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    Still no results?
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    Fellow photographers and media people. Post below your page, facebook, instagram, flickr, YouTube or whatever other media outlet you have for your pictures and videos from this weekend.

    I've gotten a lot of questions of where people could find the pictures and video taken so I figured I would create a post where all players that have the same question could go and check out the different avenues.

    In my case I'll be posting pictures here

    Great meeting a lot you!

    Johel Maza
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    Totally agree on this.  We were planning on running through till 11 although at significantly decreased force presense.  AMS informed us at around 10 minutes to 9PM that the game would stop at 9.  We told as many as we could, but still many players we could not get ahold of stayed out on the field and did not stop playing until 11 and did not know the plan was changed. 
    I think everything would have been fine if we'd just kept going till 11 like the schedule stated.  I think the night game should be there for those who want it, even if it's only 10% of players or whatever, it's still cool to have.
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    Hey there, I was the COST S3 and kinda second in command for parts of the weekend. I had a few things that come to mind when comparing this year to last year. I've had fun every time I come out to play there, and I've been to every Broken Home. This year felt a little different (maybe it was the rare good weather) probably because of everything new the AMS staff tried to implement this year. Some ideas worked, some seemed to not go over so great, some just made it different. 

    One of the biggest changes was the time-table. Pushing back start and running through the night sounds really great on paper, and probably has worked really well in some of the smaller AO's but at DDay, it is so massive a field that it seems to me it just exausted everyone as much, if not more than usual. And Cost was etting tired and hot even though most of them were defending Colleville although there was a bunch of moving from flank to flank). A even though there was no official break for dinner, most of each team took it, and it seems to have had a negative effect on the night game. By 9pm we were being told only a handful of UFS were on the field and available to play, so we were told to call it at 9, and most of the remaining COST players walked (or rode) off the field. Then we were told if you wanted to stay you could, but most of Cost, if they had Night vision, had either left already not knowing a night game was on, or had left it at the vehicles and had no time to get them before we started a small night game in Colleville. The night game was not fun. I understand that if you have nods, by all means use them, but when you have a group of guys who don't have nods playing against a group of guys who do, it isn't exactly fun. I got dome-popped a few times, and really close too. 

    Another thing I noticed was the smaller number of Fragos. I've been S3 at Broken Home 4 and End State 3 and both of those times we had Fragos start early and continue. This would give us a sense of momentum, not just defend Colleville all day. We had guys sitting so long, they went and harassed the UFS fob without me knowing, just for the heck of it. Also, some of the finer points on the play-ability of FOBs wasn't pushed down in our op-order, like the ability to raid enemy FOBs for the War materiel crates. We had UFS take one in the last hour on Sunday in Colleville, but 3 of 4 times Saturday we were up in theirs and could have gotten 2 or 3 of those crates, again just a lack of communication down. 

    One thing that is blaring in my mind (and I'm sure I'll either edit this post or add another one as I digest all that I did as command for Cost and witnessed my troops go through) is the Helo runs. I understand helo runs are a main attraction here for many, and I love that we can do them, but when it comes down to how Helo runs affect our overall game play, I feel there is room to improve. I noticed that 2 out of every 3 gun runs seemed to be friendly to UFS (may just be me only noticing when they weren't friendly) but it really seemed to break my sides spirits when 3 or 4 gun runs in a row targeted us, and thats when a bunch of my guys who were on the fence about walking off for the day did so. I might be spit balling here, but maybe implementing a system where there is a fixed number of gun runs per side, might help. Not that it would be limited to only people enlisted on that faction, but say you have 8 UFS gun runs and 8 COST gun runs. well, all 8 UFS sold, but only 5 COST did, well those 3 could go to UFS soldiers, but only on the understanding that they are COST in the HELO and that intentionally targeting COST on a COST Gun run would count as a war crime against the other faction. Might need refining as an idea, but that seems like a fair-er way of leveling out gun runs, so that those who pay for them can go on them, but it won't adversely affect the game play like it seems to have done in the past.

