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  1. I know everyone is different but ditch the m65. you're not going to need it out here in the desert. it's just extra weight and it is not going to get anywhere near cold enough to use it. I live in southern New Mexico and work from 2100-0700. I can tell you im still wearing short sleeves up until october...
  2. The ruby tuesdays in Aiken also has some very odd servers...
  3. I have a BNIB polar star jack for a V2 gearbox up for sale. Got it and decided to keep my guns stock. Only opened to take pics. Asking $250 shipped USPS. Will not take PayPal. Payment by USPS money order or personal check. Check would be held a week to ensure it clears. Anyways, pics!
  4. Or if you would like, send me an IM. I live in New Mexico and if you order them and have them delivered to me or ship yours to me I can bring them to the event for you.
  5. Not only the altitude, April in NM can be VERY windy. Highs should be in the 70's-80's with a low in the 40's-50's. The last week has been super windy, so maybe the spring winds are starting early and will end sooner.
  6. Just a lowly player on CoST here. This was my first AMS event. I only have a few other LC events to compare to. One in particular was Irene at Ft. Knox. I don't know if Shelby is just not set up for similar stuff, but what made Itene the best event I have attended was that atmosphere. The Army was involved by providing the role players they supply use with actual units and more importantly the pyro and effects. The stuff the army provided just made the immersion that much better. As for the game play itself, it did just feel like a regular weekend game, but at a cool AO. The lack of communication was very frustrating. Misfit saying the only people to know the whole plan were him and the XO is just short sighted in my opinion. I had absolutely no clue wtf our goals or end game was. Every member of the force should know the plan or the bigger picture as it were. That's what makes our military structure successful. Even the lowly private knows what's going on. Just being told hey, hold this building at all costs is fine if you give a reason. It even goes into principals of adult learning, people need to know why and how what they are doing is important to the cause. Them having an understanding of the plan is critical in that respect. The night OP was pretty good from my end but there was way too much fratricide. Which leads into my other gripe. Too many uniforms and patterns to be able to tell quickly. Multicam is supposedly tan, but from a slight distance you can't tell what the hell it is. Same with kryptec, from a distance you can't tell what the heck they are. I was personally killed by a guy on Sunday that was wearing a muted tan boonie, green t-shirt, green vest and DCU pants. When he stood in a window you couldn't see his pants. Making it impossible to tell which side he was on. I like the concept behind the event and sieries, but there's always room for improvement and I hope AMS takes some of the suggestions both good and bad and move forward to make a better event in the future.
  7. Myself and Kobamalyn will not be attending due to the weather. like it was said somewhere else, i have no problem playing in the cold (used to play in New England all through winter) its the road conditions getting to and from.
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