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    Rainmaker reacted to Texas_operators in Two Quick Questions   
    Truthfully i brig about 4-5 batteries max thats me personally since i use up alot juice.It also depends on what batteries you use in your gun and how much you use your gun.Im a SSW so we shoot ALOT,you just have to look at all the variables.
    And for your second question im pretty sure have to....But idk
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    Rainmaker reacted to Dave in Full Tactical Vest or Recon Chest Rig?   
    Fixed that for you lol
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    Rainmaker reacted to stagg in AARs   

    I realized during the event, that the clocks could have been done much better by using chess clocks....
    Does exactly the same thing, is cheap, and could be more durable.  

    Also prevents cheating.  If you use the current system nothing keeps a guy from just bringing extra batteries.
    Personally I dislike playing for time/points, but if you are going to do it, this would enhance the experience (Also be much easier on the Admin work load.) 
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    Rainmaker reacted to Bob_IRL in Anyone know who won?!   
    plot twist: CDF won
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    Rainmaker reacted to Parks in BH4 Pics by KDog   
    Go to KDOG action photography and you can purchase the originals.
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    Rainmaker reacted to skip in Indigo Sky   
    Keeping it civil and polite would also be appreciated by all.
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    Rainmaker reacted to jdelbs18 in Media   
    Definitely looking for several of the people taking photos. I know there was a guy with his camera in a holding apparatus taking photos and got some great footage of my brothers and I. Haven't seen them yet on any of the sites that have posted up links to albums. Wish we could get a list of press people and their associated groups / galleries so we knew where to look!
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    Rainmaker reacted in m4 troubles   
    If you come to the event stop by the Oppenheimer booth talk to Matt. (me). If you seem like a decent person I'll let you guys run one of my personal guns. Granted it will be based upon trust and respect, but if you and your guys seem legit I'll see what we can do for you even if its running the op with a brand new gun. To me personally I hate to see new players suffer for the lack of a good local support system. That is the main reason I got into this retail gig.(even with all the frustration that comes with that) In the end its about good will.
    Hit us up if you cant get a loaner.
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    Rainmaker reacted to Alex AMS in m4 troubles   
    You have contributed nothing constructive to this thread.  A simple question was asked, and your reply did nothing but belittle someone asking for help.  Please keep it civil.
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    Rainmaker reacted to Transition in OBH4 Lost and Found   
    TO whoever picked up my vtac headsets, Since you picked them up at the end of saturday in Costs mobile respawn and apparently decided finders keepers.... ENJOY and if you want my push to talk to go with them message me maybe we can make a deal.
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    Rainmaker reacted to 3-GUN in AARs   
    That is complete nonsense if thats the case. We had to sprint from Caen at the start of play, leaving Coleville an easy grab for UFS before we could even get close. If this really was the case, I have to question that call. We should have started at Pegasus.
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    Rainmaker reacted to Lotus in AARs   
    I second this.
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    Rainmaker reacted to Trunk in AARs   
    Please tell me this is not true. I know our guys busted ass on Sunday. I hope that it counted towards something!
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    Rainmaker reacted to Trunk in AARs   
    While this was not my first AMS event, it was my first time to Broken Home. With that being said I did everything one can do to plan for an OP of this side. I scoured YouTube watching just about every Broken Home video I could find. I printed maps and marked them with identifiers so that I would know what I was looking for. I worked closely with my team to ensure that everyone understood the magnitude of 1100 acres. I went into the event with the mindset that the field itself would kill me. Op planning is huge when it comes to an American Milsim event. Not only planning, but preparing yourself and those attending with you. With this event our main concern was hydration and carrying everything we needed to be self sustaining. While most of our guys had no issues with this we did have a couple guys fall off with due to hydration issues. For those reading this and planning for Broken Homes to come... HYDRATE HYDRATE HYDRATE! I was the platoon leader for UFS Delta 4 under Company Commander Kaiju. Talking to Kaiju about a month before the OP I knew I was in good hands! The guy was heavily motivated and ready to dominate CoST. The plan he had in place was damn near flawless and appeared to work as it should have come Game On! Saturday started with us securing CP7 alongside Delta 3 (good running with you Grover). Once it was secure and a MRP was set up we were tasked with setting up a security around this CP. Other Delta platoons pushed forward to Victory Ridge, CP1, and CP4. After standing guard for roughly an hour without any contact at all I contacted Kaiju and let him know our SITREP. At this point he informed me to stretch my guys until we could see Delta 1. We did this, but it appeared they weren't taking much contact either. Most of the action seemed to be taking place at Pegasus Bridge. I relayed this information to Kaiju and he requested that my guys rally up and make our way to Victory Ridge. Here we encountered a rather large force of CoST. Delta 4 along with other UFS members pushed CoST back to CP5 (Cagn). At this point platoons where mixed up due to heavy casualties so Kaiju called us all back to CP7 to regroup and plan for our next attack on CoST.  We received word of a force heading towards CP7 while we were regrouping, but that never developed into any action. After regrouping most of Delta pushed on CP5 (Cagn) as it would give us an excellent stronghold on the west side of Pegasus. We pushed CoST back into CP5, but unfortunately, we were never able to make raise the flag. Once our effort was repelled we returned back to CP7 to regroup. At this point our CO (TOP) requested that Delta 4 set out on a search for the mystical CP6. We did not find it on the first search, but our guys did on the second search. When we did locate it we were hit with a large CoST force which kept us from securing the flag. On the flip side we kept them from securing it as well.  