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    Rainmaker reacted to TheJP in CoST Confirmed Personnel Roster   
    Coalition of Sovereign Territories (CoST)



    Command staff will designate unit assignments in the CoST secure forum.



    Command and Logistical Staff


    Commanding Officer

    - Anderson


    Executive Officer

    - Noe


    Coalition Combat Advisor (CCA)

    - JP

    - Big Silva



    Confirmed Coalition Personnel


    Elite Force Eric
    22 Cal
    Instigator Nerd
    Elite Force Vince
    Mighty Mouse
    Pi Rho
    Red Star
    Stallion 2
    Stallion 1

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    Rainmaker reacted to The Rick in Camping   
    No kidding.  Come to find out the toilets was a towel from when the contractors fixed the plumbing the last time.  It has not been used that extensively since therefore you all put it to the test.  It has since been fixed and all is good.
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    Rainmaker reacted to Zubi in Camping   
    Or clog the toilets
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    Rainmaker reacted to TheJP in ESR-19 3 Roosevelt School Indoor Camping   
    This was the most WTF thing I have seen in a while...
    *shakes head*
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    Rainmaker got a reaction from AsianWithHat in Let's do it.   
    We have an abandoned mall in Topeka...
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    Rainmaker reacted to Zippo in Let's do it.   
    Seriously AMS, make this happen. Somewhere close to KC please.
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    Rainmaker reacted to jazzman in Question??? idea   
    How about a micro patch ala the AMS mini star patches, but with a micro faction logo and in a solid , bright color. this way you can mount on the back of a helmet, pc, pouch, etc
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    Rainmaker reacted to T-REX in Question??? idea   
    I dont like the tape for 2 reason. !st it can fall off, especially when you are someone who gets down into the dirt and grit alot. 2nd being it just aint sexy lol. But in all honesty I believe that each member of your squad should have working comms and have discipline and know when to not be on them and how to use them when the need is there. Any time i was seperated from my squad at FG3, we all know each others position via clear communication. 
    Now another thing I would like to see is squad respawns. Even just once as a trial run. I have never been to a Blacksheep event so no I am not pulling this from a positive experience. I just hate rolling back into the FOB and seeing 20 guys sitting around all scattered about having no idea of the SITREP. I think it would really help with getting a refreshed force into the fight instead of a few lone wolfs....and yes i know i love doing stupid crap as a lone wolf. Sometimes there really is more fun in numbers.
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    Rainmaker reacted to Ron Mexico in Question??? idea   
    Top already knows where I stand on this subject so this is to the players.
    This year at ESR I started marking my company with orange tape on the back of their helmet and gear and we did it at Broken Home and Iron Clad. Many people turned their nose to it but by end ex everyone understood the concept but maybe it's time to take it to another level.
    I have toyed with the idea of an actual patch which is much more exciting than orange duct tape being slapped on ones gear. I have a very simple concept idea for this but let's hear what all of you think of the idea and what ideas you might have.
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    Rainmaker reacted to FPS in CoST Forces Strike Deal with Bell Helicopter   
    CoST Forces Strike Deal with Bell Helicopter.
    The Coalition of Sovereign Territories Defense Procurement Office has accepted a bid from Texas based Bell Helicopters to purchase UH-1Z Venom Utility Helicopters.  Coalition Forces have been using the legacy equipment from the US Army since its founding, this includes the Sikorsky UH-60 Blackhawk Helicopter, but is having a hard time replacing combat losses.  CoST forces have also been operation UH-1Z Helicopters, often referred to as “Super Hueys†but in smaller numbers then the Blackhawk. 
    The current contract is for 130 Super  Huey Aircraft over the next 4 years.  Bell has transferred much of its production capacity to the Fort Worth manufacturing facility from Amarillo due to the proximity of UFS lines.  “The decision to move the majority of the production to Fort Worth is primarily due to the Air Defense network that surrounds the Fort Worth area†a media handout from Bell stated.  “We don’t want all of our eggs in one basket, so we’re going to keep the production line opened in Amarillo, but at a smaller capacityâ€.  The Amarillo plant also produces the M1117 Guardian Armored Security Vehicle. 
    The UH-60 is currently produced by Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation in Stratford Connecticut.  CoST Forces are also worried about replacement parts for its current fleet of Blackhawk’s.  A deal was initially struck with Turkish Aerospace Industries, which produces a licensed Blackhawk in Turkey, for spares but this approach is proving unreliable.
    CoST Air Forces (CAF) are also rumored to be eyeballing the F-16 which is produced by Lockheed Martin in Fort Worth to begin taking a larger role in the Conventional Fighter/Bomber role.   CAF units have already begun prepping and re-manufacturing mothballed A-10 Aircraft from the Boneyard at Davis-Monthan Airforce Base in Arizona to fill the gap for Close Air Support.
    “Were having to look at long term as well as short term to begin replacing good equipment that we have in our possession, but have lost access to the manufacturing base in the north†Col Gary Piper with Coalition Command in Austin, Tx stated “One good thing, it’s bringing manufacturing jobs back to the Southâ€.
    Coalition Forces also use the AH-1Y/Z Cobra in limited numbers but will most likely keep using the AH-64 Apache/Longbow as their primary attack helocopter.  The Apache assembly line is located behind CoST lines in Mesa Arizona.
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    Rainmaker reacted to Alex AMS in Uniform Question   
    T-rex, there's really no reason to be a dick to someone on here.  Your post neither answers the original question, or provides any constructive comment that relates to the question at hand.  All that it does is alienate someone who was asking a simple question.  Please keep it civil, we value most of the posts that happen on these forums as they might answer questions that others also have.  That being said, I also understand that like me, you've probably seen the many places where things keep getting discussed to death in many forums.  While this is "another uniform question", I feel that it was simply clarifying the manner in which we provide the uniform requirements.
