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    Rainmaker reacted to Big Candy in Referees in Airsoft: Do they detract from the honor of the game?   
    If by "refs" you mean admins, they are a necessity. I do agree that they are there to assist in progression, answer questions, and assist in safety issues, not to police hits.
    Obviously they can keep an eye on trouble makers, but it is incredibly difficult to actually see if someone is shrugging a hit.
    Hence the reason people double or triple tap.  Which in of itself isnt a bad thing, until the man-gina's start crying about being "overshot".  (To which i have started a new practice of handing them a new, unused, still-in-the-wrapper-and-ready-to-go-TAMPON.)  But I digress...
    Yes, admins are needed, just like any RSO at any tactical training exercise you may attend.
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    Rainmaker got a reaction from Longsword in Referees in Airsoft: Do they detract from the honor of the game?   
    Do I think we need refs to watch players making sure they call their hits? No. Do I think we need admins to verify rules with and to answer any rule based questions people have? Yes. I for one thought the admins did an excellent job at BH3 when ever a rule was questioned.
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    Rainmaker got a reaction from Yogi in Referees in Airsoft: Do they detract from the honor of the game?   
    Do I think we need refs to watch players making sure they call their hits? No. Do I think we need admins to verify rules with and to answer any rule based questions people have? Yes. I for one thought the admins did an excellent job at BH3 when ever a rule was questioned.
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    Rainmaker reacted to TheJP in Welcome Alex!   
    They say there is a sucker born every minute...
    I can't fathom why anyone would want to run around with us crazy folk but I'd like to welcome Alex Mulder to the AMS team!
    Many of you might already know Alex from Kastway Airsoft and the Texas Milsim scene. Alex brings nearly a decade's worth of retail and event experience. Rick, Bo, Blake and myself have already worked closely with Alex in the past.
    Alex's logistic experience and work ethic will help shoulder the many responsibilities you will find at an AMS event and in turn will help us create a better product for you guys, the players! 
    Alex will be helping the AMS staff with administrative, logistics and planning.
    Welcome Alex!
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    Rainmaker got a reaction from TheJP in Referees in Airsoft: Do they detract from the honor of the game?   
    Do I think we need refs to watch players making sure they call their hits? No. Do I think we need admins to verify rules with and to answer any rule based questions people have? Yes. I for one thought the admins did an excellent job at BH3 when ever a rule was questioned.
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    Rainmaker got a reaction from Spook in Referees in Airsoft: Do they detract from the honor of the game?   
    Do I think we need refs to watch players making sure they call their hits? No. Do I think we need admins to verify rules with and to answer any rule based questions people have? Yes. I for one thought the admins did an excellent job at BH3 when ever a rule was questioned.
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    Rainmaker reacted to TheJP in American Milsim Medical Card   
    Player and Staff MEDICAL CARDS became an AMS SOP at OBH3 and it was a boon to our EMT staff (Thank Rick!)
    All players ARE REQUIRED to have their Medical Card filled out and ON THEIR PERSON (in their IFAK or Sleeve POCKET) while on the active AO. 
    PLAYER MEDICAL CARDS are a REQUIREMENT at all American Milsim events.
    The following PDF template may be printed and filled out prior to an AMS event, or may be filled out during the event check-in process.
    I suggest players to print, fill out and laminate their own Medical Cards for hassle free use at future AMS events.
    American Milsim Medical Card
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    Rainmaker reacted to dirtpro in Broken Home III Official AAR   
    Overall I had a good time at OBH. Cost command staff was the reason it was fun for me. I was able to operate under an actual functioning chain of command that issued orders based on commander's intent rather than requiring missions to be spoon fed from the admins.These guys put in hundreds of hours and were paid nothing, many thanks to them.
