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  1. Missing is a wool Olive Drab blanket that I loaned out at the school house, last seen on the double tables between the concrete floor area and the carpeted area. Had in fadef black US in the middle of one side. Thank you, Timothy Jones
  2. If you camp and the showers are still sulphur water take a shower there, the sulphur water will help repel ticks and chiggers. Also remember to bring something to take care of chaffing. Played at the D-Day park for many years of Oklahoma D-Day and seen numerous people cutting out early for chaffing. I would also consider throwing another pair of socks in that small backpack to rotate out if your one pair gets really bad I know it has saved my feet more than once. Gunthar mentioned drinking water but drink more water and eat, make sure you eat especially something with salt so you retain your water better and don't flush out your electrolytes.
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  4. Howdy mate, hope to see you on the field sometime.
  5. Hello yall, I am new to the AMS scene and one the players of Ozark Mountain Milsim with Spec and Nomicron. Operation Broken Homes III is hopefully going to be my first AMS event. Since I am with OMM I am going to be of the UFS. Looking foward to learning about the great sport with yall. Thank you, Celt/Jones
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