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  1. Umbra's AAR: Great freaking weekend! This was my first American Milsim game, and you will definitely see me at another one (FG3!?). It's been a long time since I've played in an AO that wasn't familiar or predictable, and this one definitely took me by surprise. I've played all over the east coast at different training facilities, but never at one that filled this type of industrial-outdoor feel. I've always wanted to play in a place like this ever since I started 13+ years ago. Great find! I thought I'd regret bringing the long gun, but it ended up being one of the most useful tools in our arsenal. Thanks to all the greenies that called their hit by a single BB while they were left wondering where it came from. I know it can be hard to call a single hit from what shouldn't be a hostile angle, but most of you were great sports about it. My highlights: - The amazing AO, that I know I only saw a fraction of. I need a whole weekend of just exploring. - The impromptu assist of a DAM mission, being the last to guard the laptop without even knowing it. - The single handed complete stoppage of multiple green breach attempts at the northern entrance of building 3 by utilizing an epic hiding spot in the "rafters". - All the sweet sniper's dream angle shots from towers-to-ground, ground-to-towers, and darkness to light. I got more top shots this weekend than I have in the past year. - The raffle was amazeballs. It definitely lived up to the rumors, as two of our buddies ended up going home with new guns. I'm also diggin my new Airsoft GI hat. The only real constructive criticism I have for the event was the terrible IFF incidents that occurred from the similarities between green ATACs and Multicam. Those two patterns should never be at the same event (and both technically don't work well for IFF in the first place). If it was up to me, green ATACs would be "banned" in events that require any sort of team identification based on TAN vs GREEN. Anyone that feels they can argue that clearly needs to change their prescription. Case and point was the fact that ATAC players were taking advantage of the ambiguity and casually walking up to our FOB. I know this might not be the individual player's fault, since a lot of us were told what to wear as to match a squad, but there needs to be some push back based on common sense. The cost of numerous IFF incidents and the frustrated paying customers that have to deal with it grossly outweighs the cost of forcing someone wear a uniform that can't be mistaken for tan. In an attempt to not be hypocritical, this can be applied to Multicam as well, albeit not as severe. This whole hobby revolves around the ability to tell who is on which team, and allowing a pattern that blurs that line is blurring the entire experience. Thanks to: - American Milsim for putting on a great event and hearding cats for the weekend - GTI for allowing us to use the facility and dealing with a ton of airsofters - All the sponsors for listening to our feedback and providing a superb raffle - Both commanders for stepping up and giving us a fight worth fighting - My SWC buddies for all the shenanigans... on and off the field - The BB gods for helping my shots fly true
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