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    Rainmaker reacted to Dave in Types of DMRs?   
    BLUF: a gun is no longer classified as a carbine when the host nation does not refer to it as the carbine model of their issued rifle.
    All military rifles have designations for their different designs/variants.  Let's use three examples, the Steyr AUG, the HK G36, and the SA80.  
    Steyr has specific dimensions laid out for its carbine version of the AUG, which includes a 16" (opposed to 20") barrel and a 27.2" overall length.  The carbine model is referred to as the A2.
    The HK G36 has a shorter barrel version which is referred to as the G36K.  Too lazy to look up the specific dimensions, but the "K" is referred to as the G36 carbine.
    SA80 also has a carbine version , the L22.
    Each of these (AUGA2, G36K, and L22) are all referred to as the carbine version of their respective standard issued counterparts.  Remember that the ruleset is insistent (for our purposes) that a DMR is a standard infantry rifle that has been modified for longer range engagement.  So, to answer your question, a rifle stops being a carbine when it no longer meets the specifications of its real world carbine equivalent.  The rulesets are specific that it has to meet the specifications of a "standard" issued variant, which in most cases is the full length version.
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    Rainmaker reacted to stagg in Op Copperhead UHaul Shenanigans   
    Too late I already do own multiple Military vehicles and haul them all over the place.  Two of these are mine, the rest belong to people in Kansas and Missouri who play airsoft!

    Several of us have been providing them free of charge to AMS for years.  This is experience talking.
    But why bother? 
    Please don't take this personally, since the U-haul idea is logical in AMS environments.... and so is my reason for being very selective in where I bring my military vehicles.  This is not intended to bash you, or any Organizers, rather it will explain why you did not see my trucks down there, nor will you see my trucks in an AO where a U-haul truck is acceptable.
    Here is the why in long form:
    Any vehicle's design is a trade off in performance.  A rugged go anywhere vehicle that is simple in function and simple to fix will not have the same features and high ground-speed or handling performance as something designed for the paved road.
    Compare a Ford 1 ton dually VS. Jeep wrangler VS Chevy Malibu.
    All three are designed to do something different.
    Can you drive the 1 ton to work everyday?  sure.  Will it get the same milage as the Malibu?  But it will tow/haul a lot more.
    Can the jeep fit into smaller spaces than the car?  They are about the same, yet the jeep is NOT a sedan and we do not argue this point.
    Bigger trucks are the same.
    A M35A2 gets about the same fuel mileage as that moving van, and hauls about the same number of people, and yet they are not the same vehicle.  Paint on the outside doesn't matter anymore than carpet on the inside matters to the vehicles performance.
    Driving a "Deuce and a half" on a thousand mile trip is doable. (I am about to drive one 800 miles from Kansas to Ohio this weekend)
    There are several of us who used to do this for events.  It takes a bit of work, and a decent amount to time to keep them running.  But it is our hobby and we enjoy it, mostly.
    The cost is not as insurmountable as people assume.  But the cost to benefit must be worth doing.

