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    Rainmaker reacted to Gunfather6 in What's with the balance?   
    Myself and the rest of the airsoft Nebraska guys have been UFS from the beginning. During BH1 and BH2 we were getting our teeth kicked in and it was not always fun but we never jumped ship. Now the tide has turned and the UFS is on the winning streak. I am confident that the tide will turn again.
    Although I will always play UFS I got a lot of respect from any player who picks a side and sticks with it through thick and thin. The only way teams get annihilated is when players get frustrated and go home early (quitters) and leave the hard core behind to continue on with even worse odds. I have been on both sides of the equation. This "sport" would not be possible if not for the guys who gut it out to the end even though they are out numbered due to all the fair weather players who cut and run Saturday afternoon because the game is not going their way.
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    Rainmaker reacted to Longsword in What's with the balance?   
    Yep, I'm a CoST soldier for life. Doesn't matter the odds. Never quite understood the bandwagon deal. Sure, the UFS have been winning the past few, but who's to say that doesn't change during the next couple ops? It's happened before and there was a point where everyone wanted to play CoST and UFS wasn't the first choice. Choose a faction and stick with it. You're not always guaranteed to win but that's part of the fun and the experience. Teaches you lessons, you learn and adapt. It wouldn't be fun if you were always winning (nor would it be very realistic either). And whether my side wins or loses, I'm all about just having fun for a couple days slinging BBs while I'm distracted from the real world.  
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    Rainmaker reacted to DCAGrover in What's with the balance?   
    Yep aka bandwagoners. At bh2 ufs couldn't scratch their butts with out being shot at by cost. Once cost gets back on the streak you will see it swing the other way.
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    Rainmaker reacted to Chase in What's with the balance?   
    Thats exactly what it is. People want to be on the team that is currently winning. I started on CoST, and I will forever remain loyal to the coalition.
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    Rainmaker reacted to Aswayze in 2015 POV Ruleset   
    I would offer one suggestion/amendment to your rule set:  
    Actual ex-military armored vehicles will be classed by their actual classification and are not limited by the guntruck rules limitations judged on a case by case basis.  For example a BTR-80 is an "Armored Personnel Carrier"  while a Ferret or a Fox is an "Armored Scout Car"
    There are some actual armored vehicle owners remaining from past events that encouraged armor like East Wind or Tank Farm that might some day choose to venture into more mainstream airsoft, you'll want to have a ruleset that does not put them at a disadvantage or make their real armored fighting vehicle a "transport truck" while a paintball tank gets classed as a "gun truck".  
    I specify ex-military in the above statement as well as judged on a case by case basis since some rules lawyer types might bring in stupid stuff like adding a 1/8th inch diamond plate to their pickup truck bed as "armor" or even things as silly as the fact that my Crown Victoria Police Interceptor I drive every day having level IV ceramic plates in the driver and passenger doors technically making it an "armored vehicle" which it obviously is not.   This gets vehicles like Ferrets, BTRs, Foxes, and such giving them enough of an advantage to offset the fact that they do not have cushy seats and air conditioning.  
    Just a suggestion, take it for what it is worth.  
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    Rainmaker reacted to Dep in 2015 POV Ruleset   
    Very detailed, nice.
    One suggestion (not really a rule but a process): specific numbers assigned to factions. Example: UFS would get even numbers or 0-10 and CoST would get odd numbers or 11-20.
    This would help with faction identification.
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    Rainmaker reacted to TheJP in squad leader questions   
    Typically if you have to ask, you're not ready.
    Easiest way to think about any command position would be much like middle management in corporate America. When I run a squad at events I am making sure I am following the intent of my command, at the same time making sure all my guys are shooting in the right direction, have enough water, have enough ammo and are staying "hydrated and not getting fatigued".
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    Rainmaker reacted to TheJP in Flags?   
    Not unless you want a war crime...
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    Rainmaker got a reaction from PITT in camo   
    Uniform regulations exist to give an appearance of a cohesive unit and not give the appearance of a group of individuals.  It is hoped that this will give a better overall experience to all players.
    A.  Authorized camo patterns vary from event to event and will be posted with event details prior to registration
    B.  Tops and Bottoms must match.
    C.  Tops should be a BDU/Combat Shirt type uniform top.
    D.  Bottoms must be pants.
    E.  Squad member’s camo should match within the Squad
    F.  Headgear should match within the Squad
    G.  Headgear color will be faction specific.  Camo or Solid colors is Authorized.  Black is not authorized
    H.  In the event of inclement weather uniformity regulations are relaxed but all worn items must still be faction specific in regards to color.
    I.  Special uniforms may be authorized for specific role playing groups outside of the typical uniforms but not for those playing under the conventional CoST/UFS Forces.
    J.  Gear color does not matter.  You can wear any color gear you wish.
    K.  Red shirts may only be worn by AMS Staff.  Photographers or observers may wear any high visibility color other then red.
    L.  Photographers/Observers must not look like combatants.  They may wear any type of clothing other then military type uniforms.
