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  1. I was wondering if the Milsim West Tourniquets could be an alternative to the 4- ft Ace bandidges? I feel they can be just as efficient as Ace bandidges due to them (reffering to M.S.W. Tourniquets) actually replicating what a real Tourniquet does.
  2. What is the size on the gen.2 AC pants and what camo pattern?
  3. Only worn once, basically new. PM If interested
  4. when you say least tan as possible would your gear such as vest ,hat , knee/elbow pads, etc.?
  5. Is the ao more of a woodland area where a od green and tan combo would be better or is it more of a desert area where tan and black combo is also good?
  6. Would it be possible to wear a fast helmet with the cdf loadout or would it have to be a ball cap?
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