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  2. I have a Cost Ticket for sale. Unfortunately I wont be able to make the event. $100.00 bucks takes it. I will email JP and have everything Transferred once payment is cleared. Thanks in Advance Clinton
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  5. I can vouch for these guys! Awesome company and I cant wait to hit the field with you!
  6. Im just wondering how far out CoST Command is from creating the roster for ESR. Usually the secure forums is pretty active this close to the Op Date.
  7. Happy New Year AMS! Thanks for 2014 and looking forward to 2015. Its going to be great
  8. Yes there is Electricity in the School with plenty of outlets. There is no Heat/AC though so be prepared to wear warm gear!
  9. For Sure! If you are camping inside the School. Bring a Heated blanket or Sub Zero Sleeping bag. It was bitter cold in the School.
  10. I am flying into Augusta on Thursday November 6th. Just checking to see if anyone else is flying in the same day so that we can Carpool.
  11. Thank You to everyone who voted! We made it over the vote threshold
  12. JP I wanted to chime in and say that I will be running with Travis at the Op and during the DAM
  13. Thank You Specs, and no the Survey is not neccesary to vote
  14. ADMIN DELETE IF NOT ALLOWED***** Hey Guys and Gals My name is Clinton Benninghoff and I Run West Texas Airsoft. We have the Unique opportunity to open the largest indoor field in Texas, shoot even the south. Currently, we have a 40,000 sq ft warehouse that needs to be brought up to City Code. We were entered to receive a grant from Chase bank to pay for our Build out. We needed 250 votes to get into the finals. I am asking for anyone that can to click the link and vote for us. They will choose 20 businesses in January to receive 150k each. Im not asking for a donation but a simple vote. If you cant vote, it would be much appreciated if you shared. Thank you so much in advance. https://www.missionmainstreetgrants.com/business/detail/36209
  15. I saw a ton of just M Frame with Clear lenses and no HELO. It was kind of unbelievable
  16. Not sure about this. I know that I will be bring 2-3 Scuba tanks. I could offer refills just in case Polarstar is not on Location.
  17. I returned one to Spartan with Flying pigs during the night game, he threw it on the roof of the building I was on. I called my hit and came down the ladder and directly handed it to him and he handed me mine. Thats the only one I found with Flying Pigs.
  18. If someone threw a Thunder B in the Room or Roof I was I on, I would immediately pick it up and hand it back to the Owner. I also expected that to happen when I threw my Thunder Bs. Thats the way it should be
  19. TOP Ironclad will be my second op and FG3 will be my 3rd, but I am happy to help in any way. Im 26 and have a lot of experience in the Airsoft Industry. Let me know how I can help
  20. These things look sweet! Would love to see them in Action
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