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    Rainmaker reacted to TheJP in JP on Vacation   
    I will be out of Pocket until Tuesday the 31st and the AMS staff will be at BBWarz hosted by our bros @ D14 in TX this weekend. So emails, phone calls and PM might not get answered for a few days.
    I know that CH and OBH4 are right around the corner and encourage any players with questions to do the following ,before PMing,  emailing or calling.
    1. Read the RULES (98% of your questions will be answered there)
    2. Read the Registration page (This will clear up most uniform questions)
    3. Read the Event archives (This will help you plan gear wise for events)
    4. Use the search function to search!
    Appreciate your patience,
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    Rainmaker reacted to TimmyHorton in DSLRs?   
    just get one of those big yellow safety vests  which can be supplemented with reflective PT belt  for max spartan PT belt opouratetour status 

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    Rainmaker reacted to TheJP in DSLRs?   
    I am stealing this for a FB cover pic...
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    Rainmaker reacted to Alex AMS in POV's   
    A more true statement has never been spoken.
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    Rainmaker reacted to Zippo in KC Player Spotlight - Tinman   
    Starting a new series at the grassroot level. Each week we will follow a local KC airsofter and get their bbwarz story. The local player is what makes the community, and thus, the game enjoyable, from the local open play to the national op. This series will chronicle their story.
    If you like them, like, SHARE, and subscribe!

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    Rainmaker reacted to MadMan in POV's   
    Look at PoV Requirements F
    Definition of Vehicle Type
    A.  Transport Vehicle
    Transport vehicles cannot under any circumstances engage from their vehicle.  In order to engage enemy forces your vehicle must come to a complete stop and players must fully egress the vehicle before engaging.  This means your feet must be on the ground and exposed when firing.
    B.  Gun Truck
    Gun Trucks may engage from their vehicle.  All windows must be opened.  Gun ports must be of specified size.  The use of camo, mesh netting and Plexiglas add on armor is NOT permitted.  Any add on armor of this nature would need to be painted, to not be seen through.  Gunners may not have 360° cover or use a “CROWS†system (Remote Operated Weapon System).  Windows and gun ports must REMAIN OPEN for the duration of the event.  Driver and passenger window must stay closed throughout the event.
    Approval Process
    A.  Determine if your POV is a “Transport†or “Gun Truck†per description noted above.
    B.  Submit POV Application, Proof of insurance and photos of your POV.
    C.  Upon approval you will be notified by email and your photos and applications passed on to your respective CO for approval.  Be advised this is not a first come first serve and is up to your CO.  There will be limited POV per event so a commander is likely to explore his options before approving.
    D.  Upon approval from your CO, AMS will be notified and a promo code will be issued so you may register your POV.
    POV Requirements
    Failure to follow these rules and regulations may result in a 10PT war crime and your POV pass being revoked without refund.
    A.  Each POV will be given a POV number by staff.  This number must be VISIBLE at all time during the event.  It is the POV owner’s responsibility to place the POV number on their vehicle.
    B.  POV pass and Agreement must be signed by the POV operator and/or owner.
    C.  POV pass and agreement must be kept on the dash and visible at all times.
    D.  All windows must be down on a gun truck with the exception of the driver’s side front window, and the front passenger window.
    E.  Players riding in an open Cab, Bed or Side rails of POV must wear a helmet that offers bump protection.
    F.  4 Wheelers are not allowed as a POV.  (Player command staff are authorized (1) 4 wheeler for each faction are authorized at events where POVs are being utilized.
    G.  ALL POVs MUST STAY within TEN feet of defined roads.  (POVs may pull off roads and around other vehicles, but no trail blazing).
    H.  POV Issued Number:  You will be issued (4) 8.5x11 pieces of paper with your POV number printed on them.  These will be attached to all sides of your POV.  You may also stencil your assigned number to each side of your POV in 8.5x11 inches in size and easily seen.
    I.  All POVs are required to have CB radio with antenna to have direct contact with other POV and AMS Command throughout the event, channels will be assigned prior.  (An actual CB Radio on CB frequencies).  If your CB goes out, then your vehicle is off of the field.
    J.  All POVs are required to have a ground guide when driving in reverse.  This means a passenger must exit the stopped vehicle with his dead rag on and guide the vehicles going in reverse.  Upon entering the POV the ground guide will then take his dead rag off and resume play.  A ground guide cannon be killed so no need to shoot at him. 
    K.  All Player POVs are considered “Light Armor†regardless of aesthetic modifications.
    L.  All POVs must have a First Aid Kit capable of stopping moderate bleeding.  Kit will be inspected on site.
    M.  All POV must have at least 4 Liters of drinking water.
    N.  Forward facing gun shields are acceptable, but 360 degree coverage around the gunner is not authorized. 
    O.  Forward facing gun shields may not be seen through.  If it is made of Plexiglas, then it needs to be painted. 
    P.  All players firing from gun trucks must be able to see down the sights of their weapons.  Anything less is blind firing. 