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    Rainmaker reacted to TheJP in IRONCLAD Official Score Card   
    As always, it takes me about 7 days to unwind from an AMS event. Camp Shelby is a great facility and I'd personally like to thank all of their staff for being so accommodating and friendly.
    The CACTF itself is a meat grinder as I am sure you all found out that weekend. For you players that do not follow the American Milsim storyline; in 2013 the Federal forces received a bloody nose from the Coalition and it appeared they were on the road to help other states secede from the Union. However this year the Federals have put together a core of highly motivated NCOs and engaged in a full on counter offensive into Coalition territory and so far it has paid off.
    The backstory for IRONCLAD; the Coalition was about to spearhead a new offence into the Eastern and Western Federal states.  Shelby City was the command and control hub for this new offensive. Federal forces learned of this via their intelligence apparatus and decided on a decapitation strike. Since Shelby City was heavily defended by Coalition forces, the Federals would have to use brute force to gain control.
    Both factions were able to accomplish the majority of their ancillary objectives.
    The Federal forces were able to secure and decrypt 3 of the 4 ciphers, but the Coalition held strong to OP: DIAMOND assault after assault, even when all hope looked to be lost.
    For the time being the Coalition Military Communication network is secure and their counter-offensive is on the move.
    Federal forces were unable to gain total control of Shelby City in the operational window, even though they made sizable gains inside the East complex.
    The event was extremely competitive point wise, with only 1 major and 1 minor objective separating the factions. Three objectives were left unaccomplished at Sunday's ENDEX.
    Regardless how you as an individual soldier might have felt regarding your command staff, they actually got the majority of objectives accomplished/attempted.
    IRONCLAD Total Score
    CoST - 390
    UFS - 430 (W)
    I'd like to touch on the points of some of the AARs I have seen and the changes we will make to address some of the issues brought forth.
    All Media will be required to wear a YELLOW or ORANGE vest/shirt on the active AO; only Admins will be allowed to wear the color RED.
    There will be limited Media slot per event that require registration.
    We will be altering our chronograph procedure to have dedicated chronos displayed in Joules for HPA users in addition to extra training for our staff members on proper securing techniques of HPA weapon systems and their regulators.
    The Combat Controller will play a larger role with faction command to help facilitate more structure and event cohesion.
    Night Evolutions will be a scored continuation of the day evolution with an additional low-light themed FRAGOs.
    We will also be implementing "War Crimes" which will be point reductions for players found not following the AMS ruleset; this includes high caps, hot guns, non-sealing eyepro, uniform regulation violations, etc.
    Also players, understand it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to be self-sufficient. AMS is not responsible for you having enough water on your person. The water we provide each faction's FOB is a courtesy of which many did not partake.  BE responsible for your OWN COMM system, IC used simple FRS/GMRS frequencies prior to the event. TEST your comms out with your command staff. If you should have a comm failure during play USE A RUNNER. Playing the night evolution? Bring a FLASHLIGHT! Yes, it will be dark. Yes moving could be hazardous. While we try our best, we can't always guarantee your personal experience will be full of non-stop action.  Plan accordingl, get invovled in the game and have FUN!
    Again to the players, a big thank you to each and every one of you for participating in this event and we hope to see you again at our future events. 
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    Rainmaker reacted to T-REX in I guess an AAR for IC...   
    Well you keep asking for milsim. You should know that a lot of days can go by with no shots fired. So in theory you were still simulating. You wre told to gaurd the building.
    As for admin issues, I never had any and I had tons of times were I needed admin help.
    Command wise: I was CoST and was handed objectives that made sense and were important. One of which was take one guy with me and flank around and assault the mash, which would have worked had 3 squads not decided to have a pow wow there instead of spawning and moving on, is what it is.
    As for staff I have never had issues. Maybe I'm special, I don't know. My experiences have been great. Then again when I have an issue, I take it to the staff. If am admin can't help, I find a combat controller. If that doesn't work I find either JP, BO, or frosty. It gets fixed. #proactive
    Lastly, everyone views the event differently. I had a blast. I have concerns of course but nothing to stir me away. As for fire fights, you can mostly blame your fellow players for not moving to fight. I constantly was on the move and I'm not skinny. You have to find a way to fight. Sure u had to watch a building. Can't get command on radio, send a runner to locate. Get updated objective. Shit happens. Make the fight happen. I'm not known for standing in a building, people know me because I kick doors into people and pew pew pew. I get killed I do it all over again.
    But hey, it's your money to spend. We can't make you spend it on AMS. I have been to 5 events hosted by AMS and have always come away from it knowing I left 150% of myself on that AO and had a blast. Regardless of kills. I had plenty but I had more fun knowing I was inspiring people to fight, obviously I didn't motivate you, oh well. I would say id see you at black sheep Shelby but I'll prolly be too busy getting ready for ESR3, BH4, and the new AO in NM with 300+ buildings that won't be full of players who don't make life fun. I run gas, I hardly go through a mag. So not shooting a lot means nothing, just saying.
    If your still even reading at this point, we appreciate your attendance and y'all losing yourself to be a target for the opposing force. End of the day it's just a game of dress up:)
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    Rainmaker reacted to Kilroy in CoST XO AAR   
    jdelbs18 left out the best part.
    After the engagement we crossed the top of the burms, shook hands, laughed and joked about the fight.
    IMO, that's the way it should be.
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    Rainmaker reacted to Zippo in CoST XO AAR   
    Since there has been some criticism I figured I'd take a moment to talk from my point of view on the event.