    Communication is always a topic of frustration, even when mine was working right. As command, I only have commo up to Game admins, and down to Platoon leaders, From there platoon leaders have commo to me and to squad leaders, and from there squads have squads and  up to squad leaders. I have seen a few AAR's where they couldn't directly send up real world requests for corpsmen or other emergencies, and this might need to be addressed in the safety brief next time, but if you are sending something real-word up the chain of command, but say your squad leader is dead (in game), squad leader, do respond and continue that request up the chain. As S3 I won't know unless your Platoon leader tells me, or you find me yourself. I understand dead men don't talk, but interpret what is real world and send it up. The whole idea of the lower mag rule and one re-spawn area is that squads would stick together and squad leader would have commo up to platoons, which would generally stay in one AOR and within radio range. Follow that line of thinking on up. I understand sometimes hills or distance get in the way, but if I may suggest investing in a programmable radio capable of frequencies, because I had hardly any problems with my Baofeng, hearing people who were down in valleys while I was up in the church. This is tying into squad cohesion so I'll say this, by Sunday it seemed that large chunks of every platoon was gone, and by the middle of Sunday, all platoons had dissolved, and my command became more direct than delegation. I was running around finding groups coming in to respawn and tasking them out from there once they were up, even to the point of me moving to engage myself (which I enjoyed the change of pace, just saying). Platoons dissolved, but squads either stayed together, or were quickly formed, and there were a few squads (probably local teams that stuck together) that I knew I could rely on. Shout out to Ad Astra and the leviathan tactical pro staff (Breaker and Crash) for being some guys I could count on. I was a little disappointed in the fact that many didn't come back to play Sunday though.

    Overall I had fun. I always enjoy it, and the weather this year was better than most. I look forward to playing with you all at possibly Copperhead. 

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    Rainmaker reacted to pappy in BH5 AAR   
    I had fun, but I think this was a big step back from previous games. Honestly, I don't think it was anything I couldn't get at an open play at home. We were given one mission to start out with, then were basically left out to dry and had two heat casualties in the first two hours. Props to the CDF guys who let us walk through their lines to get back out of the western valley to get our kids safely back. But back on point, all I heard this year (and last year for that matter) is this would be different...we would be playing in different areas. Then we come to find out the COST FOB is IN COLLEVILLE....so all the fighting took place in the ville and on pegasus bridge. That made no sense to me. Comms with command was less than suck, it was non existent. The two times we called for corpsmen, we had to run to find an admin as there was no admin in the valley with a radio to us. That has to change...there has to be a emergency channel available for just these purposes. Having to radio to your command when something happens, then relay, is an extra step that takes time when time is of the essence. Change that please.
    I never had any idea where our FOB was...I just kept coming back to Caan because I couldn't find our FOB...no one seemed to know. For me, the resupply rule was a good thought, just horrible execution.
    Anyway, between all the fighting STILL taking place in the same areas, no missions or direction from command (not just for my group, I heard this from multiple places), it really was no different than the past events...and in fact was a step backwards.
    The good things was I had fun...the helo went REALLY low this year...wow, that was really cool...and I didn't really have a lot of hit calling issues...when I did, I just ignored it and played on.
    Btw, if the dude with the video of me shooting him over and over while his coward medic hid behind him sat late afternoon in the ville could post up that vid, I would preesh....that was some funny crap!
    I will likely be back next year again, because I have been going since the first OKINV...but this year was disappointing in many ways. I expect more from these games, and I hope the staff will take the concerns they are going to hear on this thread and make the adjustments.
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    Rainmaker reacted to Blackbird in BH5 AAR   
    Woohoo AAR Time!

    I think this event went off well, lots of new changes this year, and I feel like, for the most part they worked as intended (even if some failed because of other issues).

    1. Mag limit changes - my teammates and I didn't like this change when it was announced. As in, some of them regretted buying tickets after they found out. Super unhappy about it going in, but honestly, I can say for myself at least, that it was all unfounded. I actually liked this change a lot, it decreased what little overshooting remained except from some SAW gunners, and it definitely forced people to make use of the SAW when they had one around. 10/10 would play with this rule again,.

    2. Resupply stuff - This is the one where I think some improvements are needed though, maybe not on the admin side. I like the idea of the resupply crate, and having to have your resupply trucked in. It absolutely cured any reloading in the field issues you would see in years past. however, at least on the UFS side, I couldn't get a resupply truck all weekend. Any time I tried to call in for one, naturally, comms would fail, and we'd just end up having to walk back, or try to sustain on task for as long as possible with what little ammo remained. I don't know that i consider this a failing on AMS part, because, I guess it kind of worked as intended, in the real world resupply isn't perfect, and if you comms went down, you'd be screwed, and we were. It definitely negatively impacted my experience, but only because of some other stuff.

