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    Rainmaker reacted to Dave in BREAKING NEWS!!!   
    Junior: For Sunday STARTEX there were different controlled areas of the field based on Saturday's game.  Off top of my head, CoST controlled airfield, UFS Colleville, CoST on pegasus bridge, and UFS in Caen.  Is that what you are thinking of?  
    There is a lot of anger in some of these posts.  We thought it would be fun to show off some of the stuff we collected, but jesus.
    Everyone needs to take a week breather, chill out, kick their feet up, drink a beer, and come back as friends.
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    Rainmaker reacted to Tweakranger in BREAKING NEWS!!!   
    I guess Leaving it on the field has lost its meaning...
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    Rainmaker reacted to Voice of Liberty in BREAKING NEWS!!!   
    Over the past weekend, Coalition and Federal forces engaged in a three day battle for the town of Wyandotte, Oklahoma. Thanks to the valiant efforts of our brave men and women, the Federal advance was halted in its tracks. Federal forces initially pushed through Wyandotte, only to be stopped by Coalition defenders as a counterattack cut the Federal supply lines. Coalition special forces managed to infiltrate the Federals, securing vital intelligence such as this:
    One member of the CoST special forces team had this to say: “The Federals were so sloppy we were able to eat our lunch in their command center. UFS troops discussed the tactical situation right outside the door, but no one bother to check insideâ€.
    Sources also reported that Federal armored troops were spotted committing a number of atrocities, to include intentionally engaging neutral journalists. An international commission is being organized to investigate these claims, which have been partially substantiated by video evidence posted by a wounded reporter. Federal command claims these troops acted outside of orders, but UFS propaganda leading up to the battle gives experts reason to question that statement. If so, this is further proof that UFS has no intention of abiding by the accepted laws of warfare.
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    Rainmaker reacted to Doc Dodge in camo and stuff...   
    Yet another argument for limiting the uniforms to either woodland BDUs or desert DCUs.
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    Rainmaker reacted to missionspec in OBH Comm Matrix   
    Comms cheat sheet for the field.  http://missionspec.com/oe/MissionSpec-GMRS-FRS-CheatSheet02.pdf
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    Rainmaker reacted to missionspec in radio frequency   
    Get your conversion cheat sheets here: http://missionspec.com/oe/MissionSpec-GMRS-FRS-CheatSheet02.pdf
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    Rainmaker reacted to TheJP in complaint   
    This is possibly the dumbest thread I have seen on these forums.
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    Rainmaker reacted to Joe in complaint   
    You just joined yesterday, haven't even posted an introduction and you're complaining ALREADY?
    Do us all a favor and either: (1) put on your Big Boy Pants and deal with it or (2) just stay home.
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    Rainmaker reacted to Parks in complaint   
    Ok so we can use standard bb's and get asked not to return to a premier AO. And as far as the polar*. They only thing ams did was even the playing field by correcting a miscalculation giving the 6mm paintball guns a slight advantage. So in closing, maintain and clean your shit. And lose the entitled attitude you deserve nothing more than anyone else just because you spent $1000+ on your gun.
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    Rainmaker reacted to 3-GUN in OBH3 Propaganda Thread   
    Is that what your leadership told you? Well I guess we'll know for sure when you get "the order".
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    Rainmaker reacted to Joe in OBH3 Propaganda Thread   
    Yet another UFS history fail. This photo, from the 1989 Chinese Democracy Movement, is accurate. What the speaker does not relate is what happened next: the line of tanks STOPPED. The tanker was not willing to run over an unarmed citizen. 
    Eventually, the Chinese government had to bring in troops from its more rural regions to brutally crush the democracy protestors in Tiananmen Square.
    If this is the UFS mindset then the UFS should forget about winning hearts and minds and instead focus on preventing more states from slipping through their fingers.
    Complete photo and more information:
    EDIT: Added left out word.
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    Rainmaker reacted to Dave in FPS Leeway   
    Upgrade your hopup and all your dreams will come true!
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    Rainmaker reacted to Sisu in OBH3 Propaganda Thread   
    And the collective "Told you so" from the left over CDF faction
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    Rainmaker reacted to LoneRngr in OBH3 Propaganda Thread   
    Get ready boys! 2 weeks left till UFS rolls some CoST noobs.

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    Rainmaker reacted to Aswayze in FPS Leeway   
    Limits are limits.  
    In my opinion, when I see a limit of 400 that means that 401 does not get in.   If 401 gets in than the limit is not 400...  
    400 is the limit, it is not the goal.  I have found in years of airsofting that those who are most apt to push the limits are those who are newest to the sport.  Most of us who have been at this for a while rapidly realize that being good at what you are doing is VASTLY more important than a hot gun.  
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    Rainmaker reacted to caveboy in NFA Items / Gun Trust   
    As I start to dig into real steel rifles I kept running into a road block to acquire a true SBR and suppressor.
    After talking to my local gun dealer and some research on my own I found the best way, for me since I live in the great state of TEXAS, to obtain NFA items was to acquire a gun trust.
    On 5/7/2014 at 10:30am I filled out the online forms from http://199trust.com/ and received the gun trust the same day at 4:00pm.
    It only cost $99 bucks to get the trust done. 
    The trust comes with all the paper work needed and easy to understand directions. 
    Great customer service. Fast response and very reasonable on the price.
    I also have to thank my local gun shop http://www.westforkarmory.com/ for advising me and helping answer any questions I had..
    Now the hardest part is to decide on which suppressor I want to get first..
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    Rainmaker reacted to Joe in I will just leave this here. A new state enters the game.   
    "Trains" taking people to "camps"? Is this REALLY the image UFS wants to project?
    Not only are UFS schools failing in vocabulary but apparently history, too.
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    Rainmaker reacted to 3-GUN in I will just leave this here. A new state enters the game.   
    Knives and a 175ft sniper rifle, I think we'll be OK.
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    Rainmaker reacted to LoneRngr in OBH3 Propaganda Thread   
    Oh right, well here's what I have to say about that!

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    Rainmaker reacted to Joe in OBH3 Meal Plan   
    Any word on the menu?
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    Rainmaker reacted to LoneRngr in OBH3 Propaganda Thread   
    Freaking A Right UFS is gonna roll over all you CoST baddies!

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    Rainmaker reacted to Dave in OBH3 Propaganda Thread   
    WTF?  Is this the mindset of UFS now?  I don't think we'll even need to bother shooting BBs to win the war at this rate...
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    Rainmaker reacted to screwballjim in I will just leave this here. A new state enters the game.   
    Love the video its just sad you'd join the tyrant's side see you on the field.
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    Rainmaker reacted to Clepto in Rules on BBs?   
    The player package this year we get a elite force m4 mid cap this year instead of bbs
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