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    Rainmaker reacted to Sisu in BDUs   
    Simple answer: 

    Each OP has strict camo restrictions. If it's not listed, it's not allowed.
    That being said, at least one of the camos on each faction is very easy to find and pretty cheap - it may be inconvenient, but it's worth it. Save funky camo for your local OPs and skirmishes.
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    Rainmaker reacted to Blue1 in BDUs   
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    Rainmaker reacted to Dep in Gruber night game?   
    If your looking for feedback...not a fan of the new event schedule.
    I mucb prefer the BH schedule. I would rather have the rest after a hard day on Saturday to prepare for Sunday than sitting around until 3:00 on Saturday and getting very little rest for Sunday.
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    Rainmaker reacted to AMS Solo in No Alcohol   
    Yea JP
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    Rainmaker reacted to Doc Dodge in Civilian Defense Force (CDF) - Roster   
    Update, please?
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    Rainmaker reacted to Alex AMS in CDF Gear   
    This is how rumors start.
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    Rainmaker reacted in United Federal States (UFS) - Roster   
    Semi-auto aside, if you are dead set on a bolt action system, I'd at least look at options over $100. Most platforms under that level aren't quality that will last you long. You want something that is nearly all metal. With as many stairs and concrete as there are on this AO, all it would take is for you to fall forward on your rifle to crack a polymer body. You also want something that will hit in the 450-500 FPS range. Anything under 400 is typical of any standard airsoft gun, really missing the point of the sniper role in the first place.
    Be sure to have a sidearm as well for CQB distance engagements. 
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    Rainmaker reacted to KsWrench in Gruber night game?   
    Go look up the schedule for IC2 in the IC forum.
    Basically, you start later, play later, no dinner break.
    I won't be looking forward to it.
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    Rainmaker reacted to Blackbird in Body Armor   
    Ron's right.

    I have quite a bit of experience in this area, I airsofted on a budget for a while, and now my current employer trusts me with helping guys like you do the same pretty much on the daily.

    You could definitely set up a full loadout that'd get the job done (it may not necessarily be what you want at the end of the day) for your 500 budget.

    Assuming you're starting at zero kit of any kind (because any kit you do have saves you money)

    You need to buy your ticket, that's 150. Which leaves you with about 350 for gun, gear etc.

    You can get a totally serviceable AEG with battery and charger for under 200. We frequently sell the combat machines, but you have a TON of options. I've used the combat machines at AMS events (and larger milsim events before AMS was a thing) they hold up well. Nobody needs to be running a souped up ferrari of a gun to have a good time. So we'll start with this.

    Combat machine package averages about 160. You'll want a spare battery and a good charger, which puts you right about 200.

    Now your gun is squared away, you have 150 left for gear and safety equipment.

    You have what I consider three basic needs during an airsoft game as they relate to your gear.

    1. protect your eyes/face
    2. Carry water.
    3. Carry ammo.

    Additionally, protecting your feet/ankles is important, and you should consider this too.

    you can pick up a cheap totally functional pair of goggles from just about any retailer under the sun for under 20. if you need full face due to age, a full face mask is about the same price. Valken has some good offerings, lancer tactical goggles are great with a little anti-fog. I keep a spare set of the lancer goggles in my game-day bag in case something happens to one of my lenses for my m-frames, or i need to lend a pair out.
    now we're at 130 bucks for all your other game day equipment.

    two and three kind of go together, and you'll also need mags to toss in your vest, so i'll include these here.

    Elite Force sells a ten pack of midcaps for 64 bucks. If you need more than that i'd be impressed.

    So now we're at 66 bucks for gear.

    Gryffon gear chest rig. 15 bucks. Built surprisingly well for the price. You just cannot beat it. it'll hold water bottles, it'll hold all your mags. If you pair it with a spare backpack (because who doesn't have one of those lying around) now you can carry literally ALL of the things you need, and have your mags available to you at a moments notice.

    Alternatively, as Kolt and Ron have mentioned, surplus alice rigs. You can find these at most surplus stores, flea markets, or online. The surplus stores by me sell them for like 20 bucks, fitted with some pouches, and you can find extras for a couple dollars a piece.