    Let me preface this by demanding that all comments in this thread will be drama-free. Don't spam this thread with bloated accusations, childish insults, or all around whinyness. We are all adults, let's not be douchebags. I also beg of you to please read ALL of my post before picking it apart. Ok? Ok.
    I really think that the perception of MilSim has changed over the years I've been involved to be SpecOpsSim, or at least that's what the people want when they attend a national event. Everyone wants to kick doors in, breach and clear rooms, and seal objectives. No one wants to die in the process. That's understandable. It's what I want to do every event I attend.

    I've been the airsofter that blames everyone when I don't have fun. I've pointed more fingers that I care to count. I've bitched about my command when I didn't take the proactive approach. I've been the guy that's wanted it catered to me. Listen to me when I say this, and understand it's absolutely the truth:


    There ARE bad events. I attended which is what probably will be known as the worst event of all time, Sovereign Fury. I've witnessed terrible admins, seen poor player character with dishonorable player actions, and I've witnessed the command structure collapse, all of which happened at that event. WE STILL HAD FUN. No orders? No problem. JP, Anderson, Mayo, Kilroy, all of the crew that attended bounded across the streets, assaulted buildings, destroyed comm satellites, repelled assaults and had a good time. We had every reason to slam the promoters, but we didn't waste time and made our fun.

    From our command perspective, our job is to ensure that CoST comes away with a victory. Our goal was to hold the city. So Misfit1 and I talked nearly every day, spending hours over the whole process analyzing ever angle, every building, every firing lane to come up with a battle plan that held the city. Friday alone we spent three hours walking EVERY building, exploring ALL of the tunnel system, and walking the AO through Danarchy's perspective to see what we would do in his situation.