After re spawning at FOB we sent a squad from Delta 4 to locate, secure, and return the downed pilot. Along with the help from Grover we completed this objective with very little action, but ALOT of hiking! At this point most of the guys were extremely tired and looking for a break. We stopped for a bit and then made one last push along with the other Delta members to secure CP5. This time our guys made it into the Cagn, but were still unsuccessful at raising the flag. This led us to ENDEX.  We knew a storm was rolling in so we decided not to play the night op. We returned to our hotel so we could rest for Sunday. Sunday we expected it to be an extremely wet and muddy disaster. On the way to the field we ran into Kaiju who told us the road was washed out. We followed him the long way to the AO. Once we got there the first thing we noticed was that about half of the players had left. Knowing this alot of the guys where hesitant to gear up and deal with the rain/thunderstorms heading our way. After a bit of convincing all of Delta 4 geared up and made it to formation.  Once at formation I was a bit disappointed to find that our CO (TOP) had left. I am not sure what the reason was, so I will not make any remarks. Along with this it seemed like alot of company commanders had decided to leave or sit out as well. This caused random players to step up and take leadership roles. Some of which shouldn't have!  Nevertheless we decided to hit the field taking orders from "some guy" who claimed that Alpha and Delta had been merged. Our objective was to secure CP6, Airfield, Coleville, and Pegasus. The guys from Alpha made their way to CP6 to secure it while our guys went with the rest of the UFS force to Coleville. THIS IS WHERE THE FUN STARTED!! We ran into a force of CoST pushing on Coleville so we decided to cover the left flank. This worked for about an hour until CoST brought a multi platoon sized force from the ravine and pushed us out of the woods. Great work CoST!! With this we hit our MRP, reloaded, and setup a defensive position inside Coleville. Most of Delta 4 made their way to a small berm just on the North side of the flag in Coleville. This allowed us to cover the small connex building and ensure that nobody could run up on the flag. We utilized our medics by having them lay on the low side of the berm to keep them safe. This gave them the ability to watch our flanks without any real endangerment. After doing this for what seemed like hours CoST eventually pulled back to Pegasus. We were told this was their last stronghold on the AO. At that point most of the UFS forces made one final push to try and secure Pegasus. This is where our need for leadership was very noticeable. All we really had were a few guys yelling and throwing a SH*T TON of smoke. A real plan was never put in place and CoST had a rather secure stronghold. The ENDEX for Sunday came with us sitting on the doorstep of Pegasus, but failing to raise the flag for UFS! With all of this being said I will say that Sunday was a much more enjoyable day. The North-South action was much better than hiking all over the western side of the field on Saturday. It would have been really nice to see some action on Saturday on the western side of the field. It seemed like the objectives we secured came with very little contact or resistance. I heard throughout the day quite a few people complaining about the lack of action on the west side of the field. I don't know if this was planned or if this was a lack of CoST being able to make it past our front lines. However, I enjoyed myself and kept in constant contact with my CC. I told him we were ready for action and he delivered. I can say without a doubt that I had an amazing time at BH4! Pros:1. Kaiju was a HELL of a CC!2. The field was the hardest test I have put myself through in a long time!3. The players. CoST and UFS! I love the rivalry!4. The AMS staff is SECOND TO NONE!5. The weather Saturday was almost perfect!6. The Helo... The coolest thing I have seen at an airsoft event yet!7. The "Magic School Bus" that took us to FOB on Saturday. Cons:1. The weather overnight Saturday and Sunday.2. Players leaving on Sunday (understandable).3. Lack of leadership on Sunday.4. I used less than 10 mags on Saturday due to very little action.5. After the Helo run our guys could not find the FOB. They asked numerous Admins who couldn't point them in the right direction. After about 45 minutes of being lost they ran into Alex who got them going the right way!6. The raffle area/stage. I think it would have been better had the raffle been held at the same stage that formation was held at.7. Don't throw high dollar items... that's how fights start! Conclusion...I love AMS and the atmosphere that surrounds them! If I had the funds I would attend EVERY AMS event! Does it help that I have considered moving to Oklahoma to make this easier??  My plan is to see all of you at Ironclad!UFS! UFS! UFS! -Trunk
    -Indiana Spartan Airsoft
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    Rainmaker reacted to Downs in rain + aegs   
    You'll be fine.  There's really nothing to hurt.  Make sure you give it a good wipe down when you get home after the game and punch the bore a few times with a dry patch. 
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    Rainmaker reacted to TheJP in It's gonna be wet.   
    Players are expected to conduct combat operations in inclement weather.
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    Rainmaker reacted to Aswayze in It's gonna be wet.   
    Played through worse at DDAP:  
    Or even CS Gas  
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    Rainmaker reacted to Rebel in It's gonna be wet.   
    It's Oklahoma, we all know that if you don't like the weather then wait 20 minutes.
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    Rainmaker reacted in It's gonna be wet.   
    We had flooding and chances of tornados last year and we all stuck it out!
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    Rainmaker reacted to screwballjim in It's gonna be wet.   
    Oh it'll be wet from all UFS crying.
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    Rainmaker reacted to slab in It's gonna be wet.   
    Rain or shine.
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    Rainmaker reacted to Mikey575 in It's gonna be wet.   
    I'm paying over $300 for this whole trip, no quitting for any of us from down here in NM.
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    Rainmaker reacted to jazzman in It's gonna be wet.   
    Ummmmmmmmmm unless the tornado is picking me up off the ground, play on?  Milsim bro.
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    Rainmaker reacted to Dave in Types of DMRs?   
    This is all just a grand conspiracy by AMS to distract us from why the M27 can't be used as a SSW.
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    Rainmaker reacted to screwballjim in Camping at Broken Home 4   
    Me and my bud got rained out and slept in the car two large sweaty guys sleeping in small metal box really seals in the flavor my wife is still mad about the smell......
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