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  1. I for one love the cold and snow wet environment. Bring it on! I am a registered Maine sea kayak and white water instructor of 10+ years. Have dealt with a few hypothermic folks in my day and pulled a few more out of the "drink". A few tips -- As for camping... Boil water and pour into a Nalgean bottle. Then sleep with the bottle in the sleeping bag. Also, remember to urinate when needed (Yes, get your butt moving and pee). This is a sign that the body is trying to warm itself and when not urinating you will grow colder trying to use energy to keep that liquid warm. Layers are key and so is a hat as mentioned above (50% of heat off the head. Non-cotton is a must against the skin. As they say "Cotton Kills". Where synthetics/wool/ect.), but staying on calories and staying hydrated are simply a must. Staying hydrated is critical in cold weather. http://www.hypothermia.org/hypothermia1.htm Do NOT give anyone "hot" liquids (ie hot coffee) if they are hypothermic as this can put them into shock (if not already) and possibly cause heart issues, ect. Generally a hypothermic person will not be shivering at that point and needs imidiate medical attention. If they have slurred speach, thinking that they can do things they can't (beyond normal), or seem distant -- then have concern. Unable to grasp things or snap fingers is also a possible sign. Tarps available for hypo wraps work great. Stoves for hot water nalgean bottles and a sleeping bag are also perfect for recovering cold people. My favorite Hypothermia guy ... Dr. Popsicle
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