    3. CDF medic rules - While I recognize being the smaller team, the CDF needed a leg up somewhere, I firmly believe making every single person a medic was an absolutely atrocious decision, and whoever's idea it was should sit in a corner and think about what they've done for at least a solid minute. This was my one HUGE negative for the whole weekend, and the one thing I can't look back on in hindsight and try to find some positive or how it really played into the metagame of the whole event. I spoke with Kyle (i believe, sorry if it was a dif. admin, horrid with names) during the game on saturday for a few minutes about this, and I think if CDF needs to have an extra force multiplier, then linearly increasing the number of medics is a good idea, but enacting all-healing clerical powers to every single member of the faction led to a lot of frustration, and imbalanced firefights. I had suggested maybe doubling medics per squad, or something similar, allowing them free-form choice in squad composition with regards to roles or something, but "everyone is a medic" just didn't work for me. I witnessed a lot of guys on UFS get very frustrated with the mechanic, maybe because they didn't fully understand, or they didn't hear Rick bring it up in safety brief (i know it was brought up in mine) but lots of complaints of cheating, and A LOT of discouragement going on, even heard some CoST players complain while we'd cross paths while dead. This didn't work for me. not at all.

    4. three factions - I spoke with kyle about this a bit as well. I think this ALMOST worked. It was definitely better than my last three-faction experience at broken home, because the concern with three factions is always flip-flopping or in-field alliances. Some of that definitely still happened. I was of the impression it wasn't supposed to, and everyone was still shooting everyone, but my squad definitely recon'd at least one ceasefire, which then directly lead to us getting massacred. I was not pleased, but that's life. If you do three factions, it needs to be all out 1v1v1 fighting, none of this two sides team up and pound the other guy stuff like broken homes past, and while it never got QUITE that organized this year, the small pockets of "oh, they must be working together" was very irritating.
    5. other CDF stuff - Uniform requirements need to change here. allowing camo-pants/civvy shirts created a ton of confusion from what i could tell. If you're doing three factions, this shouldn't be OK. Make em wear jeans, or flat color bottoms or something, but especially at D-Day, there are far to many times when all you can see is a pant leg, or their shirts looked awfully close to green/tan camos in the trees with all the plaid-erator action going on. Couple that with obviously multicam pants/gear and this definitely caused the confusion i feel it was meant to, but definitely just pissed more players off than i think it should've.
    6. Direction - We didn't feel like we had jack crap to do all weekend. I didn't get a single direction from anyone in UFS leadership, and while initially i was going to put this on UFS leadership, it seems like this is from a bit higher. Forcing squads to just kind of go out and patrol and find bad guys isn't fun for me, and I feel like that feeling went a bit further. I don't know if this is because the scouts got a lot of the cool-guy stuff (and they should, seriously those dudes are badasses) but that shouldn't come at the expense of everyone else participating. I don't think that was the case, this seemed to be a bit more intended, but for me, it just fell flat. I'm in the same boat as Jazz, control points gave direction, gave you something to do, and let squads who got disconnected from leadership (or just didn't want to deal with it) something to do that was still moving the game forward. Best example of this, is the number of times we'd wander around patrolling whatever area we were patrolling, and it always ended the same way. "okay guys, we've accidentally stumbled on the enemy fob again, we've now been massacred, or chewed out by some dude on the other team for unknowingly shooting at the enemy fob, guess we'll walk back to respawn now". EVERY SINGLE ONE of the firefights we got into, occurred in one of three places. Pegasus bridge, outside the CDF fob, or somewhere near the cost fob in coleville. but, because fob's weren't attackable unless we had missions to do it, it became a game of "lets push out as far as we can, get shot, walk back, respawn, and repeat". There was no variety. In years past, we've had mobile respawns to subdue and capture, HVT's to secure, EOD stuff to deal with, and with the faction FOB's spread out, more room to do it on. I get where this was trying to go, but i don't think this worked as well as it was meant to. This was my only other big complaint, but i can see where the design idea came from on this. As a guy who also hosts the occasional airsoft event, i can appreciate the intention, even if for me, it didn't work.
    7. Fob locations - I get the intention here too, from speaking with some staff, it seemed like the intention here was to shrink the field a little bit, decrease walking, and while when i spoke with kyle on field the one time, at the time i felt like i had done less walking, by the end of the weekend, we actually did more walking (and we had the pedometer stats to prove it). Not quite sure if this was the FoB's or the discontinuation of the mobile respawn barrel for this game, but we spent a lot of time walking, with almost zero motivation to get out and go do it again beyond "well, i'm here, and it's a 6 hour drive home, so i'm gonna try and at least get in a good shootout" because we didn't have much else to do. I didn't have a specific piece of land to try and hold, I didn't have a laptop to recover, a dude to rescue, or an HVT to capture or kill. so with the FOB's so close together, I felt like it severely restricted the number of places I could get into aforementioned good shootouts (and believe me, we definitely got them, but there was no location variety). Again, I get what this was meant to achieve, but I feel like after having played it now, the old way was better. Bigger field and mobile respawns making a comeback was better for me.