    Q.  If a gun truck wishes to have any windows closed, they must be covered with add on armor. (This is to prevent windows from being rolled up and down throughout the weekend.
    R.  Any added gun ports must be minimum 18â€x12†and remain opened at all times.
    S.  When vehicles are inspected on Friday, they must remain in the same configuration throughout the weekend.  They cannot change from a gun truck to a transport truck or vise versa. 
    The spirit of these requirements is to provide a useful vehicle that can transport and be fought out of, but that is also vulnerable and not a tank. 
    POV Rules
    A.  Unauthorized vehicles are not allowed on the field of play, and are never to be used in a game (unless cleared by the administration).
    B.  Player POVs are limited to 15 MPH.
    C.  All POVs must prove they are insured and show proof at POV meeting.
    D.  POV drivers must be at least 18 years of age.
    E.  All players being transported in an open bed, on running boards or otherwise outside the cab area must wear helmets.  THIS INCLUDES IN THE STAGING AREA
    F.  Players in ghillie suits WILL NEVER lie near vehicle roads, trails or in the driving path of any vehicle (USE COMON SENSE).
    G.  Vehicle must be at complete stop for ingress/egress.  Players are not allowed to exit or enter ANY moving Vehicle.
    H.  Players are never to stand, lay prone or supine next to a moving APC(s)/Tanks/POVs because of the turn radius blind spots.
    I.  Players should exercise EXTREME caution around APC(s)/Tank doors and hatches.  They are heavy and will easily “remove†fingers.
    J.  Only HWS launched rockets disable vehicles.  Must be a frontal hit (for the driver to see) this does not kill the crew, but only disables the vehicle and forces the crew to exit or concede being killed and ride back to your FOB for re-spawn.
    K.  If a HWS fired rocket should land inside the crew compartment (front or back) the vehicle and all occupants are considered destroyed and killed.
    L.  Destroyed POVs must return to their primary FOB and check in with their leadership and serve a 10 minute “repair timeâ€.
    M.  Players shot inside a vehicle are to follow the normal medic and re-spawn rules.
    N.  Vehicles cannot be TOUCHED killed by a player because of safety issues.
    O.  Players must stay a minimum of 10FT from all moving POV.  If you are too close, move away.
    P.  POVs will signal being destroyed by flashing their Hazard lights and / or Hoisting / Attaching a Dead Rag or Red Flag to the vehicle that is visible from all sides (i.e. Vehicle Radio antenna).
    POV Rule Violations
    A.  10PT deduction per POV violation plus 1 hour parked
    B.  3rd violation of same POV is parked for weekend with no refund
    C.  After 5th POV violation per faction will result in additional 20PT deduction
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    Rainmaker reacted to Alex AMS in POV's   
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    Rainmaker reacted to TheJP in medic question   
    Yes, technically you could waste one of your bandages on an EWIA or dig through his IFAK.
    I could see this being useful in certain scenarios, with HVTs, etc...
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    Rainmaker reacted to Alex AMS in medic question   
    Well, the second that you finish medicing him, he is back in play and could then engage you.  It's your call, but I personally wouldn't do it.
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    Rainmaker reacted to Greg.AMS in medic question   
    Well I would have to say that might be a bad idea. Plus even if you did medic him he could turn and shoot you point blank and then what? It is an interesting idea.
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    Rainmaker got a reaction from jdelbs18 in OP: BROKEN HOME 4 -- REGISTRATION INFORMATION   
    I think it more comes down to that most of the AOs aren't desert environments. Tan is automatically at a disadvantage in terms of blending in. Multicam kind of fills that gap. 
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    Rainmaker reacted to Kilroy in MAKO ESR19-3 Footage Thread   
    Part 2 of our ESR19-3 series is live! Please like, comment and subscribe!

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    Rainmaker reacted to madmedic in AMS ESR 19-3 Dark Horse Montage   
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    Rainmaker reacted to Zippo in OP: BROKEN HOME 4 -- REGISTRATION INFORMATION   
    Tru-Spec has affordable, quality construction sets. You don't HAVE to have the crye versions. 
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    Rainmaker reacted to Zippo in OP: BROKEN HOME 4 -- REGISTRATION INFORMATION   
    Highlander is more tan than MC and it isn't allowed for that very reason. MC needs to go. 
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    Rainmaker reacted to DCAGrover in OP: BROKEN HOME 4 -- REGISTRATION INFORMATION   
    Tim its arid and tropic and both are accepted on proper sides. But is also the WHOLE squad needs to match. So your basically telling one side well sorry your uniform is not a no go and have to spend all this cash for new stuff. Ya won't happen. You do realize that DCU is crap for where the games are except for OPCH now. Its a mute point that has been complained about for years with the same answer. Mc is here to stay so build the bridge and get over it. We are for the most part adults and need to act like it. The continue crying (lol) over uniform isn't getting g us anyplace.
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