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  1. I personally like the 7 mag restriction. This is coming from a person that doesn't spray and pray....... That said.... I'm not sold on the ammo drop points. A typical resupply box will have hundreds of dollars of equipment and BBs in them and my fear is that they will come up missing. A couple of other things to consider is that.... what if I run out of ammo... I call for my box. I wait...... wait..... wait and it never shows..... I hike back to the FOB..... my box was picked up (in route to me)..... so I wait till it gets back...... I could easily see wasting hours for a simple ammo resupply.... I get the fact that waiting for ammo can add a cool aspect especially when something is under contention however I see HUGE potential for long periods of missed game play..... I'm ok with missing a little game play however hours of game play would be a big disappointment..... I wish I knew of solutions to offer because the concept is good..... but I don't think its feasible.... In the spirit of helping can anyone offer a solution to AMS that will allow them to keep the spirit of the rule change?
  2. All this water talk.... I just want to know who is bringing the ice?!!! I gots to have some chilled water while slinging BBs. 700 people.. what do you think? 20lbs per person? 14,000 lbs should cover it.. I think we might need a few hemtts... anyone have any connections with the National Guard?
  3. Soda

    Unable to attend

    Did anyone gopro the event? I would love to see some footage. Also, has there been any thought of possibly giving a small discount to the people that were not able to attend to their next event? maybe a 15% to 25% discount....
  4. Soda

    Unable to attend

    how many people ended up playing today?? Dep and I tried driving up Friday... roads were so bad that after over an hour of driving (and not getting out of Ft worth) we turned around. It was funny (but not really funny) to see all the 4x4 look alike trucks stuck on the bridges.
  5. is this what the setup looks like on chirp for RDG tan?
  6. Im in the same boat and will need help programming my UV-5R.
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