    All of this being said, I actually had a fantastic time. Did it live up to how much fun I had last year? no. BH4 is still kind of my highlight year, I left early last year and still felt very satisified with money spent on the trip, and time spent playing that i could leave saturday night and not be upset. I didn't get that this year. In fact, had saturday been my only day of play this year, I'd have been pretty bummed out. Sunday, We gave up on chain-of-command, gave up on meaningless patrols, and just decided to support whatever action was going on any given time, and that's when all the fun happened. We rolled around with the scouts for a bit, and interacting with those guys was cool as hell. We got in some bigass shootouts where the seven-mag limit actually became fun to manage, and not just a huge pain in the ass to deal with. I shot a gazillion reaper rounds (and it was worth every penny). But that said, the game wasn't as fun as years past when I relied on trying to play the game as intended, and didn't get fun for me or my teammates until we chose to make our own fun.

    Rick asked me before the raffle started if I had fun. I told him yes. I didn't lie. I had a ton of fun this year, and I feel like after playing, a lot of the changes implemented either worked, or will work with time. Three factions mostly worked, resupply didn't fail because of AMS, and once everyone adapts to it, it's going to add a cool layer to the game. Seven mags was plenty (though, honestly? I'd like to see it bumped to 8 for a bigger game like this, but i can live with seven). This AAR is going to make it look like I was miserable, and that's simply not the case. Hopefully it gets taken as constructive criticism. This was worth all 12 hours of driving, the couple hundred bucks in gas, the extra mileage on my car, and the two weeks of serious back pain i'm going to have afterwards. Plus, I still came away with a bunch of great stories to tell the guys at the shop when I get back. Can't put a pricetag on that.
    It wasn't as  big a win for me as it was in years past, but this was definitely still a good year, and I think it will all be worth it at BH6.
    Bird out.
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    Rainmaker reacted to Mr. Yuk in Operation Broken Home V Rule Changes   
    Folks, I believe the intent of the new "Resupply" rule is to allow continued combat operations in-field. This rule can be used to prevent the need to leave the AO to reload at the FOB. Some coordination will be needed to be successful and that is just going to heighten the intensity of the game and allow us the means to stay in the game instead of walking back to the FOB to refit if your not KIA already.
    No comms? No problem. Just return to your FOB and reload as normal.
    Worried about someone jacking your BBs? No problem. Just returned to your FOB and reload as normal.
    People complain about the long walks at BH, and this rule can help alleviate some of them.
    The magazine restrictions are to force smarter play and help move us away from ammo dumping grind fests. We all have options in what equipment we "choose" to buy. As someone who works in an Airsoft shop I forewarn my customers all the time that some Weapons Systems will have their limitations, some of them being limited magazine availability or ammo holding capacity. Magazine restrictions should not cause one to lose heart, but push the envolope of someone skills in testing them. If you rather ammo dump than think, I can understand your concerns.
    There are many players who have been running GBB rifles for years and don't complain about their limited ammo capacity against their AEG competition. Candy and TRex are the first that come to mind and those guys aren't sucky players from my experience and create a lot of damage on the field; even with limited ammo capacity.
    If you don't like how a rule effects your equipment, it may be time to re-evaluate your equipment and make changes. If not, rise to the challenge or (hopefully not) don't participate if you feel that strongly about giving it a chance. Choices, you know?
    Most people don't seem to have too many issues with the new vehicle rules. I personally like the new vehicle rules as I found last year POVs a tad too overpowered is a game mechanic.
    Overall I'm personally excited about these new changes. I also humbly respect a fellow players and their opinions on the matter and I'm positive that when the dust settles the AMS crew will have figured out the best way to further our experiences in a positive direction at their events. As part of leadership I must state that these are my opinions and do not necessarily reflect those of anybody else involved in command with me or anyone involved in AMS operations in general.
    Thanks folks! Let's keep up the dialogue.
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    Rainmaker reacted to Longsword in Operation Broken Home V Rule Changes   
    Looking through the feedback, I can definitely see positives and negatives. Here's my personal input on the matter: (Get ready for a TL;DR)


    1) Immersion. I like the fact that, unlike Call of Duty (video game comparison... please don't flay me), we will need to be doubly sure of our ammo count. It'll make decisions in a firefight that much more meaningful. Sometimes it's easy to feel like you're playing a Call of Duty campaign (Yeah, I'm actually one of those people who play the game for the campaigns) and just never being concerned about ammo. To me, I think the mag restrictions will be great for the most part, much like the semi-auto rule for riflemen. I'll address my qualms in the cons section.