    I've seen much squabbling on the topic of vehicles at the event and I'd like to touch on that quickly. 
    To the players: Read the rules. Know the rules before you step on the field. If you don't like the rules set by a game, don't attend the game. Each and every one of us has a vote of what event promoter we think does the best job and that's by purchasing tickets. Attending an event and complaining about the rules makes no sense. Everyone has their favorite vehicle ruleset - mine is the one used at Eastwind, but I don't demand that everyone adopts it.
    To event hosts (not just AMS): Please enforce the rules you have set up. If a player or group of players cheat throw them off the field regardless of how much money they have spent. Even if they never return you'll lose less money than if they are permitted to take the fun away from countless others who will then not come back. The way cheating is handled is a major factor in whether or not I attend a game.
    To end on a positive, many thanks to the admins. You guys were overworked and overheated - thank you for your help. Lastly, many more thanks to Cost command. You guys made the game for me. Look forward to running with you again in the future. 
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    Rainmaker got a reaction from Dave in Federals Victorious in Oklahoma   
    Wait who was it that won RY2 and BH2?
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    Rainmaker reacted to Junior16 in Minors will be allowed at Camp Shelby   
    WOOT! Oh dad, have you ever been to Mississippi?
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    Rainmaker got a reaction from TheJP in Federals Victorious in Oklahoma   
    It only took 3 years for UFS to see us as a real military. 
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    Rainmaker reacted to Junior16 in Questions moved from the IRONCLAD Registration Post   
    Are minors allowed?
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    Rainmaker reacted to Junior16 in Praise/Complaint/Request   
    AMS and fellow Airsofters,
    Right of the bat I would like to say that the two events I have attended, ESR19-2 and BH3 were AWESOME! I love going to AMS events. They are very well organized, and the staff certainly work hard. I would go to more if I could. Which leads us to the complaint. No, its not about rules, or someone not calling their hits, nothing like that. It is that AMS has only 3 events that Minors can go to. (ESR-19, BH3, and B/G) I would love to see another event this year that Minors can go to. If Blue Grey is being held I will probably travel to be there, but I do not see it on the upcoming events list. I would pay 500$ in gas or plane ticket to get to an AMS event. (Which I can do because I have a full-time job.  The joys of homeschooling. ) Now I know that these events take a lot of time, money and effort. You certainly aren't going to create an event because one minor is unhappy. That is why I now want to invite all minors who would like to see this happen to post about it below. Thanks everyone for your consideration in reading this post, and hope to play with ya'll soon!
               Junior16 out, Wichita KS
    PS Thanks for the high five at BH3 Big Silva!  Now I just need to get one from JP.
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    Rainmaker reacted to ECR Tactical in POV Rules.   
    Hey guys.  The ECR Skunk-works wants to start the transformation process of its fleet and build new vehicles (real armored IFV and APC) for future events AMS and others.
    I know you guys are busy.  but....
    Can you guys try to get a the new POV rules together soon for next year.
    It takes months and months of planning and fabrication to prepare vehicles, and the vehicles for BH4 are already being planned.  We want to make sure they are 100% rule abiding before we start several months of fabrication and spend thousands of dollars on steel.
    before Mike buys a Russian BTR only to be told later that it is only a transport better suited for a truck..
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    Rainmaker reacted to SoNorUs in Sonorus' Broken Home Videos (5 videos)   
    Well for those of you who know me, You know my new hobby is making airsoft videos. I know people are starting to want Broken Home videos. So,(insert Bruce Buffer voice) It's TIME, for 5 rounds of Broken Home action. 
    Your feed back is needed to make better videos. The gun cam is shaky on the helo but solid in my gameplay videos.
    Round 1 The Gun Run