    So let's assume about 30-ish dollars for load bearing gear.

    Now you have 30 bucks to spend on BB's (which is about what i go through in a typical AMS event, unless I run my LMG, and then Lord, help my wallet).


    That's EVERYTHING you need to attend an AMS event outside of the uniform, and boots (which typically, if you're interested in milsim events, you'll already have).

    now, this budget didn't keep in mind basic human needs like food, shelter, etc, but assuming your $500 total was budgeted purely for gameplay necessities, that'll do it. It won't be the prettiest loadout, it won't be the most high speed low drag Force Recon impression full of all the Crye Pursizzzzion gear-porn you've always dreamed of, but you don't NEED any of that crap to play.

    True story, my first ever large scale Milsim event of the level of AMS games that i traveled out of state for (I'm from Texas) was Oklahoma invasion 6 many many years ago.

    I played that game in a 20 dollar chest rig, and 40 dollar surplus bdu's, with 20 dollar boots from wal-mart.

    I had a freaking blast. The experience is what makes the good time, not the gear. Don't worry about getting super expensive kit. Get what you need to have a good time and sling some BB's. I betcha a dollar that by the end of the game, you won't even be worried about the quality, price, or utility of your kit, cuz you had so much fun blastin badguys all weekend.
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    Rainmaker reacted to Ron Mexico in Body Armor   
    You have 3 months to complete your load out and if money is an issue then I suggest a cheap load out to carry your magazines in and bb's in. You don't need a high dollar rig and if you join the buy sell pages on facebook you can pick up an inexpensive vest to help you out.
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    Rainmaker reacted to Kolt1911 in Body Armor   
    Check flea markets and get an ALICE pistol belt and a few mag pouches. Won't cost you more than $20 or so. My question is what are you spending the rest of that money on? That's a sizable budget! You could also go with a Condor 6 mag chest rig, people make fun of Condor but it's cheap and it works, of course that's going to wind up being $40 or so. I promise not to make fun of you if you get a crossdraw from wal-mart. 
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    Rainmaker reacted to Rebel in m4 FPS too high.. + drum-mag = support weapon?   
    Short answer is no. Support weapons have to replicate their real steel counter-part. So a m4 with a drum mag would not be allowed.
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    Rainmaker reacted to Alex AMS in uniforms color for ufs   
    Uniform information is on the Registration page:
    - UFS ARMY: United Federal States Army - DCU, 3 color Desert, Multicam, Desert Marpat Solid TAN, Tan Flight Suit, AOR1, Kryptek Nomad, A-TACS AU, Multicam Arid, Inland Taipan - Squads must match, Headgear must match faction camo or base color (Tan), TAC Gear color DOES NOT MATTER.
    If you are wearing a ghillie suit it has to be faction specific color.  (Brown/Tan or Green)
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    Rainmaker reacted to skip in OP Signup?   
    The RY3 info on the forum says signup is today, but there are no links and no info.  Guessing this is an after thought or will the info be available and new signup date after Ironclad?
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    Rainmaker reacted in Elite Force M4 4CRS   
    There are important things to consider before throwing a tightbore in any platform. 
    1. For distance, the hopup/bucking/nub are where you want to focus.
    2. Tightbores and barrel length typically effect accuracy over distance, and most barrel length beyond 540mm will hinder your distance. There's also a lot of argument as to barrel diameter. Most say that 6.03 is the magic number, but some still swear by the tight 6.01. Just do some forum searching on google to inform your choice. 6.01 can sometimes form a vacuum that decreases velocity, and 6.03 in my opinion gives just enough room for air around your bb's. If high accuracy is needed, you'll probably want to go for steel barrels over brass as they vibrate less. 
    3. Be aware that a longer, tighter barrel will affect your FPS. Sometimes it drops, sometimes it rises. So you may need to do some other adjustments once it's in to keep in your role's limits. (Spring is usually your best bet there assuming you use an AEG platform.)
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    Rainmaker got a reaction from Doomshaper in New Hop-up/New TBB   
    Yes, but I would start with just a tightbore and a new bucking/nub. Maybe get the actual unit later if you are still having fliers.
    It will increase your fps. Depending on how good the hop up is on the gun now, it may raise it by 10-20 fps or so.
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    Rainmaker reacted to Parks in ? about KWA LM4   
    will get 100x better performance with the heavier bb.
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    Rainmaker reacted to TheJP in Does AMS Accept Donations?   
    American Milsim is a privately owned for profit company (or at least we try!)
    While I'd love all you guys to just donate us cash... I don't think any of the AMS owners would feel comfortable with a private individual just randomly donating money to make AMS "better", if  anything we would want to work with that individual to "donate"  to a foundation that American Milsim supports such as NSW Kids, K9 for Heroes, Texas Peace Officers,etc...
    Hope that makes sense.
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    Rainmaker reacted to jazzman in Does AMS Accept Donations?   
    I am neither a "founder" nor a "high level admin", however inclined to make one point.  Do not forget that AMS is a BUSINESS. It is not the same as a nonprofit like many local fields or organizers. 
    That said, if you hand people money I somehow doubt they are going to say 'no thanks'. 
    Maybe your $$$ would be better off used bringing some cool toys to AMS events such as a cool military vehicle or some cool nightvision - we always need more bodies at the night games.
    $.02 anyway.  Make donations to charities not companies. (and buy a black card, and buy all your friends black cards)
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    Rainmaker reacted to Bob_IRL in Ammo   
    correct: you can't pop out a speedloader. you'll need a secondary weapon anyways so focus on mags for that one.
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    Rainmaker reacted to Downs in Dual Coms for the poor man.   
    I've seen folks running dual coms on their vest on here but usually it's though some sort of costly unit that combines the signals from both radios into your head set.  And you are still stuck lugging around (even though they are lightweight) 2 radios, which means double the batteries are needed for the day as well.   
    This setup should allow you to use one radio for low cost (under 100 dollars) and use/monitor 2 frequencies at the same time.  This first solution isn't perfect and I'll go into why after the links. 
    First is an A/B handmic that has two PTTs on the side.  This allows you to use the A and B sides of the radio from the handmic without having to pull the radio to mess with buttons on the face of it.  This mic (none of the dual ptt mics) will make this work with the standard UV-5R radio.

