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AMS Forums set to ARCHIVE MODE (POSTING DISABLED). These forums will be used for historical reference, otherwise you can find the AMS event pages located on Facebook.


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  1. I am unaware of any exceptions to the disseminated patterns above. They are listed for each operation.
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  3. Its been said repeatedly for a reason. WATER. Not Red Bull, Monster, or Full Throttle. Drink water now and get your body saturated with it.
  4. Search FB for United Federal States (UFS). Its a closed group that requires page admin approval. But that would be a good place to isolate your search.
  5. I just quoted US Army doctrine. Not here to try to be cryptic about what certain organization you did security with or what my experience is. Just reassuring you and the forum, the magazine restriction and resupply/reconstitution is in line with real world doctrine, albeit not all individual operations. To be clear and not secret squirrel. My experience base comes from my over 20, still serving, years in the US Army. 6 of those years in 4 different combat theaters. As an Infantryman and Psychological Operations Specialist.
  6. Not an effort to insult anyone's tactical prowess, but RW standard load out is 7 magazines. 2 in each pouch with one in the weapon. That gets modified as mission and resupply availability are factored in. But doctrinally, 7 is standard. Also haven't seen mag pouches on your back for a friend. FA pouches yes, since its for you. That's just my observations.
  7. ---^ Makes life less rushed for Registration and Staff as well...
  8. COMCAM is equipped with a rifle and gear just like the units they support. They are still Soldiers in every respect, they're just double duty with the primary role of recording the events/missions through still and video acquisition.
  9. Have you considered uniforms that are a little more lightweight. Not sure where you're from, as I didn't see you post in the Introductions Thread, but Broken Home is a rather hot event and heavy clothing with a lot of movement is going to catch up with you.
  10. I hate the issued LBV. Too restrictive for the purpose it was developed. Remember, we all had to look alike, hard to get good fitting, well designed gear when its manufactured for the masses. I love a drop panel if fitted properly, allows additional options to an individual kit.
  11. Beaver

    Packing List

    5 pairs, 2 per day, allows for changing as the sun/heat does. Ward off the sweat of the DDAY heat or shivers in the night's chill.
  12. Welcome. You'll find many more military backgrounds floating around and a generally helpful community.
  13. Since I'm not familiar with this whole shooting thing. How much ammo do all of you go through and how many resupply drops would you expect to have? So in the past how many times did you have to walk back and forth to your FOBs? As I stated in one of the other postings about this rule change, Squad reconsolidation/reconstitution is allowed and is in use in the real world. Making this play inline with how a battle would occur. For that Moonball43 guy. I, not coming from where you did, would prep my boxes in the cantonment area to be able to pull individual bags of a smaller quantity IOT ensure I stayed within the limits and only sit on the sidelines for the least amount of time.
  14. While your on, fire out a post in the Introductions (New Members) section. It will allow you to not have to repeat yourself on who you are and where you come from quite as much. A good place for the forums to get to know you.
  15. Remember, I, as a player or leader, can reconsolidate ammo among my squad instead of calling for a resupply every hour? This will expand my combat duration and hopefully restrict the sprayers by making them dependant on their squadmates as well, if they are needlessly blowing through ammo. With the exception of your SSW, not too many out there should have a need for the mag emptying suppresive fire. Besides with good command and control, a squad can be extremely efficient without humping around thousands of rounds. I see them regularly on the field at these events.
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