    Guess what, we held 3/4 postitions throughout the entire op, and nailed all but a couple objectives. The plan worked. You may not think you were utilized, but from Danarchy's own AAR we learned that those positions convinced UFS command to not attack the two KEY points you in the southest village were tasked to hold. You were crucial, you did your job, and you were key to our successful defense over the weekend.

    In addition, Misfit1 considered your experience into his battle plan and did switch the two sides on Sunday, just to make sure everyone got equal action and experience. If you chose to not attend day 2, that is solely your fault and blame cannot be put on AMS and command.

    Hit-calling / Eye Pro / Dishonorable Players

    This happens every op. Any experienced player will know this. More admins that are more involved can help the issue, but cannot eradicate the existence of shitheads who break the rules. Let's be real, it's our job as well to make sure our team is playing fair. One of our platoon leaders, Bagel, stopped playing, assigned a new platoon leader, and started policing our team to make sure we were giving UFS a fair fight. Kudos goes to players like this, who will hold up their fun all for the sake of the game and other players. It's easy to blame admins, why is it so hard for players to speak up and challenge horseshit when they see it?

    I know some players on CoST weren't playing fair, and I know players on UFS weren't playing fair. It is something we HAVE to accept goes hand in hand with airsoft. We can bitch about it, or we can take the steps to solve it, and that starts by speaking up when we see people that wear the same camo act dishonorably.

    The Command Curse

    When I agreed to be XO, I knew at the end of the Op I would be frustrated. I knew there was something that was going to be "my fault." People not getting enough action catches me off guard that that was a big enough complaint for people to bail. Holding half the key points, doing it well, was enough to say that Misfit1 and I had failed at our job.

    Consider if we pulled you, so you could go attack UFS forces on the western front. Danarchy's scout teams (which did exist, and WERE watching) would have seen the forces being pulled, attacked, and would have overrun the two points, leaving us only the Mosque and with our backs to the wall. Guess who would catch the blame for that? Misfit1 and I. Here's the dilemma, do we choose between securing the win, or catering to every players wish to have Rambo moments throughout the Op (which would have happened if you had been patient into day 2!)

    Memorable MilSim Moments

    If we are being honest, what makes an event fun is the experience of kitting up with our buddies and having that ONE GOOD FIREFIGHT. For me, it was when UFS rucked all around the SE side of the city, and rushed across. MAKO and a few random players had defenses set up and handled the assault relatively easy. But that one firefight made the event for them. Made it all worth it. Guess what, the UFS guys that hiked through thick brush for an hour, only to be cut down in 15-30 seconds had FANTASTIC attitudes about it. You make the experience. You have to find fun in other stuff besides jacking up your Kill ratio.

    Point of the story is this:

    MilSim needs a mindset revolution. If we are to emulate the men and women in uniform, we must accept that shit isn't going to be catered to you, you will be responsible for preparedness, and you are in charge of how fun much fun you wish to have.

    IronClad was a blast. People love to bitch publicly, but compliment in silence. I've heard countless times that CoST Command was strong and did a wonderful job. UFS did a fantastic job at the uphill battle they were tasked. Danarchy was thorn in our side with every push. Nearly ever CoST rifleman I came across was ready to go at all times, and our guys did a fantastic job at holding the city.

    If they few that are critisizing me and complaing about our leadership are looking for an apology, they can look elsewhere. I will not apologize that they were tasked with holding half the key points (which they did with FLYING colors) I will not apologize that their preparedness level wasn't on par for an event such as this, and I certainly will not apologize for that one guy missing his wife's birthday.

    Shout out to all the players that came to play, gave it their all, and played with honor and respect. Shout out to the AMS staff for holding another premium event in a premium AO. Shout out to Danarchy, Candy, and all of UFS for being thick skinned MF'ers that took it to us every second of the op, and shout out to all of CoST, from Misfit1 down to the last medic that helped CoST succeed in holding the city. I'm proud of everyone involved in this event and am counting down until the next one.