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    Rainmaker reacted to ScapeGoat in Broken Home III Official AAR   
    This was the first time the Chicago Airsoft Association's travel team mobilized and came out to an AMS event, which is sad, because you would think we would have in the last 14 years... but hey, better late then never.

    Thank you for hosting, it was fun for all of our guys and a welcome change from some of the other events that we usually frequent, we look forward to seeing more of the people we met down the road from teams, associations, and single players.

    That being said, I have played a lot of airsoft in the last 10 years or so and I have never really observed the types of massive fallout that has been occurring surrounding this game, much of it, inside and internal to UFS and COST and team v team.   Platoons taking credit for other platoons work, and all types of silliness.

    It really takes the fun out of it when you travel for 12 hours, play a game, have a great time, drive 12 hours home, and then read nothing but shit all over facebook for the next three days.

    The AMS Staff seemed to work pretty hard, and from being an event organizer myself, I know how money breaks down, they arent getting rich.  
    The Command Staff on both sides herded exhausted players all weekend long and did an outstanding job, and the players, from what I saw, were still fist bumping and laughing up until the last minute.   

    Thanks for having us, and hope to see you all down the road.

    UFS Alpha Company - 1st Platoon Leader
    Chicago Airsoft Association - TF Spearhead
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    Rainmaker reacted to hereismyname in Broken Home III Official AAR   
    It was my first OP and all in all I had a fun time, definitely coming back next year.  Already looking into my funds to see if Faded Giant is a possibility lol.  
    We ambushed a couple squads in the woods and I gotta say it was really nice when the UFS guys we just lit up walked up and shook my hand thanking us for a good and fair fire fight, I really liked that kind of sportsmanship.  Thought the command did a really good job a moving us around we got to fight everywhere which made it fun and interesting, the first day wasn't 100% sure about it until my squad leader explained it to me about if they say just stay here and hold this line there's a reason their not just doing to put you here and shut you up lol.  Not what I actually thought was going on but didn't understand why we didn't push up harder but it all played out.  First time with player vehicles and a helicopter in game that was a really cool factor too.  The mobile mash units where a nice addition too, I mainly liked that for a lazy reason though.  
    As for the semi-auto rule I've never played an AMS event in full-auto since this was my first one but I'm guessing it wouldn't be any different from any other game with people just pinned down from endless bb's, so for that reason I like it not really "love it" or "hate it" but I like it.  Made you have to work like a team especially since we didn't have a SAW gunner cause his gun went down in the first game Saturday lol.
    I can't really think of anything I really didn't like.  Few people that I thought weren't calling hits but that'll happen anywhere I'll just call mine and be back soon to get even closer and shoot you again.  Plus when you're amped up from a really good attack or defend against a good one, you're not gonna feel a bb bounce of your thick plate carrier so it's all good.
    Did learn what i was prepared and under-prepared on for so I'll know next time.  lathered on sunblock the whole weekend and the last day being an idiot forgot too and during the raffle I had to crouch down in Dave's shadow cause of the sunburn on my arms.  (my ignorance though). 
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    Rainmaker reacted to Tweakranger in Broken Home III Official AAR   
    I have been to quite a few games for AMS.
    Raffle = Out of hand. MoshPit mentality just kinda ruined it for me, Went to the car with AC and good tunes. Agree with Jazzman if your willing to fling your fat nasty body over three people to get that sticker , you deserve to be in that trash, I am too old for that type of shit.
    I know lets have the raffle in the hottest part of the day and have every sponsor say a few words and every 5 minutes toss swag to feed the heathens...
    (Guys the raffle lasted 2.5 hours.)
    I saw more SUNBURNS there than any part of the game...
    Also for the record I have never won a raffle at any of the OP's non AMS either, Not jealous, I go to the raffle to hear my command speak and the other command, that way I can judge who really won if points don't get tallied till weeks later. We play cause we love airsoft but SOMEONE has to lose and WIN. The world should have winners and losers not participation trophies for everyone just for showing up, that's called getting a SWAG BAG. Just Saying ... Most of it was tossing swag and stickers...to a feeding frenzy. ) I ended up giving my raffle ticket away because I still have a 6 hour drive ahead of me. Maybe a shaded area would be a better spot to raffle . I know at RY we always find some shady tank or better area to do it in... Probably why every prize required 3-4 draws cause most people left by then. Several people around me got their chairs broken by leaping swag lizards... I wish some of these folks had that energy on the field I'd put stickers all over the SQD Leads and told em to run into enemy lines and sure enough the swag lizards would follow...