    Why do I not drive or trailer my vehicles to all AMS events?  Because the are better options. 
    Why do other people not bring armored vehicles?  Because AMS has designed a game where real military vehicles (especially armored ones) are at a disadvantage.  Why would anybody spend their time to be good at something only to have a permanent handicap?
    If I had driven my truck towing several other trucks to OP Copperhead, and my fellow drivers showed up in a U-haul truck what do you think my response would have been? 
    Would I have though:
    -Those smart bastards have A/C?  Yep
    -That is a pretty clever way to get a big truck for hauling gear and ass? Yep
    -Bet that saves a lot of fuel? Yep.
    I would also think (as I do right now):
    -Why do I bother bringing the correct truck?  Yep!
    -Why should I bother to bring it next time? Damned right, Yep.
    -Why should I bother to bring actual armored vehicles?  That real armor weights too much, to compete with fiberglass.
    -I get treated the same way for kill rules as that obviously unarmored thing?  Checks rules.... Yep.
    So in the end the reason that nobody brings military vehicles is not the cost, distance, or even the rules.... it is the players who bring pickup trucks with an MG stuck on top; it is the players who bring U-haul trucks as transports; it is the players who bring a fiberglass covered dune buggy as a "gun-truck."
    Those of us who own the real trucks are fucking crazy, and willing to do drive.  We WANT a place to use our vehicles to the advantage provided by designers 40 years ago.  And we want to have fun doing it.
    Competing at a disadvantage is not crazy it is stupid. 
    Just because we are nuts does not mean that we are stupid.
    As players you will have to chose what you want at the games.  If U-haul trucks as transports is what you want then who am I to say no.  I don't try to chose your beer for you, or your favorite sports team either.
    Just don't expect me to like your favorites sports team... Also don't even hope that I will work hard to show up to airsoft events that do not offer the slightest glimmer of hope that my truck will be appreciated.  Even if someone else does pay the gas money.
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    Rainmaker reacted to Aswayze in Op Copperhead UHaul Shenanigans   
    Kind of cannot fault some of the logic.   If there is a low standard for what is a combat vehicle you might as well just stick with what is easy.  
    Why transport a deuce or a real military truck when you can rent a box van with AC.   Keep the windows up and your miracle paintball tank armor will keep you safe while you drive around.   Lower deck means safer in and out for troops in the back and the sliding door to the cab makes it easier to communicate. 
    From a strictly "win the game" perspective, this is perfect.   I'll have to point this one out to the guys who run tanks at the D-Day paintball game it would cover a lot of their bases as well and be much easier to clean up than an actual personally owned vehicle.  
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    Rainmaker reacted to stagg in Op Copperhead UHaul Shenanigans   
    So we are not even trying anymore?
    The ultimate way to get a cardboard and plywood paintball tank. 
    Except you don't have to build it, haul it, keep it running, or even bother to paint it.
    Too bad it doesn't have windows in the back.
    Just rent it for the weekend, and bam, you have yourself a bright orange and white assault wagon.
    While you are at it.  Most Penske trucks have wooden floors.
    If you bought some park benches, you could screw them down to the wooden floors and have seats in the back (don't tell your rental agent) This would allow you to pack even more junk, and ever more "Special Forces Operators" into the back.
    After the event just unscrew the benches and sweep some dust into the holes, and nobody will know/care.
    This might be too much work, but it would be worth it compared to the utter laziness of using a moving truck at a supposedly serious airsoft game.
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    Rainmaker reacted to Dave in Types of DMRs?   
    Does it meet the DMR qualifications?
    Folks this isn't hard... if it meets the rule set, then it meets the rule set.  If not, then head on back to the store and get something else.
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    Rainmaker reacted to Rich in First line or comms?   
    If you don't have a radio, you should probably prioritize a radio.
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    Rainmaker reacted to Sheepdog in long Thunder B time   
    A penny in the bottom cap under the co2. Pushes it slightly higher.
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    Rainmaker reacted to Zone in Why is camo so friggin expensive   
    Welcome to the wonderful world of MilSim, where everything costs more than you think it should.  If you REALLY need to cut your expenses, you might want to consider going with coffee stain (3-tone).
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    Rainmaker reacted to Alex AMS in Weather vs uniform Question.   
    ^^^This, typically people start the day in full uniform, but there is a mix of T-shirts by noon because of the heat.  It's not going to hurt my feelings as long as your wearing a T-shirt that matches your faction base color. UFS:Tan and Brown  CoST OD Green
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    Rainmaker reacted to TheJP in WTB: UFS BH4 ticket   
    Can always put on your M81 and slay bodies with Bo and myself Adam
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    Rainmaker reacted to TheJP in WTB: UFS BH4 ticket   
    There will be NO more UFS ticket sales for OBH4.
    3 Options:
    1) Run with the winning side and go CoST.
    2) Try and find a player selling a UFS ticket. 
    3) Wait till after the Federals lose OBH4 and buy a UFS ticket for the next event.