    2) The changes to the vehicle ruleset are great! No complaints here. Also, I assume by no gun trucks they mean no pickups with a machinegun mounted on it? I am personally okay with that as it did feel a little dorky at times to see a bright red Chevy Silverado pull up with just an m60 on top. But that's just my personal taste.

    3) I think it'll just promote more engaging gameplay. We are "Milsim" after all. Though I do like that fact that we offer a great balance. Enough so that newbies can plunge right in and have fun (I was one of those people!) but then give enough tactics and military-esque traits so that the more veteran players can keep having fun. There are other companies which offer a more "hardcore" experience and for me personally AMS has struck the perfect balance. And as an added bonus, I think along with forcing more methodical gameplay, we can avoid the fatigue that I know is setting in for some with these OPs and that is "Force on Force", meaning at times it feels like we ultimately just throw our armies at each other and duke it out. MAJOR props to AMS for the what looks like big gameplay changes coming down the pipeline to freshen things up and give us what feels like actual battlefield objectives. 

    1) I can't say I'm totally sold on the ammo resupply issue. I'm all for beta testing it (stealing your phrasing, Specs ) at ESR but I do know this has been tried by many other promoters and it only causes issues. A fascinating idea in theory, don't get me wrong! But we all know that communication is the first thing to break down in the field. In a perfect environment I could see it going fantastically but I'd like it if maybe we tested it at two smaller events before deploying it at Broken Home, which I still consider to be THE quintessential AMS event. But as others have stated, we do need to make sure we are evolving our gameplay, offering something fresh every now and then. Time will tell.
    2) I do worry about GBB mag players. They've always been at a disadvantage as it is with a smaller ammo capacity. The amount of ammo being able to be slung down range for them compared to an AEG player is very much in favor of electric gun mid caps. Fielding testing will definitely provide more accurate feedback on this issue though.

    3) Immersion is great and fresh gameplay ideas are fantastic but I also hope that as AMS switches things up that we offer that nice balance between local field play and events like Milsim West. I'm all for AMS offering special events that are a little more demanding (like a straight 24 hr our 30 hr op) but then offering the more classic gameplay we've come to know and love at the regular events too. 