    The second is a BAOFENG UV-82.  This comes in various flavors but the basic Uv-82 model is currently 40ish dollars on Amazon.  There is a "HP" model similar to the BF-F8HP (High power UV-5R) that makes 7 to 8 watts instead of the standard 5 watts.  These are just north of 60 dollars.  Anyway this radio has the ability to use the A and B "channels" at the same time without having to push the A/B button like on the UV-5R series.  With the above mic you simply pus the top part of the switch for frequency A and the bottom part of the switch for frequency B.  Easy peasy. There is a dual PTT on the radio itself as well if you don't want to run a handmic. 

    Now the problem with this setup is that a radio like the UV-82 does not have dual transcievers.  It uses one transciever and uses software to "scan" back and forth between A and B frequencies very fast.  This generally works but for example if command is trying to call down to your squad while someone on the squad is trying to talk to you at the same time you will miss one of the calls.  Since the radio only has one transciever it can only listen to one frequency at a time.  this should work 99 percent of the time honestly, and is a good budget option for "dual coms" if you need dual coms for whatever reason.  
    Now to solve this single transciver probably I usually see folks who run dual coms run two radios.  The other option is to run a radio that has dual transcivers built into it.  One such radio that is affordable is the Wouxun KG-UV8D.  This radio has two transcivers built into the same case.  It also has a cross band repeater capability but that's a subject for another thread.  This radio can recieve both A and B at the same time so in theory you'd never miss a call.  Though it is hard to pick out the words you want to listen to when both channels are open at the same time.  The dual transcievers do make the radio a bit battery hungry as well but there are extended batteries out there and 12 V adapters if you wanted to run it in a vehicle.  
    The problem here is I haven't been able to test it or find out if the dual PTT speaker mic will work with this radio.  No one I've talked to has tried it yet either.  I don't have a KG-UV8D laying around to test it either my experience with this radio has been though using a friend's UV8D.  If it does indeed work it would  be great for those needing dual coms because it would reduce the load you need to carry to a single radio instead of two.  