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    Rainmaker reacted in Return to Sender (CLIP)   
    Probably not the best idea (breaking the glass on most AO's). But I'll admit, that was some quick action on your part. Some places like Copperhead and ESR probably won't make a huge deal about some minor property damage, but that sort of stuff does tend to get a bad rap in the airsoft community. 
    Perhaps next time, join the glorious level of players to jump onto the grenade instead. 
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    Rainmaker reacted to Zippo in Copperhead AAR   
    I was XO for CoST and I feel basically that:

    Copperhead was the best AMS event they have put on. 

    UFS, you guys kicked ass. The U-Haul flank was epic. It had us on our heels for a few hours afterwards until we could get it sorted out. We didn't expect it, and it was one hell of a haymaker. Your utilization of POVS was top notch and always had us on our heels. Towards the end of Saturday, the wind shifted and gave you guys a severe advantage, but we were able to hold up decently and not lose that much ground. Again, you guys kicked ass and made the event enjoyable. 

    I want to commend the proactive approach most CoST players took. With a few days left we realized our CO couldn't make it, so everyone on Command had to step up and take on extra responsibility with little to no prep time. Without the awesome players we wouldn't have done as well as we did. They all stepped up, fought hard, and communicated very well when at some points it broke down. I'm proud of CoST's performance. 

    I want to take a moment to talk about how awesome the admins were, and how important Alex is to AMS. Without Alex, the game suffers big time. He's a hard worker, gets shit done, and always keeps the game interesting. Alex, you're the man and I hope you stay as Control as long as AMS puts on games. The admins were far better than they have been in the past, and seemed to always be on the ball, save a few instances where the rules weren't 100% known. 

    David Ly dome popped me twice...so there's that. BUT, we had a killer drive by kill on Top. That will make for some good footage. 

    All in all, I love the AMS community and want everyone who attended to come to more events. Y'all are awesome. See you at BH4! 
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    Rainmaker reacted to SANDMAN! in Copperhead AAR   
    Well, despite Mr Murphy doing his utmost to make Force Recon Canada's trip down to Copperhead a bust, we had a wikid time. Th AO was hands down the best we've played to date I would say. If not then pretty damn close to it. Stunning scenery. The Hit calling was the best I've seen in the sport to date. Honourable players all round and very refreshing for a change.
    I have only a few items to bring up. First, I felt that there wasn't a ton of Command and Control going on. We always felt like it was bit of a free for all as a squad. I would love to see a more dedicated command structure that squads can go to for direction. We tried multiple times to get in touch with our command and was never able to so we basically went where ever we thought we were needed most/ wanted to go.
    The second Item relates to the size of the AO. UFS had the right idea to bring a Uhaul.....the AO was way bigger in reality even though I had paced it out on the map. If CoST dosen't deploy its own troop transports for Copper head next year we will be bringing our own. Personally I think the pace of the game and the ability for commanders to put troops when and where they need them in a timely manner would be a huge game changer and for the better. The turn around time for squads to re-spawn and get back in the fight was really long. 
    Third item is a personal gripe....and something that if dealt with, great but if not...meh...I can live with it: Project honour and the lone wolf. I try very hard to ID my targets....but this Project honour stuff. it IS a tan bias camo. Why it has been deemed a Green Camo is beyond me. Not too big of an issue if the fellah wearing it is rolling with other CoST guys wearing Green oriented camo, but the lone wolfers wearing PH WITH tan coloured kit were seriously messing with my shit! I lost count of how many times I was pointing out these guys to my squad while on overwatch or even how many times we lit those guys up by mistake. I would recommend it be given to UFS...my 2 cents.
    This was my first AMS event, but my teams second. From all accounts on our side you guys are moving in the right direction on all points. Keep up the good work and get up north!!! 
    Finally, a huge shout out to Rick for helping out the Team with some logistics! Cant thank you enough, Cheers!
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    Rainmaker reacted to Longsword in What's with the balance?   
    Exactly. Superior numbers doesn't guarantee victory. History has shown us countless occasions in which a smaller force is able to overcome with superior strategy, tactics and willpower. Victory can be achieved, it only depends on badly we want it. And I won't lie, the UFS will be throwing their hardest into this fight. They finally have Coleville and they won't give it up easily. 