    TL;DR -

    I like that fact that AMS is proactive in moving forward. We can't ever grow or evolve without experimenting or trying new things. The only thing I don't ever want to see happen is folks not view AMS as fun anymore. (And fun can come in a variety of shapes. Don't always have to be firing your gun to have a blast!) American Milsim has always been great about ironing out ideas and offering the best experience possible for their attendees. It's what keeps me coming back
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    Rainmaker reacted to smiller in Operation Broken Home V Rule Changes   
    The vehicle rule I like, the 7 mag rule is fine, but I am kind of on the fence with the ammo I could see it being good or bad. Mainly my concern is some Jack ass taking my ammo by mistake or because he ran out, what ever the reason may be. Then I am out money, ammo and or game play. I remember one year we took supplies to be left at our FOB aka other side of the airport,  never saw our ammo again, it vaporized I guess. Also people make a great point about communication brake down, cant think of how many times I have been out of comms range for hours. 
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    Rainmaker reacted to Parks in Operation Broken Home V Rule Changes   
    I will cry if I want to. I call it voicing an opinion. It has been tried by many other promoters and failed. And you know how shitty communication is at these events. Go read a few aars from previous events just in case you've forgotten. Iron clad would be a good starting point
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    Rainmaker reacted to Parks in Operation Broken Home V Rule Changes   
    Do we need to buy milsim west tournigeuts as well?  There was a reason I played AMS and not MSW. How much blank ammo should I bring?
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    Rainmaker reacted to Zone in Operation Broken Home V Rule Changes   
    I feel that restricting magazine reloads to respawn points is sufficient immersion, especially considering the sheer number of players at OBH every year.  Still, I'm curious to see if/how it works out.
    As far as the mag limit for snipers... 
    I can totally see the 7 mag limit working for riflemen and designated marksmen, since both are usually making use of mid cap mags.  My sniper mags barely hold 20-25 bbs each, which makes my round count 140-170 bbs, one seventh of the carry capacity of a rifleman.  Now I think a mag limit instead of a round limit is an interesting idea, to be sure, but as it stands it kinda feels like I'm getting the short end of the stick.
    Like the new vehicle rules!
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    Rainmaker reacted to Blue in Operation Broken Home V Rule Changes   
    I have a couple issues with these new rules. First is the ammo resupply. Going by the numbers on the low side its about 63 bags of ammo per side for one resupply. Who will be responsible for distributing the ammo? Who will be making sure the correct ammo is being taken? Who will be in communication with 300 people for resupply?Will the ammo be in one big box where people can just grab it willy nilly? What if ammo gets misplaced? What if i cant reach resupply to find out where I can get my ammo? Communication breaks down whether it be terrain or electronics. I have first hand seen Communications with command break within the first 15 min of game play. This is only for the first resupply. It would turn into a cluster.
            The 7 mag rule would give an advantage to the people who are able to use magazines with a capacity over 120, mostly m4s and aks. I have seen mids for m4s that go as high as 190, and a few ak mags that go as high as 180. Versus say a mp5 midcap with a total round of 120 rounds, and im not even sure how well these would work. That is pretty unfair.
            Cool more Vehicle rules, but how do the people in the rear in a noisy vehicle know their vehicle just got hit by its first rocket? Or their second? After I have hit a vehicle I have been blasted in the face with the their turret gun because they did not know that they were hit. Vise versa I have been in a vehicle that has been hit and kept shooting, because I didn't know it was hit. I would like to see Rule changes addressing this instead of worrying about how we will be carrying our ammo.
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    Rainmaker reacted to Transition in Operation Broken Home V Rule Changes   
    Not trying to piss in your cereal Alex, I know everyone wants more "Milsim" more "MSW" crap. But I have seen first hand how hard it is to coordinate actual military supply drops, in a non combat situation, much less a fake one, with COD syndrome running rampant  I have loved the changes implemented so far in the last couple years, making the game much more enjoyable.  This one just has me more worried about not having fun out there than any of them in the past. 
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    Rainmaker reacted to Transition in Operation Broken Home V Rule Changes   
    I am interested in seeing how this plays out.  Huge AO, poor radio skills and breakdowns always plague this event, mixing of ammo with others that you pay for and haul to the event, breakdown of command structure after hour one that always happens ( dont kid yourself we know this is the case) Potential for hours on end sitting and waiting on a resupply that went to cool guy super squad instead... I can see this working out well and good at a smaller AO like ESR but DDAY is MASSIVE. We have seen in previous years it is hard enough to find admin when there is a issue much less your own ammo.
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    Rainmaker reacted to Parks in Results   
    Yeah its only my 10th AMS event to attend. Not use to the long delays yet.
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    Rainmaker reacted to Mr. Yuk in Rebel Yell 3 - AARs   
    Nice AAR bro!
    I was that CDF guy in the woods that shot the UFS member in the nose. I hate doing that, as my face is my money maker! Lol!
    Great playing, good times!
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    Rainmaker reacted to Big Candy in Gruber night game?   

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    Rainmaker reacted to Dave in Uniform question   
    And like we said earlier, read the rules.
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    Rainmaker reacted to mose in Gruber night game?   
    I agree with Krypton. I'm not a fan of the IC2 schedule. This would be a great summer schedule however heat should not be a problem. Much prefer traditional format. Thanks
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    Rainmaker reacted to Big Candy in Rebel Yell III - Schedule   
    Later start = no evening "dinner" break = KEEP YOUR ASS ON THE FIELD!
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    Rainmaker reacted to 303tactics in Rebel Yell III - Schedule   
    Is it really necessary to have the hours like that? The average temperature for that area is 71 degrees.
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    Rainmaker reacted to krypton in Gruber night game?   
    Don't care for IC2 schedule myself
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    Rainmaker reacted to Zippo in The Legend of Kyle Foster - SHARE   
    If you have ever played in KC, you know of his craziness.

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    Rainmaker reacted to slab in I'm new, few questions.   
    CDF (Civilian Defense Force) - Local Guerrilla Forces. Civilian Clothing and ONE Piece of Woodland CAMO (OPTIONAL)
    Project Honor is not an approved camo for this event (it usually is an approved camo for COST).
    1 piece of woodland (m81 top or bottom).
    As a new player make sure you familiarize yourself with the AMS ruleset, it will save your faction.
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