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    Rainmaker reacted to T-REX in Flying to an airsoft event help.   
    I just recently flew with my gun and gear to Canada for an event. You need to have the hard case with at least 2 NON-TSA APPROVED LOCKS. TSA locks use a master key to open and this is illegal for fire arms. Nobody can access the gun besides you. keep it locked inside the airport until they tell you to open it. DECLARE IT AS A FIRE ARM AT BAG CHECK IN Trust me, do not try to fly with it as normal luggage because TSA will check it and open it and prolly break it, seen it happen. Say its a fire arm, they check inside your case, prove its unloaded. they can not touch the actual gun. its quick and easy, for me not so much since i had to deal with canadian customs and their airsoft laws which they them selves didnt even know. no gas being flown. carry your gear inside a checked bag but be prepared for it to get opened at some point. if posisble, put your mags in your gun case to prevent confusion. it is ok to fly with ammo, just make sure its not in a baggie to prevent spills. Other than that, it is easy. 
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    Rainmaker reacted in Milsim West Tourniquet   
    I do like that that gives any squad member the ability to revive that first time. 
    I think that in itself is what erks me about the current medic rules. There's such an emphasis on medics (and I can understand why, they're important in any combat scenario) that everyone needs them at all times. If you are a medic, it's hard to even find time to really play at these events due to the sheer number of people requiring your attention. People in my squad dislike being medic for that reason. Because they hate being helpful? No, but because it's difficult to stay with the squad they signed up with, and it's hard to fit in enough trigger time in that role to meet registration costs. That shouldn't be the case. Sure you could sign your squad up without someone assigned to the medic role, but that only makes things more difficult as any downed member is then crippling the squads ability to stay together and enjoy the event.
    Not to mention that if you are split from a main group and without a medic and are downed, you pretty much have to go to respawn. On some of the bigger AO's like BH, there's just little to no chance a medic will get to you in time unless you are in one of the bigger combat zones. 
    Giving that first revival option to anyone would help spread that duty out a bit. Doesn't have to be tourniquets I guess, just bandage count. And aren't most service men and women deployed with at least a basic medical knowledge for stabilizing or minimum trauma control?
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    Rainmaker reacted to Kolt1911 in Uniform Color   
    Welcome, first off. I hope you can enjoy your time here, these are a great bunch of guys, this place is (usually) like a big airsoft internet bear hug. 

    Someone should post a link to the approved uniforms for faction. UCP/ACU unfortunately isn't on either list. 

    - UFS ARMY: United Federal States Army - DCU 3 color Desert / Multicam (Solid TAN Top/Bottoms or flight suit, DCU, AOR1, Multicam Head Gear, Kryptek Nomad, A-TACS AU, Crye Arid  - Squads are encouraged to match) TAC Gear color DOES NOT MATTER.
    - CoST: Coalition of Sovereign Territories Army - Woodland , Marpat, AOR2, Kryptek Mandrake, Project Honor, A-TACS FG, Crye Tropic, Solid OD Top/Bottom or Flight suit. (Head gear: Woodland or OD - Squads are encouraged to match) TAC Gear color DOES NOT MATTER.

    Plus you don't want to use that stuff, man, you'll be seen from miles away. Your best bet is to set that aside and go buy a few sets of M81 woodland and go as CoST   
    Alternatively you could make me love you a lot less and go buy some Tri-Color DCU and be UFS. Those are probably the two cheapest options there. 

    Oh, and do me a personal favor for being one of the few people awake right now - don't spend $70 on that vest. The system itself is fine but get it in a subdued color so you can actually blend. You will thank me next game you play and you watch every kid in UCP/ACU get lit up like a Christmas tree. 
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    Rainmaker reacted to Zippo in Serious Topic - Teaching the New Players   
    Most of us longtime players have seen the massive influx of new players, both young and hold. At the same time, most of the attention gets turned to the negative impact the new players cause. What is the best course of action when it comes to dealing with new players? While there are bad eggs who just want to shoot as many bbs as possible, there are good newbies that want to learn every aspect of MilSim and play the game it was intended to be played. Your thoughts? 

    Video for shameless plug. Not the typical vid you'd see on my channel. I think y'all will like. 

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