    Speakers = UFS command got up to speak which I wanted to hear but busted my ass all weekend and wanted to relax, could not hear due to the White Deuce that drove around gathering trash then parked , so couldn't hear anything but that .
    On missions, OP RY - we always have cool missions props and roleplaying. I think with BH series there's just too much going on to inc smaller missions, not to mention the cost for props. I think if AMS Created a storyline mission concept and gave it to the commands , with a bit of initiative, the Squads doing those missions could help out on building props etc... Just a thought.
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    Rainmaker reacted to Sisu in Broken Home III Official AAR   
    Here's a thought, any of the sponsors that do the "lets just toss our crap at everyone," why not get that stuff into the registration packets? Get it shipped to AMS staff that's putting the packets together before a certain date they have set up so they have everything to go in there.
    BAM. Just the big stuff for the raffle, no wilting, sweating, burning for 2.5 hrs.
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    Rainmaker reacted to Random DMZ in LOST and FOUND   
    wallet found.
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    Rainmaker reacted to TFG Hurricane in OBH3 Propaganda Thread   
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    Rainmaker reacted to jazzman in Broken Home III Official AAR   
    Well my 5th memorial day at DDAY park was not a letdown.  As TOP said, it gets better each year.
    I actually liked that weather played a factor - mud was an issue in parts of the field and made traversing steep inclines and rocky areasy trickier during those wet times. Dangerous but fun! Plus forcing yourself to deal with some of the absolutely worst goggle fogging situations that exist, and pushing yourself to extremes of cool/wet and hot/humid.  I was either wet from rain or sweat 90% of my time in the field.  Loved it!
    I would like to give tons of Props to coalition soldiers who fought hard and pushed forward all weekend, saw great sportsmanship by our UFS guys but honestly a lot of the time, even better sportsmanship out of green guys we fought against.  I had some goodies to give out courtesy of MOEGUNS (thanks guys for doing this!!!) and 3/5 of my good-player awards went to green players! 
    Big props to the green forces who almost took pegasus near the end of the game sunday, it was very very near being lost before we rallied every last man and pushed you back with a smoke screen the likes of which I have never seen and probably never will again.  The trees were lost in smoke.  Amazing.
    I think it is a testament to UFS (and good natured airsofters in general) that even when we do get asswhooped by greens, we still have a laugh and talk over what we would do better next time on the way back to respawn. Saw a lot of that this weekend. 
    Overall Thanks for another great game AMS and everyone who showed up to play. 
    If I had one complaint it is that the raffle takes too damn long!!!
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    Rainmaker reacted to vipertech in Broken Home III Official AAR   
    single shot rule welcome change
    new medic rule is fine if single shot rule continues, otherwise; revert to prior rule set
    develop method to better identify POV team affiliation - difficult to determine unless vehicle painted to match team colors
    revert to high contrast team patches - high contrast patches help identify team affiliation when uniform isn't clearly tan or green.  Subdued patches too hard to see.
    extend check-in hours Friday night
    extend Saturday's play by an hour - to 5:00 PM
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    Rainmaker reacted in Broken Home III Official AAR   
    I second this. Which I'll admit is a weird feeling to sit there and admit "Damn... this is too much free swag..." haha. Maybe there just needs to be some new methods to better condense it all. I know AMS will surely continue to gain sponsors.
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    Rainmaker reacted to jazzman in Broken Home III Official AAR   
    The solution is fairly easy.
    1) Don't take time out of the raffle to throw out waters.  Seriously?  Bring water to the raffle or have water stations around the edges of the crowd if you want.  Hell, SELL waters at the raffle I bet you would make money. It was just wasted time to take time away from the endgame stuff to do this.
    2) Don't throw out the freebies.  How about put them in our swag bags instead?  Don't have 700 freebies? Give the good stuff to the people who preregged first!  I.e. first 100 customers get a free blablabla lanyard from some dude!  First 50 preregged customers get moar stickerz!!! ayrrrrrg!GG!G!G!!!  Or even just randomly distribute freebie swag into swag bags - Hell I can tell you personally, anything is better than trying to catch a hat only to get tackled by 8 chubby dudes.  A lot of people walk away with NOTHING because they are not willing to be a part of a mosh pit.  (myself included)
    3) Giving each side leadership time to talk is a great thing but should not go on more than a few minutes.
    4) Please give us at least some recap of the weekend even if it is very broad and end on that note instead of everybody leaving wondering who won or what happened.  Just touch on the big events and objectives that were noteworthy!  You don't have to give out a trophy but give us SOMETHING. 
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