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  1. Kick the privates and light the green guys up cuz here comes the MARINES BABY!!
  2. Current Inventory KWA SR7 DEVGRU *Field Modified* KWA ATP SRC G36 KV (in retirement)
  3. Gentlemen I appreciate the Warm Welcome.. Im sure the Marines from STL will not dissapoint.. Marines Lead The Way... Mr Moon will be reporting in shortly as well
  4. Titan, While I understand your position I do not agree with it.. I am not a Marine, However I have several friends that are. It is a picture of an EGA nothing more. I display mine because I run with a platoon in St Louis that is run by a Retired Marine and we run with a Marine Corps Flag during OKI, Marine MCCU's with the EGA Imprinted into the pattern itself. Its one thing to Pretend to be a Marine in a Milsim and be respectful.. If someone shows up with an EGA PIN that did not earn it... I myself will take offense to it. Rank and Pins attached to Fatigues and Gear need to be EARNED and RESPECTED.. Not displayed by persons whom did not earn it..
  5. Will the Marines still be in play this year ? From St Louis the Marines where a force to be dealt with for sure and I cant imagine wearing anything other than Marine Corps Colors !
  6. Hey Guys, Matt Reporting in from St Louis. Into milsim HardCore and looking forward to whatever is happening at D-Day hope to hear more info MARINES BABY!
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