on the range and then dying on the field. I had a gun stop shooting moments before the start of BH3. I don't leave my backup AEG at the FOB. At BH 1 or 2 (I can't remember which) my SSW went down (see, it happens). I walked back to our FOB to retrieve my backup AEG, only to find the FOB and all our gear had been moved and no one could find it. I walked around the field for over an hour, asking teammates and at least one Admin. No one knew the FOB's current location. I managed to find our communications coordinator. After hard work on his part, he located it but said it was coming back in awhile. He was right, it did. By that time, it was easier to just wait. After that, I carry spare ammo, loaders, food and water with me. I'll only reload when the rules permit but I'm not going to be left hanging again. I leave all my backup stuff at my car. I could have walked back to my car, changed loadouts and been back in play in the amount of time it took me to track down the FOB. Just my .20g.
  11. I guess I wasn't the only one looking at the current map and laughing at the idea of COST holding out much longer by itself. It'll add another faction to the game and make the storyline easier to sustain.
  12. Meh. It's all pretend. I play COST because that's what my friends play. If they switch then I switch. I'm there to have fun, sling plastic and hang out with my friends. I don't even care which side wins.
  13. Astronic, Check out Echo 1's "Dogs of War" magazines. They are metal mid-caps. They have them for the M4/M16 series. Go to the Echo1usa.com website and click on "Echo1 Shop". Dave is right. I've got an Echo1 SoCom M14. I tried King Arms mags and they just wouldn't stay in place and feed properly. I broke down and bought Echo1's M14 Dogs of War mags. They fit, and feed, like a dream.
  14. Joe


    Doc, Wouldn't that be low speed, high drag gear?
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