    To the UFS soldiers, I say I'm looking forward to doing battle with you. You all never cease to bring your A game. On the battlefield we may be foes but off the field I will always congratulate your efforts. I couldn't ask for finer opponents in war or greater individuals to share a weekend away from reality with

    To my CoST brothers all I can say is: Fight. Fight as you've never fought before. Don't quit the field because the battle doesn't swing in our favor; don't despair when the Federal forces strike at us with the might of their war machine. Give it your all, throw yourselves once more into the breach and turn this war around! Because we won't stop at Broken Home. No, we'll push the Federals all the way to Washington and secure our right to truly be a Coalition of SOVEREIGN Territories!

    No matter what happens, at the end of the day, I'll be glad to spend a weekend having fun with an amazing group of individuals, regardless of faction, in this incredible pastime known as airsoft. You all are the best!
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    Rainmaker reacted to Mr. Yuk in What's with the balance?   
    Equal numbers are not always an acurate measurement of balance. Talent, teamwork and communication are huge force multipliers!
    Don't let number disparities get to you. Just come overprepared and maintain a positive "can do" attitude, regardless of the situations presented.
    Plus I will be coming to Broken Home for CoST. And I am coming to DO WORK!!!
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    Rainmaker reacted to Shtirlitz in What's with the balance?   
    Aaaaand 100 more spots were added for UFS and are almost sold out in a couple hours
    So we're at, like 350 vs 180 right now...
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    Rainmaker got a reaction from skip in Indigo Sky   
    We are talking about the discounted rate for staying at the casino, not for the event tickets.
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    Rainmaker reacted to Clepto in What's with the balance?   
    The thing I don't like is last year at broken home 3 there was a lot of UFS that had helo gun runs and it looks like the same this year!
    Why don't they have half for UFS and half For CoST! It would make it would be a lot better!
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    Rainmaker reacted to Firefox88 in Flags?   
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    Rainmaker reacted to Enola Gaye SLO in Thanx from Enola Gaye   
    Hey guys just wanted to say thanx to everyone who came by the booth to talk to us and those who continue to throw our smoke grenades. we have been sponsoring AMS for a while now but this was the first time we have been able to attend and are so glad we did, all of had a blast and look forward to attending future events 
    find us on Facebook 
    Enola Gaye
    Enola Gaye USA
    @JEDI_SLO (personal)
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    Rainmaker got a reaction from airsoftmachine in Looking to Carpool from Atlanta   
    You mean once you buy your CoST ticket right? 
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    Rainmaker reacted to Dave in Are players allowed to use contours/Gopros   
    Only if you promise to put it on youtube with starwipes and drowning pool cranked over the top of it.
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    Rainmaker reacted to dirtpro in 2015 POV Ruleset   
    Would love to see some provision for actual armored vehicles to have an advantage over my pick up truck with plywood bedsides. This is supposed to be milsim after all and it could encourage people to bring legitimate tactical vehicles rather than dress up their mom's van...
    Just a thought!
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    Rainmaker reacted to RoninKiros in Flags?   
    If it's a UFS flag, you can take it and run like the wind Bullseye!  Hell, run it back to your base and put it on a flag pole.  If it's a CoST flag, just let it ascend the flag pole and enjoy the breeze.  Stand back and just be filled with awe and amazement at such a beautiful flag.
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