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  1. That’s understandable Gary - there is definitely a difference. When the rubber has been entirely removed the plastic frame that is left is much thinner than when the gasket is intact. It’s a tedious prospect to check every single players eye pro, but it should be the easiest thing in the world to tell someone who’s made honest modifications vs someone skirting the rules.
  2. At OP: Blacksite, I saw several individuals who had torn the rubber gasket off of their helo kits. This is a clear and deliberate eye-pro violation. After approaching a few in-game as well as dedicated admins, I got the feeling like everyone just wanted to sweep this under the rug. I don't want to be the guy who shoots an eye out because some idiot can't deal with fogging like the rest of us, and I definitely don't want these guys to get helo kits banned for everyone else. Looking through an album of pictures on Facebook, I found several examples of people intentionally breaking these rules. AMS STAFF AND ADMINS: PLEASE take this more seriously. I shouldn't have to explain how disheartening and frustrating this is to see this exploited by players and ignored by staff. If this is allowed? Say it's allowed. If this is not allowed? Find the players (it's EASY to tell) and make them change eyepro or expel them from the game. Side note: If this is NOT allowed but certain command players "got special permission" to intentionally break this rule, then let the players know that that those individuals alone get special privileges. Otherwise, kids see command/admins doing it, they think it's okay so they do it too, and then they loose an eye. PLEASE take this seriously. I've posted just a few of many examples below. To show how easy it is to tell, here are a few players who have fully intact helo kits: Thank you to the players who follow the rules and continue to make this a sport I'm proud to be a part of. Thank you to the AMS staff for putting on some of the best events in the industry, and thank you in advance for addressing this and taking it more seriously in the future. -DJ
  3. Since my shrike or Krytak LMG is capable of switching to semi-auto, if I am within the FPS limits for a rifleman can I switch to semi for indoor engagements? Or am I still required to use a sidearm?
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