    See you at GTI!
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    Rainmaker reacted to T-REX in Hydration rule?   
    or you simply hydrate before the event and not get in an issue at the event. im not chugging a bottle at the fob because an admin tells me too. i carry 1 liter of water on me during an op. i hve no need for a camelbak. just hydrate before and stay hydrated during. 
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    Rainmaker reacted to T-REX in Hydration rule?   
    sorry for the caps, guess my caps lock was on and im not going back
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    Rainmaker got a reaction from SGT PSYOPS in New Multicam patterns   
    Hey guys,
    Will the new Multicam tropic and arid be allowed for AMS events?
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    Rainmaker reacted to nyghtbringer in South Mississippi Weather PLEASE READ   
    Hey guys, I wish I could make Ironclad, but unfortunately finances would not allow it.
    I wanted to talk to ya'll about the weather round these parts.
    It is HOT and MUGGY right now. please plan accordingly.
    Summer uniforms are best.
    HYDRATE HYDRATE HYDRATE. I'm not kidding, its much more important down here b/c of the heat/humidity.
    a good idea is to keep a bottle of 1/2 water and 1/2 Gatorade.

    DO NOT drink just water or just Gatorade.

    water rehydrates, Gatorade re-electrolytes.
    also, Please keep a Watch out for players that aren't from around here and aren't used to the heat. You are your brothers keeper. Let's not have any real casualties.
    Any one not from a high humidity area may underestimate the weather. Imagine walking into a full steam sauna, thats what it can be like.
    Be safe, shoot straight, and have fun  ya'll.
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    Rainmaker reacted to Aswayze in Thoughts   
    If you want to play paintball there are already plenty of places to do so.  
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    Rainmaker reacted to Zippo in attaching ka-bar to a AVS   
    Paracord muhhhhfuggga!
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    Rainmaker reacted to Ron Mexico in HK M27 IAR   
    One reason they looked at replacing the SAW is the gunners were being singled out by snipers and some smart guy thought it would be good to do away with the weight of the gun and issue a lighter magazine fed weapon so all the boots looked the same. Another reason is we (Marines) don't spend enough time on the range with the weapon that is quickly becoming out dated and instead of replacing it, again some smart guy decided it would be better to have a lighter weapon. I guess this is what we get for having a Commandant that is an air winger rather than a grunt LOL.
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    Rainmaker reacted to Hat3d1 in What's in YOUR Medic Kit?   
    I will say, unless you know what you are doing with real kit, please don't actually utilize them in a real world emergency. (Candy looks like he is prepared to the point I would guess he is well trained lol) I think EVERYONE would benefit from carrying some real bandages, along with those CPR trained, to carry a barrier shield, or at least be prepared to do compressions. But the untrained guys running around with Tourniquets, please don't try and use those. Everyone would benefit from taking a actual first aid course if they have not.  
    As for the OP, That really depends on your fields medic rules. If you are using the AMS rules? I would suggest your Medics be CLEARLY designated as medics. Such as, every in game medic MUST have a medic patch of some sort, preferably something unique to the field, to prevent fake medics... That is actually something I would like to see AMS start in the future. Perhaps a Squad designated medic patch. Issues for a particular OP. I realize that its an added expense, but I see it taking some of the "handy" medics. I know I've seen small squads have two or three "medics" at a time, its frustrating on both sides when your not able to push through as there are miracle heals everywhere. 
    If you are not using the AMS rules, then invent your own, or use some existing ones, for instance, I LOVE the medic knots that have been used before, where you have a paracord with three small knots in them that the medic must untie one to heal.. It takes a bit of time, and behooves a medic to carry a small pair of needlenose pliers or something to assist in unknotting.. Otherwise they have to strip a glove off and use their nails. Its a little more fun to be than the bandages, but the Bandages are WAY more visable. 
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    Rainmaker reacted in Referees in Airsoft: Do they detract from the honor of the game?   
    Agreed, I don't think that the admin role is to police players. More to help the game progress smoothly. AMS events are a machine with many moving parts, and admins definitely maintain that.
    As I've never had an admin called on me, I'll probably never call an admin on another player, regardless of their possible fowl play. They simply have far more important things to tend to, and deserve way more respect than to play the judge.
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    Rainmaker reacted to Ron Mexico in Referees in Airsoft: Do they detract from the honor of the game?   
    Why wouldn't you have refs? Maybe I misunderstood what your trying to say and if I did I'm sorry. This is a stupid question and why would you not have a ref or refs on the field to help control things?
    I'm not about to throw a bunch of people on the field and tell them to run around and shoot at each other and not police them in some way. If I'm out of line I'm sorry but refs are needed.
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